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1%er Prospect

1%er Prospect

My Ghosts prospecting for motorcycle club no one wants to prospect anymore they just want to get the full patch right
away we get into it on this episode Demons Row TV oh yeah
ghostin baby my Ghosts welcome to Demons Row TV the Holy
Grail of MC culture were we cover everything motorcycle club involved I’m
Chopper Sosa I’m your host for the evening
today we’re gonna talk about why nobody wants to prospect anymore shout to all
my new subscribers welcome to the row and real quick I want you to hit me with
that # ghostin and that lets me know you’re
alive and well sitting on 2s doing what you do now
let’s get into it why does no one want to prospect anymore why does no one feel
that they want to put that work in and there’s a lot of clubs right now and
this is its 1% it’s any type of motorcycle club this is going on where
they’re just throwing cuts on whoever they’re not putting their work and
they’re fully patched from the door so a lot of people are seeing this and then
when a real Club tells you listen you got a prospect they’re like oh how much
time and and what do I have to do and all that stuff you know what I mean like
the stuff that you’re supposed to learn as a hang around you’re supposed to hang
around first so you know what the club situation is now why ever would you want
to just take something throw it on your back the first day with no knowledge of
anything that’s going on and they’re right on 2s threw different
neighborhoods threw wherever prospecting is a is an essential part of MCing you
need to learn how mc culture works and if you’re a fully patch member
you’re expected to know certain things so you can sit there and make your club
look bad because you didn’t learn a certain things
I personally feel that prospecting is the most fun part of being a Mc
there’s a lot of misconceptions about prospecting for a MC this there’s a lot of
people putting it out that you get treated like dog ship that you gotta
wash bikes you gotta do this you got to do that listen I have a personal thing
that I say to myself there’s two type of prospects there’s the put in work
prospect and then there’s the wash the bikes prospect which one of you there’s
nothing wrong with being either and it doesn’t make you less of a man
to prospect it makes you more of a man you got to be securing yourself and me
personally when I was prospecting I was eager to get out to the events and let
people know like who I was and that I’m down with this and then I’m representing
like I was happy about that and I have my best times and as a prospect you can
fuck up you know what I mean and get taught when you’re fully patch you can’t
fuck up you’re supposed to know what it takes so you don’t fuck up please for my
prospects as you’re learning do not go to people or take advice from people
that are not in clubs that said they were in the club 10 years ago or
whatever the game is changed it’s not the way it was
thirty years ago it’s not the same way it was ten years ago
it constantly evolves and changes and people that are not in the mix are not
the people you go to for advice on anything go to advice from your brothers
learn from your brothers some of the older homies the big homies learn from
them ask questions never be afraid to ask questions you have to be secure
yourself as a man and know that if you put in work you’re earning something
nobody could ever tell you like oh he just got his cut he didn’t he never put
in no work you wanna be like I prospected for a year I put in my time I had a good
time I fucked up I learned a lot of lessons you don’t want to just be that
dude that got handed something like put in a work like work ethic in
general in life people are just not big on it everybody wants to take the easy
route and nothing in life is easy it’s all sacrifice you’re never gonna get
that lucky break you know what I mean like people think
like certain artists are like blowing up because they just had a one-hit wonder
I always say people work 10-15 years to get a one-hit wonder 10-15 years I had
to learn how to ride and everything and and learn stuff on my cousin to be
affiliated with the club like you got to know something before you step in I
think it’s always good to actually be in a non 1% Club and and learn you know
like an RC whatever it is or MC oh whatever learn before you step up and
know everything about the game so you know that it’s right for you so I’m
gonna hit you with a prospect story I’m gonna tell you the dumb shit I did see
cuz we gonna keep it real on this channel I’m not gonna just give you all
fluff and poke my chest up and act like everything is tough that’s why I did the
family life and motorcycle clubs I did the old ladies I’ll link those down like
we’re gonna talk about everything and like keep hitting me in the comments
with ideas of stuff that you want to talk about cuz I don’t want to keep it
strictly 1%er I want to talk about everything and like I always tell you if
you got clubs that you want to get featured or
you want your footage on the show I can use it as b-roll hit me with that all
right so I’m gonna tell you what I did and this is the brothers to not keeping
their brother on point so you can learn a lesson from this too for fully patched
members fully patched members sure to check me like yo this isn’t the way you
do it but we rollin up to a spot right there was some tension with another 1%
Club a famous 1% Club all right I’m not gonna say no names cuz this ain’t those
other channels it was at a bike blessing and we were meeting up with them to see
what was gonna happen with the situation if it was gonna be problems or we’re
gonna squash it was gonna go on so when we pull up on our bikes I always have a
bandana over my face and a bandana over it over my head I never wear the lids I
know a lot of y’all brothers been telling me I need to get my lids but out
here in CT you don’t need to wear a lid so I never have a lid on but I digress I
had on shades I have my face cover with the bandana I had gloves on so three
rules in one I’m ready to break so I asked I asked the VP I was like yo you
think I should it was cold so I asked the VP I was like yo you think I should
take it off or its cool if I leave it on he was like nah you good so when we
roll up there’s another dude he’s in a regular Club but he’s with that 1% Club
so he’s giving people dap and shit like that so me I go up to him to try to give
him dap glove on shades on face covered all disrespect but I’m not thinking like
that I’m thinking I’m coming from a crip background so I’m thinking I’m just
rolling up to the spot but you know I think about it too now and I’m like if
somebody would have rolled up on me like that I would have slapped the shit out
of them but I rolled up and now I want to give them a pound
homeboy it was like homeboy was like yo you need to take your shades off before
you give me a handshake or whatever yo I lost it y’all try to hit that dude so hard
and the brothers pull me off and the dominate the famous club diamond is
looking at me like yo these dudes wild like so I was wrong in that
situation but I backed it up so I have that problem when I do something wrong I
just back it up so um if you’re wrong you you’re still right you know what I
mean like I been on that type of shit sometimes and that ain’t the right way
to move you know what I mean I should’ve been like you know what took my shit off
showed that man respect but I was new to the game and the brothers didn’t really
school me so you gotta get schooled on this stuff so brothers also it’s on the
Fullys to teach you like you’re listen this is how you move when we go to spots
so now that I let you know some dumb shit about me let me know some dumb shit
about you let me know some funny prospect stories or whatever support the
clothing under every video you know we got that Merc shelf that’s if you got a
love for Demons Row and you want to support us that’s the way you support us
take this video and share it because there’s a lot of prospects and a lot of people
that need to learn about this thank you for tuning in the Demons Row TV the
Holy Grail of MC culture like subscribe and comment and know yet we ghostin
baby you

