79 thoughts on “5 Fake Health Foods You Should Never Eat”

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder, David LOVES corn & tortilla chips. Never again letting him eat any corn products that aren't non gmo or organic. Ick!!!

  2. Hey ur rite next to me mabe like 4 hours away if u want come to Albuquerque I'll show u all the corns of the rainbow from blue to gold. Got a crazy camanche next door u can meet.

  3. I'm an idiot because I cant muster up the motivation to change my diet or exercise. I'm not joking. I find it really hard to eat better. Convenience is a sickness and it's hard to break away from what's easy. There is a gym 2 blocks away from me but I dont make enough money to pay for a membership. I don't try walking either because I'm a lazy sack of crap. I know all this yet I can't motivate my self. Stupid right?

  4. fresh hot soymilk is probably not what you're talking about I guess. I tried the stuff that Americans call soymilk (lasts for more than a day in the fridge – how long raw soymilk keeps) and the preservatives and thickeners they add to it make it taste weird. I guess they can't sell it if it goes bad couple days after you make it, grocery store capitalism doesn't work like that.

  5. Found you today on my journey to get out of all my chronic illnesses I am suffering from. Diabetes, Thyroid nodules, etc.

    I totally agree with corn, I love it but the havoc it does on my body is not fun lol.

    Many thanks again.

  6. One thing I want to share with u is that I am so angry how some evil companies deceive us about food and threaten our health by just simply lying just because of money..A couple of months ago there was an article in NYT(?) written by a Harvard medical school professor saying that coconut oil is poisonous…I could not believe it…Can u believe this? We need someone like u more!! Someone who tells the truth about foods!

  7. Wild caught fish's population is in decline, the only oil that you haven't mentioned is expensive and corn products are everywhere and in everything ! The only things that people can realistically and consistently avoid are farmed fish and soy products. On top of that, at the exception of some products here,everyone's body processes food differently. I am sorry, sure this video has it's uses,but telling us what health food is bad for us without an affordable, sustainable way to replace what to avoid only puts a bandaid on a festering, infected wound that is our American food industry. Therefore has little use in the grand scheme of things.

  8. Disagree with organic bc it is a lot worse than traditional farming. My wife is a bio chemist and studied this. It still has copper or another solution applied to it :so it’s not really pesticide free and organic farms require 4x more land to be used to yield the same amounts than a normal non organic farm. So organic is terrible

  9. guys it's something wrong with everything we injest bcuz tha elites tamper with everything b4 we get it even organic so jus pray 4 JESUS 2 bless ur food n drink u will b fine 😇🍻

  10. guys it's something wrong with everything we injest bcuz tha elites tamper with everything b4 we get it even organic so jus pray 4 JESUS 2 bless ur food n drink u will b fine 😇🍻

  11. Your very correct and very compelling, my mom has multiple sclerosis and Huntington's disease, her diet is fascinating over the years…ive been her caregiver for ten years,she was supposed to stop having the ability to walk in 2012,yet she still does,but there were changes i made to her diet,however there are serious misconceptions to a "proper diet"…america is the worst in what they lay out as safe food…i swear,land of soda is a murdering business…then our water is also sketchy…corn is everywhere…what other food do u poop that comes out the way u take it in…hmmm…anyway,totally liked ur video,I've subscribed..

  12. No mayonnaise too. I'm Asian and I know soy is bad. Also salmon is bad if it is farmed. Salmon is seriously overrated. Every time people talk about heart healthy, salmon comes up. There are actually a lot of heart healthy fatty fish other than salmon.

  13. I’m allergic to corn and was having a reaction to the vitamin C until I started digging into where the vitamin C came from and found out it was corn derived. Here’s a link
    I was told by my nutrition teacher he had never heard of that, go figure!!!

  14. Just curious… Why not mention other protein. Any farmed fish is still healthier than any chicken, pork, beef or lamb (all farm raised by the way). There is more crap in chicken and beef than the worst farmed salmon. Everything else you mentioned I agree with.

  15. I'm angry at how our wild Evil corrupt government Lies to us. The companies are simply following the rules set by greedy governments

  16. The federal government mostly democrats support through Dept of agriculture are cause of soymilk. Soybean farmers are subsided by democrats

  17. Not sure who was first but Europe gave the Americas small pox blankets and the Americas gave Europe corn, cane sugar and tobacco. Now we extract the sugar out of corn.

  18. Take a breath man. So what kind of oil is ok? Olive oil is ok to cook in if only on medium or lower heat. I know it has a low smoking point. I thought safflower and grape seed oil was good. Geez! What about Avocado oil, walnut oil and peanut oil or grass fed butter, ghee?

  19. Hey good vid. Check out Brotherpolight on YouTube, he has a lot of insight. You really have to see his lecture on milk.

  20. You have mentioned these foods which are not healthy, but you have not given an alternative especially soy milk which I drink a lot.

  21. So many people are telling us what not to eat. It's gotten to the point were a person really don't know what to eat. Everything's poison!

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