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2019 Update On Carnival Cruise Line Half Moon Cay Old Ships Retiring New Ships Coming On

2019 Update On Carnival Cruise Line Half Moon Cay Old Ships Retiring New Ships Coming On

it’s Bruce here with traveling and Bruce
welcome my channel today I’ve got news for you about Carnival all kinds of news
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the story of Carnival first of all earlier this year the Trump
administration banned cruise lines from taking passengers from the u.s. to Cuba
this is still reverberating in the cruise business the cruise lines are
using basically their oldest ships to take passengers to Cuba and they were
bringing in upwards of 200 to 250 bucks a passenger per day in fares really good
money that’s over it’s done all these older ships are now flying waters
elsewhere trying to survive and going forward it looks like Carnival is
offering these ships that are pretty cheap price I’ll get to that in a minute
Half Moon key right over here look at Half Moon Cay big news out of the
Bahamas for carnival carnival is going to build a pier at Half Moon Cay and
they’re developing a brand new of private resort on Grand Bahama with its
own pier to add another private visiting place to go to so that would be princess
kay Half Moon Cay and now one in Grand Bahama 180 million dollar investment
into the Bahamas wonderful news for the Bahamas but in a big investment on
behalf of Carnival now I mentioned Cuba and I mention this because I want to
talk about the news that came out today and I’ll try to put this all together
for you the company announced third quarter earnings today record month
record numbers they’re making more money than ever before they’re all proud of
themselves carnivals building brand new ships the
Mardi Gras right here this ship is coming out as a twin – the ship is being
built as well both are being LNG powered they’ll have the
morels Bistro one here a bunch of other great restaurants these ships are gonna
be very very popular carnival is also building a new ship for the panorama
it’s already finished for sea trials she’ll be in a long beach by the end of
this year there’s all kinds of new ships coming for Carnival the economy has been
good unemployment the United States very low interest rates very low bad news
ships are getting old too a bunch of ships that Carnival has are starting to
show their age we’re beginning to hear of and experience more stories where
engines are probably beginning to fail or azipods are failing or other issues
Costa that is their sister line in Europe this summer Elda cruise ship is
coming out shortly LNG powered will be the largest ship
Costa will operate what we just heard today of the 13 ships they operate now
five will be retired in the next two years and part of the reason is
mechanical issues some of these ships are falling apart they’re just old and
tired this is what happens to cruise ships it’s nothing personal
saltwater just has a way of beating up cruise ships and you either put it a
hundred million bucks into these things every few years or you replace them with
a new one and that is what’s happening at kosta new ships are coming to
Carnival new ships have been coming in to haul in America there are other
sister line and to princess got a hand it to Carnival they’re spending a lot of
money on new ships but there’s the other side of the problem a lot of new
capacity is being added to the cruise line and they’re gonna have to fill
these cabins up and now that they’ve lost Cuba going all the way back to Cuba
now that they’ve lost the 250 bucks a night they were getting from passengers
going on these old ships to Cuba those ships are going elsewhere and they are
undercutting prices for the fleet it’s it’s in effect more competition than
they need right now Europe is entering a recession Italy is
flat sheet Spain is in the recession Frances flat Germany is receding in its
economy the brexit in Britain is all bad news big trouble in Europe and in North
America we’ve had ten years of expansion how much longer
can it go it’s been revised downward this year the economy in the u.s. it’s
growing but not as fast as last few years this may affect the cruise
business anyway today Carnival shares dropped almost 10% in value on expected
slowdowns for their earnings going forward even though they just posted
record numbers there’s a quick recap of what’s going on at Carnival there’s a
lot happening in many divisions of the company some exciting some race um but
it’s just another day at carnival where you make record profits and the stock
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everybody this is Bruce with traveling as bruce saying thanks for sailing with
me today and we’ll see you next time everybody bye for now

22 thoughts on “2019 Update On Carnival Cruise Line Half Moon Cay Old Ships Retiring New Ships Coming On”

  1. All Sounds like Good News to Me!! New Ships πŸ›³ New Private Island!! Yay!! πŸŽ‰βš“οΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ–πŸ¬πŸŒ΄πŸŽŠ

  2. RIP old carnival ships we know this was coming with the fantasy turning 30 out lasting another carnival the Jubilee. And the fantasy is still with carnival! We hope the best for the old carnival ships they will be remembered

  3. There was no reason for the current administration to ban Americans going to cuba. I hope the next administration reverses this decision.

  4. Hey Bruce! Thanks AGAIN for the news and update!!! We wanted to visit Cuba, but just don’t see it happening in THIS lifetime…Between the open heart surgery, the Bladder cancer surgery an being in Stage 4 Kidney disease…too expensive for us now? God Bless!!

  5. Its all good news to me. Opportunities are abounding. Bigger, better, and more efficient ships. New ports being developed and piers being installed. I have no desire to visit Cuba. But perhaps the cruise lines and form Canadian subsidiaries whose ships can go to Cuba… problem solved. see… opportunities… Thanks, Bruce.

  6. The stock prices will fluctuate so that is not any kind of predictor. However, the Fantasy class ships are at the end of their service life so it is time to retire those ships.

  7. This is good for Carnival In which I will be going on in March. After going to CoCo Cay on RC, and being on the beautiful pier to their private island 🌴 raised the levels for others to follow in order to compete.

  8. We enjoy your daily reports. Thank you.
    But we are unable to find the link to Sail Pack. We use an iPad if that’s relevant.

  9. As long as carnival keeps offers cruise fare for under $400 you will find people to β€œtake the bait” and not care about all the baggage that comes with cruising with this death ship!

  10. Thanks for sharing this information,; Carnival continues to make lots and lots of money! That's the main point for me, irregardless of the aging ships and the loss of travel to Cuba.

  11. My opinion is that Cruise lines should slow a bit on the mega-ships and start replacing some of the older, smaller ships with that of the same size.

  12. Bruce, after reviewing Carnival's earning call, it mentions that Costa Atlantica and Costa Meditrranea are to leave the Costa fleet, but those ships were to be transferred to CSSC ("Carnival China") in 2020/2021. Is CSSC even going to start in 2020/2021, or will Costa Venezia and Costa Firenze effectively be their replacements?

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