【TVPP】Yura(Girl’s Day) – Host A Sumptuous Feast, 유라(걸스데이) – 처가식구들 먹방을 위한 진수성찬 @ We Got Married

it’s like camping. Camping Nice right? oh jajangmyeon jajangmyeon? Why do we have jajangmyeon? remember when I went to visit you girls during your practise you said you wanted to eat pizza and that you can eat jajangmyeon in one mouth oh there no pizza? i can order it for you jajangmyeon really this amount in one mouth after i was teased so badly i also want to eat meat, why am i the only one eating jajanggmyeon 🙁 oh? what this is this rice? oh yeahhh yuri married well oh i like it so much now I’m feeling so happyy i cannot express it that time we said to eat pizza temporary but thou it was just a statement he remembered he also rememebred about eating jajangmyeon in one mouth i really like someone who remembers such small details girls really feel touched with such actions cause he remembers those small details oh, oppa oh whats this? it was supposed to be for the loser this is hahhaha right now the number one search is jonghyun unnie is second place you lost haha its okay even if i lose you really look like the uncle who grills meat do eat more if the uncle who grills meat is that handsome i will eat meat everyday they really eat very well should we try this i want to eat this look at how she takes care of her husband how is it? mmm its yummy

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