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A Taste Of Old Hyderabad | HYDERABADI DUM KA BIRYANI At SHADAB | Chicken, Mutton Biryani |Boti Kebab

A Taste Of Old Hyderabad | HYDERABADI DUM KA BIRYANI At SHADAB | Chicken, Mutton Biryani |Boti Kebab

So what you have to do, is that you have to take that meat… … mix it with the rice, get some of that masala… … and then taste it together. That’s when you taste all the flavours coming together. We are here in the Madina area of the old city. … is also very famous here in Hyderabad. Yes. We will go in and taste the biryani at Shadab. So let’s go in and taste the Dum Ka
Biryani at Hotel Shadab. So we will taste the Boti Kebab instead. This Boti Kebab has a nice smoky flavour. And the meat is soft, but has some bite there. So the biryani is served with one piece of chicken. I’m going to start first with the rice. The focus here is on the masala. And they want that masala to be rich… … and flavourful and give it all that flavour. Mmmh. So, what you have to do is you have to take that meat… … mix it with the rice, get some of that masala… … and then taste it together. That’s when you taste all the flavours coming together. The masala in this… The biryani is tasty but I find the masala
here not very rounded. Let’s taste this now with the Mirchi Ka Salan. You can definitely taste the texture… I guess the establishment is so busy, that they have so many people coming in and out… … you need to be a little patient with the service here. This Mutton Biryani is quite hot. That Chicken Biryani wasn’t… … the optimal temperature in my opinion. Lovely! The rice is flavourful. I think it needs
some of that masala. I think you need to mix some of that masala to get… … a little more flavour. I’ve got some meat here… The meat here, you have to… But you have to find that meat, because… … I want to taste the flavour of that meat in this… After all, I’m eating a Mutton Biryani… You can see that. Mmmh! I’m going to mix the meat into the rice and
taste the biryani… … the rice and the meat together with that masala. Mmmh. Now that certainly packs a punch! That’s right. I preferred the Mutton Biryani here. The mutton pieces are soft and tender
and the masala has… … penetrated into that very well and it’s hot! So each establishment that you go to, the biryani, the flavour will be… … slightly different For example the biryani that I tasted here at Shadab I find that the… … aggression in the spices, are a little
more pronounced. You can definitely taste that aggression of that Khada masala. And you can definitely say that it’s quite
aggressive in its flavour. So if you like your biryani… If you like your biryani… … to be spirited, if you want to taste the flavour of the khada masala… … if you like the spicing in your biryani to
be a little robust… … definitely check out the Mutton Biryani
here at Hotel Shadab… Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road… … stay safe, and happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to… … and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

100 thoughts on “A Taste Of Old Hyderabad | HYDERABADI DUM KA BIRYANI At SHADAB | Chicken, Mutton Biryani |Boti Kebab”

  1. For good service you should have gone to the AC / Family section of Shadaab. The biryani served there is a bit costlier but they will take care of you in terms of service. The place where you sat is the area where regular customers come for tea and snacks. Shadaab serves very good fun biryani and paaya shorba. It's a must visit place for a biryani lover in Hyderabad . I would also like to add that the hygiene of the place will not be very impressive but the food is really authentic hyderabadi.

  2. While many may disagree , the best biryani in hyd according to me in at cafe bahar in basheerbaug , have it with their mutton bahar special gravy ,they have no other outlets , so dont be fooled by those bahar cafe which are spread around the city .

  3. Actually the guy served you wrong… Biryani n masala will be in layers. down will be meat n masala mixed in the middle it'll be masala mixed rice and top layer is only plain rice so it should be served from bottom as a piece of cake how u cut it

  4. In this restaurant food not value for money…very bad experience I had…not good gravey, biryani, rai ta…better place to eat near Charminar, chats are best in this place….

  5. Yes, Shadab is overrated, the original flavors of biryani was gone with time. Shadab, paradise, bawarchi all these are over rated.

  6. As ur subscriber..I feel dat u like more Tamil and kannada cusines🙄 and it's bcoz u are from karnataka I think…I had seen ur 2 videos with Ravi #Streetbyte, I felt u didn't enjoyed Telugu food and coming to dis video 7.5/10 rating for Chicken authentic Hyderabad biryani given by u is far less and made feel it's better to confine and explore food in your area of interest and kindly don't degrade already world famous Telugu dishes..If I am wrong kindly make more videos to prove me wrong. I like da way u describe da food sir👍

  7. : totally under rated . Please i know your hummmm when you really enjoy the food, what they have served is which a slurry of kurma on plain white rice and with a big piece of meat . 0 out of 10 for this , this episode looks like a drama .

