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2018 CHANGWON K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL | 2018 창원 케이팝 월드 페스티벌 [ENG/2018.10.21]

2018 CHANGWON K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL | 2018 창원 케이팝 월드 페스티벌 [ENG/2018.10.21]

100 thoughts on “2018 CHANGWON K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL | 2018 창원 케이팝 월드 페스티벌 [ENG/2018.10.21]”

  1. Y’all saying that Group X or Group Y did the best but how many of y’all actually watched the whole thing?

  2. ชาติไหนจะสู้ชาติไทย kboyyy;-;เหมือนเกาหลีสุดละใครคิดเหมือนกันมากลองตรงนี้

  3. กล้องนี่หนอ ถ่ายสะกะผมดูไม่รู้เรื่องเลยว่าวงไหนเต้นดีกว่ากัน การแข่งเต้นแต่เล่นกล้องแบบนี้มันจะรู้ได้ไงว่าทีมไหนเต้นแข็งแรงและพร้อมเพียงมากกว่ากัน ถ่ายแบบนี้มันไว้ใช้สำหรับศิลปินนะ การแข่งต้องถ่ายให้คนเห็นถึงความแข็งแรงและความพร้อมเพียงเพื่อให้คนดูได้วิจารย์ตามไปด้วยถึงจะสนุก บอกตรงๆว่า ดูไม่รู้เลยว่าทีมไหนมีสิทธ์ที่จะชนะบ้าง

  4. The only thing I’m afraid of doing is to audition and being solo. I also haven’t seen lots of my age people audition for these types of things.

  5. The monstar group one girl almost stole my name her name is paulina and mine is pauline

  6. It was such a good lineup!!! I honestly about cried when Unica performed Melted, that is my favorite AKMU song 💜💜 everyone did so good

  7. why does all of these looks only good on koreans and other asians i mean it's just weird even tho
    i actually dance to korean songs and sing them as a hungarian person but to this it it's just strange and bad but mostly embarrasing

  8. why u guys didnt invite the a-code, they won the grand prize in vietnam and their performance is amazinggggg 😩💗

  9. sksksksk ITS STRAY KIDSSSSSSSSSSSSS????????
    how did I not knowwwwwwwwwwww?? Im like biiiiggfannn.
    sad only found out what this was after the audition deadline.
    But I will gladly cheer on in the audience in melbourne

  10. East2West I'm fan of yours guys killed it😊💜. And Shefa you did well too😊💜
    I'm from Bangladesh

  11. Ethiopia!!! I'm so proud of you <3 Now I can show my parents this and maybe then theyll like kpop hee hee 😉

  12. It was my first time watching Monstar and I love them!

    Edit: UNICA Has such nice vocals! I love the song and their voices! I got goosebumps from their performance!

  13. When they play Despacito, a song sung by two Puerto Ricans, for the Cuban team. Our flags are opposite, you know that, right?

  14. I know it's very easy to comment sitting behind the screen but still I feel performances are not up to the mark , I watched world festival 2016, 2017 and were amazed by the performances , and both groups that performed BTS song were actually not really good I mean in 2017 ,I guess, I watched s some Indian kids who performed BTS blood sweat tears , oh my god there performance was so incredible , they won and I think they deserved to be won !!!

  15. omg that guy @2:57 performed on Kstage on the song Blacksuit when Super Junior came as guest….he's from Thailand. Omg he looks so cute but he is crying TT

  16. 창원시도 행정이 엉망이다.
    이시기에 매년 태풍이 오는데~ 실내체육관을 빌려야지~
    또 관객없이 할래~ 아님… 서울서 하던가?

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