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A Guide to Events & Festivals in Scotland

A Guide to Events & Festivals in Scotland

Our lochs, mountains and valleys
are a spectacular sight to see, but your trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of our many events and festivals. From our culture and heritage, with magnificent fireworks and
traditional Highland dress, to tasting fresh seafood, competing in
adrenaline-fuelled sports and exploring Scotland’s medieval past, there’s always something for the whole family to enjoy. Start off the festivities with a
traditional Auld Lang Syne to welcome in the new year, with Hogmanay celebrations taking place in the streets, pubs, nooks and crannies
up and down the country. One thing we like to do is celebrate famous Scots. First up, is Scotland’s national bard; Robert Burns. Celebrate his life and
works alongside the whole country on the 25th of January with a delicious plate
of our national dish, haggis, neeps and tatties. You could also explore one of the many music festivals Scotland has to offer. We’ve got everything from traditional
Scottish folk music, to the latest contemporary sounds. Whatever you fancy, we’ll get your toe-tapping. And the venues? From intimate musical atmospheres in Inverness and Dumfries and Galloway, to vibrant and elaborate performances on the Isle of Lewis and in the big cities. The surroundings will be as impressive as the sounds. Perhaps the most
talked-about festivals in Scotland are the Edinburgh summer festivals. A wave of colour, performance
and excitement brings the capital to life each year. Lining the streets with performers, venues brimming with acts and bars and pubs filled with music and laughter. You might even catch a one-man show in a phonebox. We’ve seen stranger. Where do you find international athletes, local communities, raw Scottish tradition and a whole lot of competitive spirit? At Highland Games and gatherings of course. Watch heavy and athletic events such as the tug of war,
caber toss, Highland dancing competitions, track and field events, piping displays and much more. Make sure you look out for
world-renowned sporting events landing in Scotland, including golf, rugby,
badminton and curling, which sees international athletes grace our stadiums, courts, courses and rinks
as they compete for glory. The next famous Scot we celebrate is our
patron saint on St. Andrew’s Day. On the 30th of November
Scotland commemorates Saint Andrew featuring fantastic events to showcase
the very best of Scottish culture and tradition. And because it’s another
brilliant excuse to enjoy some haggis. Don’t forget to stick around for the
incredible Christmas festivities that bring the cities, towns and villages to
life each winter. Mulled wine, mince pies, and bounds of Christmas cheer create a
heartwarming atmosphere that you won’t want to miss out on. Here are our top tips for your next event in Scotland. Outdoor festivals are tons of
fun but they can be very muddy, so make sure you bring your wellies. Wear comfy shoes.
Big festivals can mean lots of walking. Book ahead. There’s nothing worse
than missing out if you don’t have a ticket. The weather can change quickly
in Scotland so make sure you come prepared with sensible clothing. An umbrella and some waterproofs
are sure to keep you dry. Discover more events and festivals
happening across Scotland at

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