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A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram

A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram

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  2. Freewheeling Johnny is a HOOT!!! a Man, a Machine, a Mavrick. His quick wittedness, his jokes that provide nonstop hysterical laughter, dare in say his wisdom. Yes he is the alpha male we all wish we could be :-).

  3. I imagine that the base unit of information consists of a tiny pyramid of a single Plank length which are formed in a multi-dimensional crystalline pattern. This is what our reality is created from and while beyond our abilities such information is certainly quantifiable.

  4. Indeed, michael talbott (deceased 1994) eloquently set forth the ideas of David Bohm and Carl Pribram known as the holographic universe.

  5. I'd like to know what shape electrons are, or are they too small to measure??? Meaning maybe they're little tetrahedrons hence when they collide they zap off in different directions? Or does the force of the collision cause them to lose information???

  6. @1:05:45 I love that honest and wise answer. If only i could make gloves made of "i dont know" I would smack the host over and over with it…. so disrespectful

  7. The information will be lost as Hawking radiation as the black hole evaporates and also lost to gravity waves when singularities collide.

  8. Hologram. We’re all SIMS. Theoretical I guess. That entire line of thought is such a dead end street but it sounds like New Age babble and that gets views. Get fusion online. Solve the issues in Quantum Mechanics.

  9. Wow what if going to hell was being trapped in a room with the host talking for eternity??? That would be worse than constant burning lol

  10. No such thing as 3 or 2 dimensions, it is one single dimension. What gives it an appearance as having any dimensions at all is simply frequency.

  11. The book, "The Tao of Physics" postulated that life, decision and intention take rank over the mechanics of space, time and form. From my viewpoint, theoretical physics has not gained an inch since its publication.

  12. 137=gm^2/ke^2, 2ke^2=8*3.14*pm*g(p)*me*137/128.5 for quantum gravity , g(p)=g*(m/pm)^2=1.13*10^28 for strong force.(g=6.674*10^-11,m=2.17647*10^-8,k=9*10^10,e=1.6*10^-19,pm=1.67262*10^-27,me=9.10938*10^-31)

  13. Starting @31:22…watch Leonard's mannerisms. He looks like he's suffocating or something. Does the guy with the glasses have bad breath??? And if he does, I can't imagine it's THAT terrible that Leonard would react that way.

  14. "we" the material part of us is an otter layer of a deeper reality which what gives balance to our whole being, yes a part of us is a hologram

  15. The Shroud of Jesus is the key to understanding black holes.Everything that was discussed here has happened on the Shroud.

  16. They need to fire this host. If I went to see a stand-up comedian I would be pissed if there was a scientist on stage constantly interrupting the jokes to make a completely unfunny point. Whatever crippled him didn't go far enough.

  17. "If you assume that…"… "Going in we assumed that…" There is a hell of a lot of discussion about 'what is' based on "we assume that…"…

    this is true of this entire discussion and is quite interesting… are today's physicists pre-biased? apparently yes.

  18. I am not clear why this 'lost information' is a problem. A predicted end to the universe is that matter is torn apart, even on the atomic level. Isn't the information they speak of lost then too?

  19. My vote is for t'Hooft. I like his skepticism. And he's the only one on stage with a Nobel prize… so far.

  20. Interesting thing about Verlinde is he has an exact twin Erik who looks exactly like him, does the exact same thing, and exists exactly in the same universe. What are the odds?

  21. I kept my books … you can't trust the internet… and the more developed it becomes the less trustworthy it is.

  22. I kind of dozed off part way through. Did anybody bring up the God particle? I don't want to watch it again. I'm thinking the gravity comment at the end is related to the God particle. They just are prohibited from saying it.

  23. Only when you see reality for the divine dream it is will the laws of physics be understood as a default setting only.
    I've seen the rules affected to the degree you would explain as delusional.
    Trust me. I'm not delusional. Just evil according to Him.
    Which came first? Chicken, egg or the idea of chicken and egg?
    What made the idea real? Once imagined, it was already real because we are living in someone's imagination.

