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16 Of The World’s Strangest Festivals

16 Of The World’s Strangest Festivals

sixteen of the world’s strangest
festivals in a world rich with culture there are countless traditions and
festivals that we have yet to experience from Scandinavia to the depths of Asia
we explore the world’s weirdest festivals that people partake in
annually though they may seem bizarre they’re part of what makes the given
culture distinct each tradition is linked to a deep history that is
preserved with the festival’s coming alive each year today we explore these
unique and eye-opening festivals that are bound to be added to your bucket
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these next couple festivals might be weird bizarre or strange but they
showcase such a beautiful bout of diversity and culture that we can’t
slight them in the least look upon these next few traditions dear viewer and
rejoice and maybe add a couple of these odd festivals to your bucket list heck
why not try them all out number one la tomatina Spain first we look at a
bizarre festival from the Spanish culture which is sure to leave a stain
and a splat the world’s biggest food fight is in banyoles Spain where
thousands of people gathered to launch squash tomatoes at one another the rules
ensure that it’s a respectful environment where nobody gets hurt we
have to wonder if the whole town is colored red afterward but we think we
know the answer number two Burning Man USA the next weird festival comes from
right in our backyard a strange occurrence that’s American as a festival
can be for eight days in the Black Rock Desert people gather to enjoy a festival
of art freedom and self-reliance in this spiritual experience people forget about
their everyday living and form a new and developed society of fresh principles
and values anecdotes told to us by those who have
been we’ve heard of such strange traditions from parachuting in every
year to trading water for illicit substances far out dude
number three battle of the oranges Italy much like the Spanish this strange and
bizarre celebration of Italian culture involves pegging each other with food in
Avera Italy it’s a food fight that involves chucking oranges at opposing
teams the winning team is decided by a judge and ultimately honored by the town
helmets are required as oranges become a safety hazard same as Spain is the whole
town colored orange after this big battle only those that participate no
number for Day of Silence Bali this traditional Indonesian festival is less
weird and more of a showcase of the culture from which it originates the
island of Bali welcomes the new year with peace and calmness fire travel and
entertainment are forbidden traffic and electricity are shut down for 24 hours
to allow self-reflection and meditation number 5 monkey buffet festival Thailand
this festival is fairly odd at least it sounds pretty odd we’re from North
America so it’s safe to say we don’t encounter a lot of wild monkeys however
we were under the impression we weren’t supposed to feed them despite that in
Thailand during the monkey buffet festival 4000 kilos of dishes are served
at the temple for thousands of monkeys this is to honor them as they are said
to bring good luck the city of monkeys ensures each monkey is fed and treated
well number 6 el calico baby jumping festival space
ah yes he had another odd tradition from Spain seems things get pretty boring in
la piel de toro no we’re just kidding but get a load of this strange Spanish
festival the Spanish village of castrillo de Marika gathers each year
where men dressed as Devils jump over 1 year old babies a ritual to protect them
from bad luck and rid them of sin we can only pray that none of these men mess up
deals meal number 7 Thai possum the Hindu piercing festival this Hindu
tradition sounds like it hurts but really who are we to judge and you know
the old saying don’t knock it until you try it nevertheless in Malaysia and
Singapore Hindus pierced their whole bodies to show devotion to religion and
cleanse their sins more than 1 million people take part annually number 8
Pikachu festival Japan we remember a time when Pokemon was all the rage kids
used to trade cards in the playgrounds except the energy cards nobody needed
those and we used to compare who had the coolest Pokemon
it seems the Japanese never got over this fad as every year they take part in
a tradition called the Pikachu festival the famous anime cartoon character is
the subject of a parade where over 1,000 performers take the streets dressed as
Pikachu fans show their devotion every year in Yokohama Japan number 9 for
young mud festival Korea ever seen mud wrestling have you ever thought to
yourself what a lowly rednecks sport I would never be caught dead doing
something so filthy well first lighten up and second you
must not be Korean attracting the largest amount of international visitors
as far as Korean festivals this mud mania includes obstacles slides
wrestling and even a mud bath all coming together for an electric atmosphere
number 10 the Songkran festival Thailand alright remember when we went back to
the days when Pokemon was all the rage it was
like two points ago come on keep up anyway those were also the days when
we’d have huge water gunfights in the summer we remember turning from kids to
elite water gun warriors sneaking through the jungles and using tactics to
gain the upper hand on the enemy well if that all sounds fun then you should try
all that but ride on an elephant ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world’s
biggest water gun fight during the Songkran festival the entire country of
Thailand aims super-soakers at each other to bring in the new year
some even using buckets or elephants yes you heard that right
elephants is it cheating if the elephant sprays you with its trunk number eleven
festival of Holi India have you ever been to a paint party maybe a club where
you danced all night and smear each other with paint if any of what we just
said appeals to you maybe check out the festival of Holi in India the people of
India are engulfed with colored powder to celebrate the triumph of good over
evil the festival of colours involves smearing and throwing an array of colors
creating an inviting atmosphere for all ages yes that means you too you’re an
age aren’t you number twelve wife-carrying World Championships
Finland we were confused when we heard this title – but turns out the tradition
follows the name – a team the husbands of Finland compete in a wife carrying
competition where they carry them over 253 metres there are obstacles along the
way such as an ice pool a true test of marital bonds number 13 Kanna Mara
Matsuri festival Japan children avert your eyes because this one is about to
get dirty it’s the wacky Japanese again with their strange tradition honoring
everything phallic there are wieners shaped lollipops Wiener shaped glasses
giant Wiener shaped statues the wieners are endless why Japan would do a
festival honoring wieners is beyond us but then again most of what Japan does
goes over our head number 14 air guitar world championships Finland ever get
down on yourself because you want to be a rock star but a really musically
challenged are you so unable to play an instrument that even if you had to save
your life you still wouldn’t be able to don’t worry
Finland has you covered every year in August the people of Finland gather
together to rock out just songs instruments the organizers state that
the event is to promote world peace even going as far as to say according to the
ideology of the air guitar wars would end climate change would stop and all
bad things disappear if all the people in the world played the air guitar
that’s definitely a good sentiment number 15 world bog snorkeling
championships LAN worded Wells Wales alright so we’re going to leave Finland
and Japan alone for a while and instead focus on this frankly kind of gross
festival in Wales apparently every August the people of LAN worded Wells in
Wales will gather together for the world bog snorkeling championships this is a
tradition in which competitors armed with snorkeling gear compete to see who
can make it through a 120 yard peat bog the fastest the event has been described
as intense hmm this is one thing you definitely couldn’t do in Florida the
snake and alligator related deaths would be through the roof number 16
international hair freezing contest Yukon Canada ah yes
good old Canada home of maple syrup hockey and free health care it’s also
the home of brutal unforgiving winters that make you wish for summer to return
after this festival is done at least if you head up to the Yukon one of Canada’s
territories during March you’ll be able to compete in the International hair
freezing contest it’s pretty much what the name implies you freeze your hair
into strange bizarre and odd shapes and we assume you’re judged based on
wackiness the competitors of this competition are described as fierce
fighters and that’s just as well because what the heck else are you supposed to
do in the Yukon and that’s it are there any festivals we forgot got a cool
festival story you want to share let us know in the comments section below
all about your crazy festival experiences enjoyed this video hit the
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