100 thoughts on “$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1”

  1. not hating but use lamb in the samosa and add some thai green chiles and you will then have had the best samosa that WAS ever made. serve with mint chutney… BOOM

  2. Am I the only one that thanks siri just because if the machines rise up and kill everyone, siri be like "nah shes cool".

    Thank-yous save lives.

  3. The Brazillian lady was so aggressive when Andrew accidently said Brazillian instead of Portugese. Geez! Chill, lady!

  4. : so have you had samosa before?
    Andrew: No, never

    Also andrew: This is by far the best samosa i've ever had

    Like of course dude cause it's your first samosa

  5. For all those people who are wishing for more Kiano: don't hold your breath. She was one of the 138 casualties of the BuzzFeed layoffs… Which sucks, because I love her chill vibe.

  6. Every ramadan we have sambosa it is amazing , it looks just like the one in the video but the way is a bit different

  7. Personal life:

    Walker was married twice and declared that "seriously":

    Cheryl Burgess (December 31, 1950 — January 2, 2019) is a American beauty queen and actress
    Eva Jo Stancil (born 1959) is an American beauty queen

  8. I think pao de queijo was a great choice but there's one thing that is bigger than that in Brazil: coxinha.

  9. Why doesn't Steven ever take any of the actual medications for lactose intolerant people???? Steven, you don't have to live like this. They're cheap and on the shelf of every drugstore. Please, there are things more effective than clementines to prepare your stomach for lactose!

  10. If u eat oranges and cheese, there’s a chemical reaction since cheese has milk, and you won’t get any nutrition. For example, you can mix milk and orange juice and leave it for a few hours. The nutrition is those clumps.

  11. Kenyan samosa's didnt come through the middle east.. they were brought to Kenya from India. Both Kenya and India were british colonies and people from india migrated to Kenya to live and work (my grandparents were two of them). When Kenya gained its independence Indians fled to either India or Britain (where my father went). The cuisine that india brought to Kenya remained as part of the local culture.

  12. I love Worth It… you guys are the best food critics out there because you convey your emotion experience so well! For me, I'd love to see more vegan restaurants. Thank you!

  13. seeing those samosas made my expat-arab heart weep with longing
    (also it's so interesting how far they reach, and how different they are!)

  14. Hey guys! Me and some buddies of mine made a Worth It parody and we think you’d dig it! Check out the vid and subscribe to the channel if you’re interested! For anyone that checks out the channel thank you so much.

  15. When you guys are filming more Worth It episodes, do it with Kiano. I've been watching this video a lot of times because I love her energy ❤️

  16. Steve should try the samosa whenever he come back to malaysia. here u can even find it at the street stalls

  17. Ok 3 million people watched this video was i the only one who noticed the words on the back window at the time mark of 1:05 it says holidays roekl.

  18. Does anyone know the name of the pan Kiano uses? She didn't know the name, and I was wondering if it was possible to get one.

  19. Pão de queijo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    It's from Minas Gerais in Brasil, so adored this episode already, feeling represented 👍🖖

  20. 1:05 I see what you guys did there, re: Holidays Rock :p I was wondering for a moment if whoever owned the car would have such taste in fonts hehe

  21. I bring Brazilian cheese bread to parties. Always a hit. So easy – put ingredients in blender, blend, pour into mini muffin tins, bake…try not to eat them all before party! I use tapioca flour.

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