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  1. Hi Christine, did you think about using a lapel microphone on a separate recording device? You could use the sound from either the camera or the lapel, or mix it together. I know it's a bit of an extra weight and extra editing, but the background noise in some of your videos are quite strong. Just an idea! Otherwise great videos, love your channel, we soon go to Thailand, our first trip!

  2. I dmire you. As a vegan I have a hard time with meat loving countries. I don't like eating incrediby unhealthy and oily things, but sometimes, junk food is the only thing I can eat.I probably should research the food options before I go but I always forget. I still want to explore the country food like you. Do you eat badly in some countries? Can you do a video on food tips for those with diet restrictions?

  3. Initially I had difficulty being a mostly #vegetarian traveler in Kuching #Sarawak. I don't know if anyone understands what it's like to have dietary restrictions and to not know how or what to order in a new country. But I found myself hiding between McD's and Pizza Hut for a couple of days. Thankfully, that changed and locals pointed me in interesting directions. Some of these food successes are iconic #Sarawakian #foods I'm sharing!

    Not all countries can be easy at first. How do you find the courage to try new foods in a new country?

  4. So nice to see you visit my old home of Kuching. It was nice to see all those familiar places and food. Will be visiting there soon after a 5 year absence.

  5. Hi Christine..loved your vlog..was so nice to see kuching..omg I miss that place but will be back soon to see my Malay family can't beat a good's always the first thing I eat when I arrive..with a bubble tea..hope your well? Keep up the good work

  6. Am amazed he still have the that ice shaver! Thought it would be an antique piece by now…the old is the new. Hahaha.

  7. Good video series, thank you for visit my city. But not getting the traditional, real Kolo Mee is a crime against Kuching! What you had was seafood sup mee. Kolo mee should be mostly dry noodles, served with pork. Non pork one for Malay is Kampung Mee.

  8. theres a vegetarian mee stall 43 situated at kenyalang market, opening as early as 6am the best in kuching for vegans! make sure to come early as it is always packed with customers and often sold out

  9. You really need a Sarawakian to do a proper foodie tour. That Kolo Mee is probably not it and they're eaten dry. Not sure about that porridge from McDonalds… hmmmm

  10. I have a recommendation for the best laksa I've ever have in kuching since I stay there for awhile. one in matang, siang2 corner. only open during night time (I mean the best one) I hope they still have business there. and the place at batu kawah lama. I really2 love this two place. I'm the laksa lover, so Everytime I go anywhere around sarawak, I must have laksa. not to say the other place is not delicious but this two place is the best! trust me, you will love it!

  11. Thumbs up for talking about Midin and vegetarian restaurants!! You have to try it cooked thai style, it has the balance of mouth textures (crunchy, soft), and the beautiful sour flavour. the best one I have tried is sold near Sarawak Culture village in a restaurant called 88 seafood restaurant.

  12. McDonald's chicken porridge? Are you serious! I am from Sarawak and your Top 10 Sarawak food does not do Sarawak justice at all!

  13. How can you do a video on Borneo steer food going to McDonalds????
    You don't do justice to Borneo food and culture at all!!!!!!!

  14. i was there last time for the Bridge opening, the foods are great, top spot is a must for tourist who want to eat local dishes and drinks as well, i miss sarawak already i think i fell in love with the food the place and the friendly people, surely i will be back there!!!

  15. That kolo mee does not look very authentic somehow.. the traditional kolo mee normally comes wth mince pork and fish/meat balls but not prawns.

  16. Really nice food Christine. I am on Ebay trying to bid for a slice of layered cake. Big thanks.

  17. If u dont appreciate the food. Or it was not ur taste at all. Then dont eat.. Honestly, ur vlog is not cheers up ppl about food at all. Tq

  18. Masakan negeri kamek dari Sarawak! Mi laksa Sarawak! Mi kolok! Kek lapis Sarawak! Mi dawai! Dan banyak lagi!!!

  19. Holy shit! U bastardised the kolo meet by adding the soup into the dry noodles?!! Like WTF?! If u don't know how to eat it right, observe the other tables, see how the locals eat it and learn from them. That soup is like a palate cleanser, that bowl of noodles is full of flavour (sauce at the bottom of the bowl) and u didn't even toss the noodles before eating it?! Honestly, u don't deserve to try any country's food bcos u don't even try to know how to eat it right. Shame on u. Just travel and eat however u want but DON'T make videos out of them! So disrespectful!!!

  20. Thanks for vid..i may have to stay in Sarawak for 6 months next year because of australian dog quarantine laws…now i know theres Midin there plus that amaizing vego restaurant…im totally excited about going…thanks again…😊

  21. 1. NOBODY come to Sarawak to eat MACDONALD.
    2. DO NOT put soup into your kolo mee!! It's disgusting!! This is a local begging you.

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