100 thoughts on “1%er Prospect”

  1. Why is prospecting looked down on? Why is earning respect looked at as a choir? Love to all the new subscribers!!
    Get your Hoodies,Skullys,T Shirts,Socks and Mugs!! #Ghostin
    Demons Row Clothing

  2. I come from a support group, that took 1,5 years to be 'full patched'. Finished that and luckily I was accepted as a hangaround to the MC itself

  3. Fucking millenials . Its all about instant gratification . That , i want it now syndrome . Thats why they want to skip the prospecting . Its also why they have no respect , or maintain their bikes . They will always have to earn my respect , by their words and actions . It may be 2019 , but its 1982 in my head . Cheers from Queensland Australia . PTR/1% .

  4. how about doing a show bout the bikes …and about what clubs expect u to be riding… great show much respect from SOCAL #GHOSTIN

  5. #ghostin Before we even roll out we have a meeting on how to move, who's hands to shake first, what not to do. Especially when visiting your Dominant MC. Prospects are the students and your brothers are there to teach you and correct you when you're out of line… 🔥P. F. F. P🔥

  6. #Ghostin, #Georgia, #Us,Bro,society has done this!!! Every body wants every thing yesterday!!!! It's like just get it,just buy it!!!! There's not many people that even understand what ur saying!!! Ur message is right on!!! Earn ur spot,respect,position!!! It's a lot more valuable!!!!! Peace bro!!!

  7. When you said you was wrong but right at the same time. I understood that. And in most situations that I seen and been involved in, most people and/or clubs is about respect. At the same time, is you gonna stand your ground right or wrong.

  8. #ghostin love this shit brother! Prospecting is fun and important! My club show love to Prospects and respect. 💀💯💎♾

  9. I bin prospecting for 6months 1% club 3 peace back patch got my top rocker just 1 more to go. I do my work to help my bro's. Fist time for me doin mc club love in every minute of it. I wot every look back on it. Respect to you all

  10. Good topic as always, I think that the hang around and then prospecting are best. Why would you wanna throw on the patch of an MC you know nothing about just off the internet? You don’t know any of the people or their personalities. If I’m gonna rock a patch I wanna get to know them for a year then prospect for however long I need. I do notice that most women out here don’t feel like they should have to but hey most of them are weekend warriors. Lol #Ghostin #NC

