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hi it’s kumamiki. I went on a trip at
the beginning of August. I went to Aomori, Akita and Sendai in Tohoku to participate
in the famous festivals. In Japan, there are lots of large summer festivals that attract visitors from out of town. Aomori’s Nebuta festival, Sendai’s Tanabata festival and Akita Kantou are Japan’s 3 largest festibals and they attract visitors from all over Japan. Today, I’d like to introduce the Nebuta festival in Aomori. It was my dream to go to Aomori’s Nebuta festival. The Naruto festival is held at night ,but I arrived at noon so I bought some souvenirs. Aomori is famous for apples so, I recommend apple pie as a souvenir. I also bought “Inochi”, ” Nanbu-senbei” and a goldfish decoration. I looked at the Nebuta before the festival. My favorite float was the skull. The Nebuta festival started at night. At Nebuta festival,large fancy warrior dolls are placed upon floats and everyone marches through the city chanting. The design of the dolls varies for each city where the festival is held. I was very impressed because the
floats were very spectacular than when Isaw them in the daytime. Around the floats there are dancers called Haneto who wear special
costumes and who chant “Rassera”. I’d like to to wear this one day. That’s all.
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34 thoughts on “【Vlog】AOMORI NEBUTA FESTIVAL【JAPAN】”

  1. 今回文章が難しくて大苦戦してたら9月になっちゃいました!!汗 またアップがんばります!

  2. くまちゃん、おつです!!



  3. 編集お疲れ様です!💓

  4. くまみきちゃん!
    このチャンネルでも応援してる!字幕ついてるからわかりやすいし、学生の自分も勉強になる( ´ω` )/
    頑張ってください!( ˆ ˆ )/♡

  5. Yay! I'm so happy for you that you went there and enjoyed at the festivals ^_^ <3
    I hope some day to go there too 🙂 and I hope seeing you there dancing and having fun ^_^

  6. I came to comment that this is awesome since i really wanted to watch your videos, but the problem was that i dont understand japanese, but this channel in english is the best alternative to solve that! Awesome! also, I can see that you are improving your skills and thats great (btw, neither english nor japanese are my native languages, I speak spanish but I'm learning english)

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