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2019 Catholic Charities Gala Video

2019 Catholic Charities Gala Video

Quality healthcare is a necessity for
quality of life is the basic need for people to have good health you have to
function well in a society the Catholic Charities Health Care Network was
started back in 1984 when Cardinal Hickey saw the need to help the low-income and
uninsured he called it Catholic Physicians and through that meeting about 140
physicians started the program and currently we have over 300 physicians
who see our patients in their offices in the hospitals and wherever they serve
and what we do at the Healthcare Network is like we are a liaison between the
volunteer providers and the patients we work with 22 clinics at 42 sites when
patients go to the clinic and see their primary care providers a clinic will
evaluate the patient and if there is any need for specialty services they send their
patients to the Charities Healthcare Network what we do every day is to call make
appointments we go through the referrals that has submitted prioritize them based
on the patient’s needs and we try as much as we can to ensure that they all
have access to their programs my partnership with Catholic Charities
started essentially when I started practice from the very beginning I
personally, have wanted to have some outlet to be able to give back and to
provide service to some under service population and Catholic Charities has
really been a great avenue that has allowed us to do that. I believe it’s
important to provide this type of service because I believe that quality
health care is a right it’s a basic human right to be able to to provide
these services for people who may not otherwise be able to afford the type of
health care that we provide here it’s it’s an it’s an honor honestly I am
someone who comes from a humble background and I literally had to work
myself up to where I am today and I didn’t always have access to health
insurance so to be able to do for women what other people we did for me in the
past you know it feels us a way of being able to pay forward when somebody’s referred to us through
the Healthcare Network they are just a normal patient to us there’s no
differentiation between a patient coming from the Healthcare Network and any
other patient patients who are part of the Catholic Charities Network want to
be included in everything about their health care and not treated any
differently than any other of our patients we don’t have separate times we
don’t have separate facilities anyone who needs care calls into the office gets a
standard appointment and then the entire process from not only the non-surgical
treatment through the surgical treatment and post-op is exactly the same as any
other patient that would walk into this office today Martha Ramos is such a wonderful lady that I met through Catholic Charities
she had previously undergone surgery back in 2006 at another institution for
a tumor in the brain and that particular tumor had regrown and it had become more
aggressive it was in an area that among other
things controlled the movement of her body on the other side so I knew that
the first step in her care was to be able to remove this tumor and remove it
safely without hurting her neurologic function allowing her to return to
normal function normal life and so we were able to do that with certain
microsurgical techniques we were able to remove this tumor
yeah that’s personas case but one of the core values as a physician is to be able to serve others to be able
to dedicate your life to helping other human beings and return to normal life
we do that regardless of their means their insurance and you know for many of
these patients who really just don’t have access to health care you know it’s
wonderful that that we have this access to Catholic Charities be able to help there’s nothing more rewarding than
taking someone who is really can’t get around and can’t function and get them
back to essentially what is the normal life the reward seeing it personally has
been tremendous and the appreciation that that patient feels has been
probably one of the more rewarding things in my career we are so honored
and appreciate our patients you know who entrust their care to us we see
ourselves as live savers and it gives me joy come in here every day knowing that
I’m going to do good for somebody i’m going to help somebody gain back their health
I’m going to help somebody feel good

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