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11 Foods to Eat or NOT Eat During the Chinese New Year

11 Foods to Eat or NOT Eat During the Chinese New Year

Hey guys, it’s Mike! It’s Dan like we mentioned from our celebrating Chinese New Year video… We’re gonna be reposting this from my strictly dumpling channel And this is basically all the foods that you should or should not eat During Chinese new year that I learned a lot from this video, bro Like you guys should make this your Chinese New Year food bible right out Well, hopefully it helps you out, and if it’s too late, then I’m sorry Misfortune has Fallen upon you I’m just kidding man, but yeah, don’t do certain things be careful Take a look. Hey, everyone. Hope everyone had a awesome new year Now you know the Chinese are serious about food and the Chinese people consider food a major part of traditional Chinese culture and every year Certain foods are always expected to show up on the dinner table during New Year celebrations And some foods are to be completely avoided Here’s a list of the eleven food items that you should or should not eat to ring in the New Year Make sure to eat some noodles in the new year and also noodles symbolize longevity But remember never cut them where else you will be cutting your longevity like who will want that also remember that some of these noodles Especially homemade ones could be really really long so breathe out before you start slurping Eat oranges if you want good luck oranges or tangerines are often called Jin Zhi or Golden oranges or Golden tangerines? So Chinese believe oranges will bring Fortune in the New Year also in Chinese the ju and ju zhi also sounds like ji or ji li which means good luck Are you afraid of chicken hands well Join the club But they are Important whole chickens represent togetherness and rebirth it’s symbolic of the family and can also signify unity and prosperity As a group although you can have a whole chicken anytime it is a must during family gatherings and special Holidays and don’t forget the head and feet must remain on to represent unity whole chickens are also popular Offerings to gods and ancestors Chinese love pomegranates because of all the seeds bundled together It symbolizes unity and is a favourite during the New year You should also eat those fruits on your wedding day because pomegranates has a lot of seeds or in Chinese zhi Which also means child so you know eat a pomegranate? Maybe you will soon be blessed with the child or zao sheng gui zi as we say in Chinese But not every pomegranate seed will turn into a child because that would be just a lot of kids Sunflower and melon seeds are traditionally eaten as they are of course called seeds or zhi and like the pomegranate it symbolizes fertility And having many children Nian gao or sometimes known as Chinese pudding is a must have Nian gao which literally translates to sticky cake also sound the same as Nian gao or year high meaning a more prosperous New Year This is a must to celebrate New Year’s as dumplings are said to be filled with luck and their shape look like years and also Chinese silver ingots I will explain why the year reference is important in my origins of the dumpling video so watch out for that It’s traditional to serve a whole fish on New Year’s the Chinese word for fish is yu which sounds like the word for Plenty in Chinese which is also yu some Chinese even save part of the fish for later which ensures Abundance for their future also don’t take off the head as fish shares are considered the best part of the fish by many Chinese Egg rolls or spring rolls are eaten during the new year because after they’re fried they look like little bars of gold Whatever you do. Do not serve white foods to celebrate the New Year White foods are things like tofu This is because Chinese symbolizes the color white with death Don’t eat squid on special occasions? Especially not in a new year because squid in Chinese is called yo yu in the olden days Workers would have to travel far from home to work often bringing personal belongings rolled up in a blanket And when they were fired, they would roll up their blankets and leave at the time there was a popular dish called chao you yu Or stir-fried squid people noticed that when the squid was cooking in the pen it would curl up like the workers rolling up their blankets That’s stir fried squid or chao you yu was used to tell the workers that they were laid off So if you think your boss just told you he’s gonna take you out for some stir-fry squid. That’s probably not what he meant Also guys Chinese parents always say what you eat is what You will be so eat the fish eyeballs and your eyes will become brighter and better Eat the chicken brain or any other brain if you prefer and you will be smarter So after this video Relax your eyes by a go munching on some fish eyeballs guys don’t forget to subscribe to my channel like me on Facebook and Happy New Year!

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  3. You also can't eat porridge in the New Year because it's considered to be poor people's food. My mom said that in the New Year we need to eat like rich people so we can (hopefully) be like that for the rest of the year, or something like that XD

  4. You also can't eat porridge in the New Year because it's considered to be poor people's food. My mom said that in the New Year we need to eat like rich people so we can (hopefully) be like that for the rest of the year, or something like that XD

  5. great video xD i just love to learn about the traditions and culture. I often wonder if its ok to just convert my life to living the way of the chinese.

  6. Great, now I'm hungry at 01.20 AM… Where on earth am I gonna find dumplings t this time of hour >.<
    Thanks for the vid guys, hope you have something great in stock for Valentine XD

  7. No Way!!! I thought you guys stopped making YouTube videos! I'm so glad I found your new channel! What a good Friday!!!☺️

  8. I am currently learning Mandarin in order to communicate better with friends and relatives. However, I live in a small Canadian prairie city and immersion is difficult, (there is one Chinese restaurant and no Chinatown or Chinese supermarket). I attend a Mandarin class for one hour a week, but this isn't enough to learn the language. Any advice?

  9. I celebrated Chinese new year in Hong kong this year! Watching this video reminds me of that crazy 11 course dinner I had on the 1st day of new year

  10. I love to watch their videos! They're so informative and funny! But, when are they going to upload their next video?

  11. Wow, Chinese tradition is silly in many fashion.

    but I like the 炒鱿鱼 one, thanks for the info, because I always wonder why is firing someone stir-fry squid, and I got the answer today.

    Do you guys know much about modern chinese cultures and the things the Y-generation like or would do?

  12. wait if they don't cut their chicken heads off then how are they killing them(hope it's not what I'm thine :O)

  13. In cantonese Chao Yau Yu means you got fired or Chao Li Yau Yu means you are fired from a job and that is why we do not say or eat this dish during chinese new years and even if we do eat this squid we can it Chao Fa Gee because Fa Gee is technically translated from cantonese as flower cones something along the lines because of the cross cuts that make it look like a pinecone shape

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