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25th Raindance Film Festival Trailer (2017)

25th Raindance Film Festival Trailer (2017)

Interior: night, office a young writer is typing up his brilliant screenplay where all of a Sudden his breath-taking wife, Mary Interrupts him for the 25th time. I thought we agreed in rehearsal that I was gonna be your granddaughter. Leonard, can we cut? Yeah, let’s cut guys. Beth, don’t ever cut your own take I do that . And stop calling her your wife, It’s creepy Hey guys, let’s bring the rain and thunder way down Okay, people. line Cut cut cut cut cut! James, what’s the issue?Just say the line Would my character really be this rude to people? Yes, directors are that rude. Go back to one. Can we cut please and lose the megaphone it’s too much. Cut!
That was terrible! Let’s do it again but better and faster. Love it but let’s do one more for safety. Pause it. Is it working is it too much? No, this is this is great. Yeah? yeah how do we end it? Okay, as you can see we don’t have an ending. Any ideas? Any at all? I have an idea. The first thing I would do is bring the music back Yeah, like that, and then I put the Raindance logo in there somewhere and tilt the camera up and bunch of other stuff on top And that’s pretty much it. Raindance 25

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  1. HAHA, a feel of…I wonder if Steven Spielberg know that I'm editing him, or if he believes he is thè act? Oh, here's me looking at you, because – "The World is a stage", and you all got your part – ACTION! (…Shakespeare is directing me…)

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