  24. All the maps have been changed & edited. Nikola Tesla and Auguste Piccard knew yhe earth was/is flat and motionless inside the torus fields under the firmament. Seasons and flight patterns will finally make sense. Gotta be willing to check your ego at the door. And the flat earth society is controlled opposition. See Truth Seeker: the real flat earth model, ODD TV aka ODD Reality for original music and content. Gravity is still classified as a theory. It's DENSITY that makes the mic drop to the floor. How can a spinning ball of oceans STICK to its core but balloons, birds, butterflies AND airplanes not be affected by it? Black Hole Sun at the center, the north pole; mt meru, shambala, eden. The torus field(s). NASA means "to deceive". Soldier means "sold to die". Everything is a lie. Even your ALL CAPS name on birth certificate isn't you but a corps dead entity that's traded on the stock exchange. Your cestui que vie trust (started in 1666). We've been trained to beLIEve that that all caps name was us. It isn't. Deceptions run deep and wide. Most won't even look. The EGO will do anything and everything NOT to admit its been bamboozled. Prefers The Maya. Former deputy sherrif eddie Craig Right to Travel vid, David-Wynn:Miller quantum grammar (parse syntax grammar) jean keating, High Frequency Radio: how to get on the DO NOT DETAIN LIST. Royal Rife cured ALL diseases in the 1930s with his frequency machine. The equivalent of the AMA broke him and shut him down. Nikola Tesla discovered scalar energy to give the world FREE ENERGY and he knew the earth was (is) flat and motionless inside the torus field under the firmament. Auguste Piccard went up 50,000 feet in 1931 and described what he saw. Somehow it didn't make it to the classrooms. In 5th grade, I was told that there was a hole in the ozone layer that was only 2 quarters thick. I asked how they knew it was exactly that thick or thin, why if there's a hole, we weren't sucked out into outter space AND if there's a hole, which is BAD, then why are we shooting rockets through it? She quickly diverted me with, "there are people smarter than you and I and didn't I want to study to get a GOOD GRADE on the exam". Well, she sure as shit did her job. Divert and kill my curiousity. That is not allowed. Turns out that I was smarter at that point, then I was during high school or college. The truth is simple. The elite learn it through their families, secret societies/clubs. .But use it yo control the people, poison our food, water (not h20 but more hydrogen), soil & skies (chem trails anyone and weather manipulation since the 1950s using nikola tesla inventions to instead, give the world FREE ENERGY). You can use water to heal or use it to harm (waterboarding). For yhe most part, those THEY put in front of us, have sold out; politicians, scientists, entertainers, models (long humerus, femur & neck bones on those "women"), athletes, ceo's.
    "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident".

  25. There is only 1 definitive method to prove we are living in an artificial holographic world with out current technology: Suicide.

    Hopefully i see some of you on the "other side."

  26. it's interesting they chose the word "information" for some "thing" that has no location, and apparently cannot be reconstructed. How, exactly, can that be CALLED "information"

  27. Science is opportunism now.

    It sells conspiratorial mumbo-jumbo.

    Eurocentric people have no respect for life.

    Dear White People, life is precious and it's real, regardless of the opportunistic huckster narratives of what passes for science in the post-truth age.

  28. Bizarrely I was once privy to witnessing what seemed like evidence of the hologram. One time during a very deep meditation it was as though I uncoupled myself from my own attachment to this reality, and right before my eyes I saw the TV image before me cascade into a domino type layout of images (much like a mirror in front of a mirror) with the resolution between each frame/image/slice having a slightly more inferior 'resolution' than the last. It was after this experience I gave more credence to the holographic universe theory!

  29. If one 'squeezes' something to the point of maximum compression what does/can it become? Surely if we are talking about matter then 'squeezing/compression' would involve a collapse from 3D to 2D or non-spacial no!? And what might data compressed in a 2D environment look like!? A non spacial dot or bit of something with something else to distinguish it from its non spacial surroundings! In which case the next question is on or in what is such information stored and is the original content/structure pre compression preserved or does it just become part of a sea of bits!?

  30. What is the smallest stable geometric shape with an even internal distribution that cannot be compressed any further? I feel this might offer a clue to something!

  31. Wheel chair guy is a dipshit shutting Susskind down as he’s trying to tell us about how holographic theory could be a major change in how we consider reality.

  32. My advice to this moderator is to put the question to them and ask for their response. He cannot know enough to know when to interrupt!

  33. Anytime one of them would try to explain something the moderator would interrupt and go to another person and have them start talking, literally nothing was explained properly, what a mess! I could tell Leonard was annoyed to constantly be asked to explain shit then he doesnt get to finish… usually these WSF videos are good but this one was terrible and frustrating to watch. Just let one person talk and let them finish! I regret watching 50 minutes of this before turning it off… they arent being allowed to explain their ideas.

  34. How can being a character in a hologram grant awareness and consciousness of self? Awareness is more than information which, in my opinion neither science nor religion will ever discover exactly why there is awareness of self.

  35. I think all matter that falls into a black hole may be turned into pure energy as matter implodes into it's pure "matter", which is energy.

  36. The panelists thinking is limited. All matter is made from energy and when the matter falls into a black hole it gets turned back into that energy and thus becomes the same. That's my theory about it at least. I'm not a physicist, but I think a black hole is the universes "eraser".

  37. The genius and knowledge of these men no doubt by far exceeds mine as well as that of most human beings. But they have barely scratched the surface of all that God created. Sadly as opposed to helping to confirm the majesty of it all, they choose to fight against the truth of it all. What a waste of human intelligence.

  38. First of all my opinion being that the big bang theory is by which most subscribe has the arrogance of the biggest black hole in understanding the universe that exists. This program just proves to me just how much we don't understand.

  39. If information was allowed to go away, then that would mean there was something wrong with the "computer" and God would have to fix it. You have computers in your heads, why would that be necessary? To process all the information of course. We can't have information just going away, that would be true chaos. Consider please that fact that information has no mass and therefore lives in non-locality. All of the information of the universe can be contained on the head of a proton and probably does according to the Holographic Theory of the universe. Not only that but that all the information is made available to everything else that has mass via the photon that constantly streams down upon matter that needs this information to be conscious.

