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2019年底最值得看的紀錄片——《變化中的中國》 Must Watch Documentary towards the end of 2019 — “Changing China”

2019年底最值得看的紀錄片——《變化中的中國》 Must Watch Documentary towards the end of 2019 — “Changing China”

“Changing China” tells six stories A mural painter A police officer “Zhengyang PD” An obstetrician A teacher “Look at me, not the snack” “I’m way better looking” “Breath with your mouth” A food delivery man, who is also a boxer And an entrepreneur “In the whole world” “There are only two private enterprises” “That can launch carrier rockets” “And these two” “Are both in one country” “If this time we succeed” “We will become the first private enterprise in China” “And the third in the world” “To launch a carrier rocket” “And just to think about that” “I’m thrilled” This is a patriotic film And patriotic often means mediocre in film But why, I don’t think so We can do it in a different way A way that features people, flesh and blood ones Accidents happen throughout the shooting “Three Two One” “Ignition” No one knew it would fall “Blink please” He’s a food delivery guy And also a boxer We had hotpot together when we met up for the first time The bill was two, three hundreds But he insisted on treating us “One minute” Later we found out that his economic conditions weren’t very good He had to borrow money from month to month Besides his delivery job, he had to train And after intense training His girl friend would do cupping for him “If I lose the Beijing match, we go back home” “What?” “Lose this game, we go home” “That’s fine, we can go home together” He lives in a a rented apartment “We won’t” Like many other Beijing drifters “Right, I know you” He became the champion of the youth group He doesn’t give in like other young people He keeps trying to reinvent himself As much as he could manage To adapt to the society, to fight “49 to 46” “Judge No.2, 49 to 46” “Judge No.3, 49 to 46” “The winner of the fight is” “Zhang Fangyong” We collected about eighty topics The starter of OneSpace is Shu Chang He was born in the 1980s And his team is young “Good luck” The first stage and the second stage separation were successful And people were happy And then the look on their face transformed into hesitation Maybe they knew at that time Before the rocket inserted its orbit, it exploded “OS-M carrier rocket launch test” “Fail” We met a man from Anhui in Xinjiang He’s been in Kizil for nine years A fortuitous field trip organized by Xiamen University Introduced him to Kizil cave paintings After graduation he came here And started his own research Half an year later his wife joined him Other than copying murals, he creates work himself For him, to inherit means not To make this mural eternal But to master Kizil art And to pass on this style of painting I was impressed when he said that He might not be able to finish this mission in his life time It might need generations To really master this art The Spring Festival part is shot at Li Fo’s home His kid didn’t recognize them when the door opened “What” “Who’s back” “Why” “Turtle we bought today” He’s a smart boy, and he understood That his parents were leaving, and he’d been counting down He was very polite to say goodbye and stuff when they left And as soon as they were off, he started crying The last one “Hello Life” is criticized as Deliberately depicting the bitter side of life This time it’s better Han Yang
Obstetrician Happiness, failure, expectation Pain, disappointment, and all kinds of feelings It’s fun, and it’s life “This is dangerous” “You can’t come back on Monday” “We didn’t bring any clothing for the baby” “We have all that in the hospital” Every story is about 60 minutes In “Hello Life”, 15 people, each two days Two, three days top It doesn’t matter the length of the footage You can get what you need in ten minutes We have no script Ten hours a day, five months’ work I’m very serious about every detail Frame by frame Discard everything we don’t need The clear, clean water Is our pursuit Being a doctor means to serve your patients I’ve been a policeman For over seven decades I was enrolled in 1952 And graduated in 1956 And I stayed and worked in Peking University Until this day Thousands of years ago Our ancestors had a dream traveling the space And to realize that dream Generations of us Did so much work I am 88 years old And soon turning 89 My memory is fading But I don’t use that as an excuse to escape work For my career For Chinese boxing I think I did my best

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  1. You are what you do, I get it! What about people’s real lives, their deepest desires, fears, how they deal with interpersonal issues as humans? I heard individual’s success or failure is all that matters in China, this cannot be healthy as a society….

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