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[2015 MBC Music festival] 2015 MBC 가요대제전 Red Velvet – I Love You, 레드벨벳 – 너를 사랑해 20151231

[2015 MBC Music festival] 2015 MBC 가요대제전 Red Velvet – I Love You, 레드벨벳 – 너를 사랑해 20151231

i love you my heart, the more you think about it i’m happy no one else i don’t feel envy clear glass windows welcoming me to feel the sunshine feel unbelievable lost oh yeah so you, make me feel like i’m the precious for you the long night with the age dior is no better than the morning we are always together forever pain in the same space even if it hurts, it’s okay i love you my heart, the more you think about it i’m happy no one else i don’t feel envy the scent of the oranges when you smile and you laugh make me forget everything oh yeah i love you now the days will come from more surprising miracles to me, than you are now than you have now precious with no others foerever stay in the same house facing each others face to live i love you my heart, the more you think about it i’m happy no one else i don’t feel envy you and i having such a happy time together even there’s time when we fight but there’s time when we’ll enjoy to love each other, yeah Subtitle provided by fans
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100 thoughts on “[2015 MBC Music festival] 2015 MBC 가요대제전 Red Velvet – I Love You, 레드벨벳 – 너를 사랑해 20151231”

  1. This is my 11th time i watch this video and i can't get enough of it :') ireneeeee you're the besttttt

  2. Neoreul saranghae naui maeumi neoreul saenggakhalsurok
    Naneun haengbokhae dareun nugudo nan bureopji anha 

    Malkeun yurichangeuro haessari nareul bangineun i neukkim
    Mideul suga eopseojyeo Oh yeah neomudo
    Naege sojunghameul neukkil su issdorok haejun neo

    Gin bami oraedoel surok achimi deodiol surok geuriwo
    Uri duri yeongwonhi hamkke gateun gonggan soge
    Apeumi manhdeorado gwaenchanha Yeah

    Neoreul saranghae naui maeumi Oh neoreul saenggakhalsurok 
    Naneun haengbokhae dareun nugudo nan bureopji anha

    Beautiful day ijekkeot neukkyeoboji moshan
    Jeo gaseumsok gipeun goseseo dugeundaeneun nae simjangeul neukkyeo 
    Neomuna areumdaun haessalgwa nae maeumsoge ttatteushameul jun neo 
    Areumdaun neoui moseup barabolttaemyeon eonjena neo bomyeo saragago sipgo 
    Na neomuna jal aneun geureon neowa isseulttaemyeon
    Pyeongsaengeul neowa hamkke jinaego sipeo

    Orenjiui hyanggiro salmyeosi misojieul ttaen neoui useumi 
    Modeun geol da ijge hae Oh yeah saranghae
    Jigeum gijeokboda nollaun naldeuri ongeoya 

    Naegen jigeum neoboda neoegen jigeum naboda sojunghan
    Dareun saram eopsdamyeon hamkke yeongwonhi gateun jibe
    Seoro eolgureul bomyeo saraga Yeah

    Gaseumeul jeoksineun areumdaun eumaksoge heureuneun jeo siwonhan Bisbangulcheoreom
    Neon eonjena naege geureon himi dwaejugoneun haji
    Maeumi bulpyeonhago gibuni heojeonhalttae 
    Neon nae maeum jeo gipeun guseok siwonhage haejune 
    Geureon neoneun naege nuguboda geu eoneu nuguboda sojunghae
    Geureon neowa yeongwonhi hamkkesalgo sipeo neowa na jeulgeoul su isseul geoya
    Seororeul saranghago isseuni Yeah

  3. I always have the biggest smile in the beginning when I see joy and yeri dancing in the background with the balloons haha

  4. I wish they will have sub unit. It’s already fullp package, main vocal, main dancer, main rapper, and visuals.

  5. Seen too many ‘90s aesthetics on Twitter & Instagram, true ‘90s aesthetic is SES and girls groups nowadays covering SES

  6. Why i love sm girl group a lot is because they really didnt only focus on visual but their skills singing visual and dancing is really impressed me ❤❤❤

    S.E.S SNSD F(x) red velvet

  7. I love this stage , they made me fall in love with this song even though this the first time I listen to it . their visuals , their sweet beautiful vocals . who says that irene can't sing , her voice fits this song so well & the outfits so beautiful . everything in this stage is beautiful 😭💖💛💙

  8. I feel WenSeulJoy are TaeTiSeo, and IreSeulDy are the S.E.S of the group, while Yeri is like the F(x), unique and under appreciated.

    Wendy has the strong and stable technique of Taeyeon’s, and their vocal ranges are exceptional. They sound good in almost any genre they sing, their voices are pleasant to hear and they pull everything off.
    Seulgi has the firm voice like Seohyun, and they harmonize with the other two a lot when it’s just the trio. They do many high adlibs and their voice abilities could easily make them main vocals in any other group.
    Joy has the vibe of Tiffany’s voice. They sound best when they stay in their range, and you can feel a lot of emotion in particular genre’s when they sing. They sing energetically when it’s appropriate.

    Wendy has an amazing range and strength as a vocalist, like Bada. Their voices go above and beyond never fail to amaze anyone who hears them. And when performing they’re always smiling brightly at the other members like a proud mom, or at the back up dancers (like Wendy did in this performance with the other dancers).
    Seulgi is like Eugene, a crystal voice that makes the song feel even more perfect while Bada/Wendy make it feel realistic. Their dances are always sharp, clean and they shine for their skills a lot. In terms of visuals, it would be Irene that matches with Eugene though.
    Irene is like Shoo. Their talents always underrated and never focused on, but whenever Shoo sings I think it completes the whole song and adds a lot of new emotion to it because she usually only raps (much like Irene). And when Irene sings, it gives the same affect.

  9. Their voices combine perfectly and so has this wonderful harmony. Congratulations, beautiful girls, you rock!

  10. 0:06 joy and yeri are soooo cute in the right side of screen. They're cheering for their unnies. Hahahah

  11. Still one of the best SES cover

  12. Lowkey hoping these three will be a sub-unit one day (nothing against the maknaes!)…. Main rapper, main vocal, and main dancer as The Holy Trinity? Yes, please!!!

  13. Just reminiscing about few iconic performances by RV over the last 5 years… I can't believe how time flies by. So proud to see the girls still humble, hardworking even now like they were in their debut days. And they still keep shining and improving!

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