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A surprise twist on the classic ice lolly! | Nadiya’s Summer Feasts – BBC

A surprise twist on the classic ice lolly! | Nadiya’s Summer Feasts – BBC

We’re trying out two brand-new
strawberry-based recipes. First up, an unusual take on
the classic strawberries and cream. Pop the strawberries in there?
Yeah. To get the most out of our fruit,
we’re bathing it in sugar and lemon. And that’s going to release
all the juices. Yeah. OK. It actually enhances the flavour. For a little sharpness – kumquats. For anyone who’s never tasted
a kumquat before… Yeah.’s like a mix between
a lemon and an orange. It’s very citrusy, really sharp.
Yes, and it has, like, a surprising quality, doesn’t it? When you’re like, “Mm…” This is the milk base – milk, cornflour and sugar
that’s just been thickened. To make this super rich, we’re adding an ingredient
you wouldn’t expect in a lolly – ricotta cheese. Kind of whisk it in, so that
it’s really well blended. And fresh cream. Then our magic ingredient to give
this lolly it’s summer bloom. That is nice.
The orange blossom, yeah. You have to put…by the teaspoon…
I knew you would come in with the orange blossom. Put a teaspoon to start with. I
would put one and a half teaspoons. Claudia said one.
OK, that’s probably enough. Give that a little mix. When you’re working together
in the kitchen and creating, do you guys ever bicker?
Yeah, but we have different ideas about things. I mean, I think
I like to heighten the flavour until you can’t heighten it
any more. Nadia’s much more creative and I’m more traditional.
No, you’re very creative, but you’re more sensible,
maybe, like, you know… Your experience and everything. Today, I’m the orange blossom umpire. More. I quite like it like this.
Let’s leave it like that, because I’m known to overdo,
seriously. To go with our flowery
kumquat ricotta cream mixture – pureed strawberries. To make a swirled effect,
we’re alternating the two different mixtures. So then I’ll put a little bit more. And then you put yours. Fancy contraption. Very high-tech. Into the moulds, and then into
the freezer. Into the freezer. That’s it? That’s it. Our second lolly will be
translucent. The base is a sugar syrup, flavoured
with hibiscus and tarragon. I didn’t put too much hibiscus in.
Oh! Tarragon’s not too strong. I like that. I like that a lot. We’re suspending chopped
strawberries all the way through. Everything about this ice lolly
is summer. It couldn’t be simpler – just cover
the fruit with the syrup. Done. OK, so, sticks in,
and then into the freezer. While we’re coming up with
some new flavours, at their West London factory, they’re
preparing for the summer rush. Ice Kitchen works around the clock
to produce 8,000 lollies a day, to satisfy a growing demand, and I’m hoping our new recipes
will be good enough to join the production line. This should be the moment of truth. Oh! Ooh. Aw, wow! Yes, they look so good! Look at that one. First up, our gourmet twist
on strawberries and cream, with ricotta, kumquats,
and orange blossom. Topped off with melted chocolate
and pistachios. Toppings are a fun way to make
any lolly extra special. Oh, man. I think the ricotta
adds another dimension. Yeah, but what do you think
of the kumquat? For me, I like it, because it just
breaks it up. I love the kumquat. Strawberries and cream, classic
British summer flavours, tennis, you know, that’s what I think
when I think strawberries and cream. But this is such a good play on
the classic. Next up… Ooh! Ooh, they look nice. ..our syrup-based strawberries
with hibiscus and tarragon. Oh, look at those. Lovely. They look so good. OK, let’s see.
Wow. So, yeah… Can you smell the
tarragon straight away? Mm. Yeah. Oh, good, good. That’s a winner. That’s a winner.
I think, with the tarragon… Are you keeping it?
Are you keeping this one? It’s going into the range.
I think you should keep this one. I think we should be eating
ice lollies all year round. Forget the summer, like, always,
forever. Yay. I agree. I agree.

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  1. You want a gourmet twist on the classic ice lolly? Take an ordinary ice lolly. Just get the cheap ones, like 5 for a £1 ones. The get some gold shavings and sprinkle them on top. The charge £5,000. There you are! Gourmet ice lollies! Very simple!

  2. Strawberries and cream is not Country Classic British it's country classic country like in Nashville Tennessee Country Life

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  4. The strawberries and cream sounds amazing! However, I feel like they went just a little overboard with flavors. There were already several ingredients in the original cream pop, but then adding chocolate And pistachios at the end sort of send like Overkill on the taste buds. Like your brain wouldn't really know what to focus on. I have no issues with the ricotta cheese. I love this kind of cheese and think it sounds like an amazing twist. I just don't feel like strawberries and cream need anything else added to it. And chocolate and pistachios are both very tasty and flavorful. Just not really necessary. It would be good with just a vanilla bean. That actually sounds amazing right now! Vanilla bean dipped in chocolate and then pistachios, and then refrozen after that. Or not refrozen if you have issues with patience and just want them now! Or you have children (same thing) lol.

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