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Cruise on the fourth day of today The towel doll in the room is this… I don’t know what animal Yo Harris…yo William We have lunch… yes. Where do we go after lunch? Go swimming… swim Wow… good taste! I am eating pizza… I feel so good. Mm is delicious! Oh… Potato chips Food chicken legs are delicious mm So fast on the fourth day of the cruise This day is Fun day at sea I will spend the day on the boat without going off the boat. I will return to Los Angeles Long Beach on the fifth day tomorrow. After we slept, we played cruise facilities. I have never gambled on spending money with Harris today! In fact, this Carnival cruise trip I feel like playing 5 days, 4 nights, general room, tax All dietary supplements, service fees, wi-fi internet access, etc. I spend about HK$3,000 per capita this time. Of course, depending on what room you live in. I also fell. If you want to live in a sea view room or a larger room Of course it is more expensive Prices vary from month to month If you are interested, you can check it on the official website. The cruise liner here is mainly divided into two short ones. The children came to play crazy, of course. But always the sea breeze is very wet and then blows the sea breeze It’s frozen to the earthquake, so we’re constantly walking I hope that my body temperature will not be too cold. 123 wahoo! This is very fun Washing head, haha Going to play This is very high Let everyone see how high it is here. It’s so exciting, it’s freezing, hahaha. I am very hot… You are very hot and very frozen Look at it now very high Harris is very cold here. The sun is big but I am very hot… are you hot? This big wind really makes me very frozen. Look at the sea Oh, it’s frozen. Lying down and lying down! OK It’s been a lot of water. Wo, we are coming soon. Woho Woho is fun. William brother, come on, come on! Is coming down Although this long slide saw it looks like it is very long But in fact, the slope is not slow enough. Those of me who like to stimulate can certainly not satisfy me. But I know that Harris is very happy, but I am more satisfied. Because I feel that I will be happier if I am happy. I don’t know if you have tried this feeling? William is coming I want to slide again If you don’t have enough water, you have to crawl yourself. Hahaha Some people are happy if they want to see their own mentality. It’s important to be positive in my heart. I know that happiness is not necessarily So be grateful for all the good things. I believe that life can infect life. I hope to record my happiness. Infect this joy This is also the main reason why I shoot youtube. Of course, good times, everyone will definitely encounter unfortunate things. My phone didn’t come out hahaha. In fact, my tail keel is still very painful. But I still hold on to it and laugh. Do you know why? Although I don’t want to happen, I always have to go on. Lower negative emotions and take positive positives Life is a very short time. I hope everyone can be happy often. Hong Kong people come on! OK, everyone saw that I actually spent a night in the room. I had a great time with Harris last night. But I accidentally slipped. It hurts to hurt the tail keel After sitting for more than 20 hours, I think it should be very hard. OK, but don’t worry If everyone likes me to take these fun documentaries Like to travel like this may give me like Also subscribe me, let’s see you next. Our next film is also my day, haha. I will go to my friend’s home in the United States. See what’s playing and what to eat Almost good, next goodbye, Byebye. Subscribe well! Byebye

3 thoughts on “美國Vlog9:Carnival郵輪水動樂,跌倒了”

  1. 嘩!咁大鑊!跌斷咗尾龍骨! 實好痛好唔舒服 。使唔使做手術? 願你早日康復。繼續多姿多彩的 旅遊之旅!💪💪💪

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