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자라섬🐢에 토끼가 나타났섬!🐰|DOYOUNG’s Day Off @Jarasum Jazz Festival🏕

자라섬🐢에 토끼가 나타났섬!🐰|DOYOUNG’s Day Off @Jarasum Jazz Festival🏕

Hi Today I’m going to Jarasum
international jazz festival I’ve been dreaming of going
to the festival for a long time! I’ve told you many times how much I wanted to go to the festival I’ve told you a lot about the festival Finally, I’m going now! I’m going to show you how I enjoy the festival through this V LOG Look On the way there you can see beautiful mountains Many people go to the festival So I thought probably some of NCTzen would want to go to the festival, too I’ll visit there before you and let you know how you
should enjoy the festival I chose this outfit
specially for the festival The clothes I’m wearing
now are all new This plaid shirt is new, this blue jean jacket is new, and even the shoes I’m
wearing now are new! Most of them are new! Then let’s enjoy the music Yesterday Oh, right I listened to this song
after a long time Daniel Caesar And Recently, my brother finished a drama That drama, in the drama, the best scene for me was when the lead roles
realized their separation In that scene, this song was played (Don’t Say It Was Not Love
– Lee So-Ra) I just love this song ♪ Don’t say ♪ it was not love (That’s okay – D.O) ♪ I feel like I’m losing myself in the
many emotions that have gone by ♪ I cried so many days ♪ And I naturally send them away (See you at the festival♥) Finally I’m in Jarasum I’ll keep walking till I find the main stage Yes♫ 1, 2, 3 (Let’s take a photo with me) These are dandelion seeds It’s been a while (Blows) It’ll be fun! I’d like to lie down there
as soon as possible On a picnic mat Now I’m lying down on the picnic mat See? Many people are ready to enjoy the festival Look at the sky, it’s so pretty Now the show begins I’m going to try this this mulled wine, which is a must-have drink here Wow, it starts now! Awesome It’s awesome Let’s enjoy this moment together (Whistling) (Clapping) It’s great, isn’t it? They were awesome It sounds different when it’s live I just hope the camera records the music well They’re playing together Wow They just switched their places Awesome (Wow) (Excited) The moon Look at the moon Well I couldn’t enjoy the
festival till the end But I had a great time watching the
live performance under the moon light It was the festival that I really wanted to go And I’m so glad that
I finally went there Did you enjoy my video today? Did my video make you feel like
going to the festival, too? What I thought was There are many wonderful instruments, but the piano and pianists are just great The piano itself is so beautiful It looks pretty and its sounds is pretty, too That’s what I thought I really had a great time there The audiences there enjoyed the
festival in their own ways Some of them were sleeping as the music was playing Some of them were
having a drink It was good to see them I had an incredible time I hope you visit the jazz festival someday if you have a chance Then I’ll see you next time Bye Bye

100 thoughts on “자라섬🐢에 토끼가 나타났섬!🐰|DOYOUNG’s Day Off @Jarasum Jazz Festival🏕”

  1. Wow, NCT really feed us well. They uploaded video + eng sub almost everyday. I'm a very new NCTzens, I've watched more than 10 videos everyday, and yet still sooo far from finishing all of their video. I love it tho. I find all of them have their own unique charm. I love WayV too, ofc. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. doyoung, why must you be the sweetest person on earth and why must you hurt my heart like this doing the bare minimum 💞🥰

    small kpop youtuber here <3

  3. 6:05 yes doyoung is beautiful😍😍 but did you see that one guy at the back kissing his girlfriend or wife omg that soo cute

  4. i love how nct's vlog content always showing the other side of these boys as a normal boys that wasnt restricted from doing whatever they want

  5. I love this thing about doyoung, when he just share even his little moments of just relax and we really appreciate that. Doyoungie lovely. 💕

  6. I'm happy that members can casually go out to events like these without being horded by fans, but saddened at the same time by the little recognition they get.

  7. I want to go to jazz festival for a long time, but i couldn't go. Thanks God, you make this video so at least i know the feeling when people went to jazz festival. Thank you.

  8. I previously not that interested with this kind of festival but now I'm quite curious to experience it at least once thanks to Doyoung 🤣

  9. You can tell he was really impressed with the musicians and that he was enjoying himself! 💚👏🏻 I’m so happy he gets to do what he wants once in a while!

  10. I can understand Jeno, computer keyboard is more wider than macbook keyboard. I can type fast in macbook not in computer

  11. Doyoung, it was a delightful day! I got a huge aesthetic and cultural pleasure from the beautiful scenery, music and communication with you! Doyoung you are such an amazing and touching person! Thank you for this wonderful journey into the world of art!👍❤

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