(4K) Japanese Foods 2019 | Eating Ramen

Good afternoon, everyone. This is my first Ramen video. I can get permission to shoot. We can see the kitchen. It can’t hide. I have worked as Chinese restaurant at 5 years ago. I ate dumpling when I get hungry. And my boss was too. The temperature in Japan is getting colder. The summer come to end. I love autumn. It feels so good when I breathe in the temperature in the mourning on go to work. I thought I want to go to walk around skipping my work. [Clerk] Thank you~ Let’s take a walk with me. [Clerk] Hi, Gyoza! But it’ll rain tomorrow. So I decided to stay a library whole day. I like rainy holiday. Looking windows and rainy sounds from my house. It was also rainy day when I skipped my class at elementary school. Outside is wetting but, Here is safe. And also I like the sounds of passing cars on wet street. I feel comfortable. [Clerk] Hi, welcome~ I feel like a… “I’m staying here, but someone has where have to go.” I decided to listen to the sound from windows in my house. You know, this is the peak when we’re thinking what are you planning to. After all, I stay in my futon and killing my time. And then go to work as usual. But that’s Okay. We don’t have to anything. Time is mine. Yees! That smells so good!! Yeah The noodle is chewy and They’re skipping. Goood The fine strips of leek goes well with the noodles and oily soup. It’s gotta be like Gyoza with ramen! Good The Char-siu pork is best with ramen. Wow It’s juicy. The gyoza sheet of grill side is crunchy. And other side is chewy and soft. There’re cabbage in it, that makes it juicy. That’s wonderful. That was delicious. And this drink make it to zero calorie. If you’re going to holiday, Listen to the car sounds from your house. And if you’re going to work, Don’t forget to an umbrella.

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