  11. Prospecting is what you make of it. If you put in work and have a good time then it can be a lot of fun but if you dont and you fuck up it can suck. i have prospected twice, once for a support club then for the Vagos. With the support club they made it seem like it wasn't all that important and then when i stepped up i had to learn a lot. i hung around for 6 months then prospected for almost a year, mostly cause i just didnt know enough. In the end i had a blast prospecting i got to meet a ton of brothers and was able to make a bond with brothers that stands strong to this day. its pretty simple if you didnt earn it you shouldnt wear it. Keep doing what you do your channel is a great source for people trying to learn. #GHOSTIN #VAGOS #PURGATORY #GREENNATION (still waiting to see what you do for the green nation)

  12. #ghostin NC prospecting is like a probation period for a regular job to see if you fit the bill. The newer generation doesn't want to work for anything and expect to be handed everything. In the military you have boot camp to train and teach background, history, and experiences. If you are asked to do something as the low man on the totem pole just do it. Prove yourself to move up the ranks.

  13. #Ghostin. You mentioned something about maybe a guy can ride with an S/C or an R/C to get an idea how to move when around the M/C set. I am in full agreement with this! I'm my mind, it is like a hang around period were a guy can learn(presuming he is paying attention) a lot of things. IE: remove glasses and gloves, dont touch the center patch, etc. Or even if the M/C is right for them!(very important lesson to learn BEFORE he becomes a prospect). Thanks for the straight talk on the subject. It is much appreciated. Safe travels!

  14. i was riding back in the day i have always rode single untill my king and i got together [who has passed ] i did my own work my own up keep never really wanted to be like all the other female s who hung around i was more of the garage and work woman . i was young and made the serious mistake of hugging and kissing a club member who was very spoken for and yes my bike paid the price along with a broken nose YES i fought back and yes she was [scolded] for fucking my bike up wasnt my nose that pissed me off it was she fucked with my bike .. not really a prospect story although you focus more on the male dominating parts of the mc family #ghostin

  15. because evil shitty people have other things to do nowadays, not so many care about joining evil shitty gangs.

  16. What's up sosa. My neighbor across the street where I live in South Charleston West Virginia her brother claims to know you he said does he have braids I said I believe so yes he said you used to come over at a friend's house close to where I live I thought that was pretty cool if he's correct I always have said it's a small world LOL hope you're doing okay and your family take care. #ghosting

  17. I wouldn't say I have less respect for those who don't prospect, but I will say I definitely have more respect for those that do. Those that get it easy will usually give it up just as easily. #Ghostin

  18. When I was prospecting I was asked to kill a guy for a drug debt.

    I killed his ass!!!! Then I washed some bikes.

    Now I’m a full patch member, bitch!!!


  20. Being just a hang around is especially important, almost as much as prospects. You here about couple local northeast area clubs just throwing patches just to get numbers and territory. That’s how you die, not knowing who’s fight your coming into.

  21. Prospecting is an essential part of learning your MC, and the MC learning you…depending on how big you club is you get to grow with other prospects. Put that work in

  22. I lived in stafford ct most life just moved to nc a little over a year ago…would a guy like me that works 50 hrs or more a week and has no set schedule and has a family at home have time to prospect and join a mc

  23. #Ghostin

    I have never been a prospect, probate or potential member….

    What I do know is this is a massive, massive, HUGE SIGN of respect…this is a chance your getting from the patch members that gave you that title, that gave them their title to be apart of their life and their family and potential brother….this is not an easy road, and for you to want that life and that brother vibe and family feel you gotta put in your time and effort to prove yourself..1,000,000% put in that work….yeah it's hard….but something worth having isnt gonna be easy and claimed over night….put in your time, show your respect and earn that patch the right way, ride with the brothers, hang around, go to events, do your history now how they came to be and the history…..don't think your owed anything because your not and that can turn ugly really fast!

  24. I got a good one. I’m stilling prospecting first my MC (support club) and we rolled out of a meeting to another clubhouse and my Pres. told me to introduce myself to that chapters president behind a bar and another support club was standing next to me and my Pres. said “Don’t be Shy! Get in there and introduce yourself! Next thing I know the Big Bro. Chapter was pointing my way to come introduce myself but mistakenly he wanted the other prospect behind the bar and not me. Needless to say I was standing outside watching cars and what not for the next fours hours but I guess lesson learned.