  8. OMG!!! FOOD LOOKS AMAZING!!!😛😛 That's one of the things I LOVE about YouTube!!! You get to experience different things from ALL over the world!! I also LOVE how you guys keep it REAL!!! GREAT job, GREAT video!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 New friend here showing ❤️

  9. I think u don't know the greatness of hyderabadi dum biryani I think u guys will like the biryani with sweetness like ur north chefs do and I think ur partner also don't know fully about Hyderabadi dum ki biryani

  10. It's looks like there is a problem with contributions page . I tried to contribute something but at the time of payment the page is directing to some random article .

  11. क्यों टकले कैसी लगी बिरीयानी💐😊? तू एक काम कर, जितनी अंगरेझी झाड रहा हैं उतना हुशार तू हैं तो नही, चुपचाप खा और निकल…

  12. The chey sat next to u looked like a stupid….u should have go to first floor A/C section…He’ll lot of difference b/w ground floor and a/c section….never ever go with stupid’s who don’t know nothing about the places….instead ask subscribers.

    But bawarchi is very good now try it…u can try meridian mutton Biryani also

  13. Now a Days the Taste of Mutton,chicken,d egg, and Rice Quality has gone to lowest level..Nothing like 80s or 90s era Briyani

  14. The whole point of shadab is that the food is incredible but the attitude of waiters is not very welcoming. When this guy went there, they probably didn't give him a fuck. He got cold food and unmixed biryani.

    Honestly the food is faar better than bawarchi n shah ghouse.

  15. Hello dont forget hyderabad is birth place of birayani don't remove the values of birayani and birayani is our shan of my hyderabad wether it was on the road or in a/c room

  16. I think the Hyderabad biryanis have three layers of flavour – the meat has its own tasty, sweet flavour, the spices are earthy and aromatic and then the basmati rice is sweet and aromatic. Put these together and you have a party on a plate..!! Wah re wah, kya kamal hai..

  17. I had been to Shadabs when I visited Hyderabad 2 weeks ago.These are my thoughts.You have to wait for an hour at least to get a table and meanwhile the waiters don’t care much if you leave either.I guess that’s ok since you aren’t paying a fortune for the food.After the long wait the food arrives.I felt that the biryani was a little flat.The spices and the aroma weren’t that vibrant.It is a good biryani but I don’t know if it’s really worth the long wait.Apart from that I also ate at Cafe Bahar and the biryani there is really good and better than shadabs.Pista house is another place that I tried and it comes in at number 3.

  18. Locals thinking yeah takala chai pene ke time pe Biryani kaara…..🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dude first of all u are in hyd and we are nawaabs by nature. So aaram see uthe aur deer see kathe..and if u wanna try biryani then always try in the night that too after .🤣🤣🤣 Kyonki ham log deer see sothe bhi…🤣🤣🤣

  19. Feed back is different from judging. He keeps judging food. Here it's more judgemental with hotel staff, is a big joke.

  20. The music is too loud. Its very disturbing to watch the video while the music is too loud. And if the volume is reduced, your talks will also be not audible. So please reduce the volume of music u add in or even better dont add any music. Feels best when the sound is natural.

  21. Thanks that i get to eat biryanis from various part of city since I am hyderabadi…better u even try Cafe bahar at basheerbagh…


  23. My personal experience @ Shadab – Biriyani is very good but the way they serve the food is very dirty, the place not hygiene… also the staff behavior is so rude, because of the staff behavior and the dirtiness you won't feel the taste of the food, my personal suggestion if you would like to eat this biriyani then get in parcel and eat outside..

  24. Seekh kebab is the worst in Hyderabad at least at the authentic Hyderabadi restaurants it's hopeless and filled with color. The best seekh kebab I found was served at Kareem's old delhi

  25. You are an good food presenter but before taking food in some of the Irani hotels in Hyd pl ensure that they have not mixed beef pieces among meat pieces. This is the popular impression about some of the Irani hotels.

  26. I bet that Biryani at Viceroy MUTTON biryani in GUNTUR will make you go there again and again. I personally travelled 120kms just to eat biryani.

  27. आप अगर अपने सारे व्हीड़ीयो हींदी मे बनाते तो शायद सबस्क्रायबर की संख्या वर्तमान से शायद बहोत ज्यादा होती ।ये मेरी निजी राय है ।

  28. I just have one comment they definitely need to make good presentation. Thats adds to the taste. Before tongue eyes taste. I simply hate such type of casual approach to presentation. You may hav liked the taste but vo nazakat gayab he

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