  25. You know as much as i am for prospecting sometimes i think it needs to be looked at case by case sometimes prospecting would not be the right thing case and point i know someone who was friends with some guys in a mc he was a hang a round for over 10 yrs never asked to join rode with them partied with them and when the shit hit the fan he was right in the shit with them one day they just called him in and patched him in. yeah as a hang a round for so many yrs i guess you could say he paid his dues

  26. #Ghostin the one thing that we tell out prospects is you never stop prospecting even as a full patch because there’s always more you can learn and do to become a
    better brother. One crazy thing I did as a prospect was carry banana pudding in my cut for a mouth. when I was told I could get rid of it it smelt horrible but it was still very funny.

  27. Love and respect as I call you brother….

    I have a question…. What's Your Intake on -Christian MC….
    -MC VS MM
    -Christian 3piece patch vs Christian 1piece patch

  28. #GHOSTIN…. yeah man it's like anything I have been involved in , basic, tech school, selection…all part of initiation and earning and learning….

  29. #Ghostin am good and sitting on em' two's n listening loud n clear from +254 Kenya
    your advice is phenomenal and still keeping it real..

  30. Being accepted as a prospect or probate is one of the greatest honors and privileges that could ever be bestowed unto someone.

    I think a big part of the problem is that people are making it too easy to get into the prospect patch.

    The prospect patch should be earned in my opinion… you shouldn’t just be given a prospect patch.

    Being given the prospect patch should make you feel like you just won the lottery.

    You just received something that cannot be bought.. now it’s time to really put in work and really LEARN.

    Just my opinion.

    Great video.


    MiKLO 1%ER

  31. Times are changing: everybody wants the glory and nobody wants to do the hard work. No prospecting, no patch: simple. #Ghostin

  32. I'm all about earning shit in anything in life. I dont like handouts. It's a better feeling than just getting a handout and actually working for something and earning it. 💯💯💯💯

  33. After watching this episode last night I couldn’t stop thinking on why anybody would step up without probating? Where’s the pride and respect for the Brothers in the past that set the way by building our future. Harden the Fuck up, earn your way to be called a Brother. 1%er life is not for everyone! Earn your Patch, your Diamond, and your Brotherhood!

  34. What up big Sosa? I'm not in a club but if I was I wouldn't want anyone in my club who didnt prospect. The simple reason is that they didnt put in the work too earn the rite too wear that patch. I know about the MC life I choose not too be a part of ot jist not for me but you need too know who you let into your club and know who you rolling with and stuff.

  35. Way i look at it, prospecting is how you earn your name in MC life. 1% or 99% either way you earn your way, learn the how to's and the do's and don'ts as a prospect.

  36. I Was at one time a probationary member of a club founded by my co-workers and their community members they all grew up together on S.i. I'm from Q.U. and had encountered some of the brothers over the years at a street capacity but did not know them that well… The guys I knew for work I had a good rapport with…one of the other guys walked up to one of the brothers I was good with and began arguing with him over money I stay out of it until dude swung on my brother from work at that point I proceeded to hit him with my lid also one of the dudes that walked up with him once everything settled turns out they were all cousins…😂 needless to say Iwhen the club merged with a bigger club I was not welcome…that was the end of my MC career…

  37. Not in a Mc but I was blessed to have Big homies from the Thunder Guards and Thug Riders to put me on game about the culture to avoid any mishaps that could happen whenever I went to any MC event

  38. "Sons of Anarchy" is a TV show, and nothing more – Strictly entertainment…Actual outlaw (and many within the "99") MCs are serious business! Real life prospects, especially 1%ers, have to prove that they are willing to crawl through all kinds of shit and even give their lives if necessary, for those symbols and monikers because being a true brother (or sister) is a frame of mind, NOT an interesting looking patch or tattoo worn while atop a machine, riding off into the sunset before the closing credits!

  39. I prospected for 6months and I didnt bitch about it once. It's a sad world we are starting to live in where people dont wanna work for shit anymore

  40. Shit if i had a bike I'd be down to prospect as long as i meshed well with the club I'm not gonna put it on my back if it's not in my heart

  41. Gotta pay your dues and Earn your patch in my opinion. Not in a club but I was in a huge Brotherhood (U.S. ARMY) you have to go through what your brothers have gone through before you are truly brothers. #Ghostin

  42. #Ghostin #Chicago #FormerCop #CurrentFelon #Gunman Your real smooth bro, REAL GOOD #ChopperSosa. My kinda guy. MUCH RESPECT. 💀☠️🏴‍☠️🏁🏴‍☠️☠️💀

  43. #Ghostin Did my 14 months as a prospect (and 10 as a hang around) back in the 80s. Some of the best, worst, and most educational times of my life.

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