  40. Stop weirdos, I had all the physics I could stomach without vomiting for a year. Now you're asking why the dynamics can't go faster than light. Do computations go faster than light? Never mind that, you all probably know by now that being able to model and moving hypersphere and finding a point on it would allow you to get answers before you ask the question. My point is, with information that has no mass you are not bounded by the principles of physics you've all been trained in. In other words, stop that. When you go to a 4-dimensional model you get to cheat time. As I said, information has no mass, just believe it.

  41. information is not crushed it goes to singularity informs itself and comes back to pick up more (tarus cerebellum)

  42. The black hole is cold radiation churning, but hot out eh. So matters melts sucks into the middle and freezes lol idk yet

  43. The late, great Dr. Chuck Missler was the man who piqued my interest in the _holographic principle_. I am forever indebted to the knowledge he instilled in me.

  44. Forget hawkins he did great in his phd and was his best work and legacy. But he couldnt stand the evedience he created in that phd that pointed to the need of a fine tuner.
    Hawkins was obssesed with god and spent the rest of his life trying theorys to get around what his phd suggested by working on alternatives to god.
    This really consumed hawkins.
    for this i dont take his suggestion credible as it wasnt from a pure opened scientific mind . he had agendas.

  45. I fell into a black hole one dark night. When the sun came up I realized I was just a hologram, a two D speck of information that couldn't be separated from the rest of the hologram. I finally got this through to Steven without an R.

  46. Is there any chance that as each super massive black hole at the center
    of each galaxy, saves the information in the form of basic elements, and
    as each galaxy is swallowed up, and each black hole swallows up every
    other black hole, that there is another Big Bang, and the basic elements
    are scattered throughout the Universe to condense into new stars,
    planets and galaxies?

  47. In our minds yes… Out of our minds ..NO.. It is reality .. Regardless what is our/a human's/ a creature's /observer's perception.. Reality exist with only one concrete state.

  48. My DMT trip confirmed it. I know so as I experienced it all without filters. Our projection is like a big legoland. Our body is higher as your "brain" is pluged with several sensors. Virus in the system is what I call us. I ditto prefer this fuckery with food, shit with body and feelings than nothingness, darkness, evil and knowledge of sickening nothing or moment when you get reset over again or deleted. Anyway…

  49. Hey, behind Lenoard Suskin, his left our right, just above his shoulder , there appears to be a sort of face popping in and out of the backdrop, it appears to be holographic, i know this seem funny, but im not this witty to have thought of this to comment, FOR REAL start at 12:20……….view on full screen …..

  50. about 1/3 of the brain function is dedicated to our vision, why so much brain power? maybe to decode all that information into comprehensible representations(holograms)!! the energy/information is real, the image of it in our head is created!
    i recently went on a virtual reality rollercoaster ride,it was really cartoonish so didnt expect it to be too crazy, but it was like the rollercoaster of your wildest dreams/nightmares, i only lasted halfway and had to get off feeling queezy and drenched in sweat! ever since then i’ve been thinking about how easily information we recieve can be manipulated to influence our perception of reality!!!

  51. Hey I have seen the reconciliation of how this three-dimensional world seems to be two dimensional it’s in the short book on Amazon, the philosophy of dimensional geometry. Check it out!

  52. No, no, no! Medical professionals have declared this to be: " conspiracy & mental illness." But than again they are run by the Church & I guess they (the Church) have a good thing going 🤔🤐

  53. Ha ha.. Big Bang happens from no where and everyone okay with George Henry Lemaitre but not to many likes to agree with Hawking even he did good maths,,,, :-/ (and no problem with law that everything comes up from nowhere. 😀 but if it is going to nowhere … troubling a lot)

  54. Holographic Universe


    Thanks for sharing this very interesting information with me. It certainly makes sense to me. The Anthropic principle alone should be enough for skeptical scientists to understand that the laws of physics and mathematics are the laws of God's own Mind. Kevin Williams

    James Gates, Ph.D., a theoretical physicist at the Univ. of Maryland said: “If the simulation hypothesis is valid, then we open the door to eternal life and resurrection and things that formally have been discussed in the realm of religion.

    Our Creator created linear space-time which is essentially controlled electrical energy in the form of light that has existed eternally. Checkout on YouTube: A fractal universe.

    Time and space must exist before matter can be created, and only an animate entity can conceive of space-time; this prerequisite must be a stabilized and uniform condition before matter can form, thus, monotheism is a Truth. A stable space-time and the Universal Laws of Physics did not happen by chance.

    On Jan. 17, 2000 at 2 pm, while crossing a river bridge in Burswood (Australia) on my bicycle, I observed a velvet-textured beige pearl covering the sun. Within the entity, there were containers in the shape of elongated, seven-pointed Koch snowflake fractal crystals immersed in a white misty light traveling in a ten o'clock direction. I later deduced that the light flashes on the inner space of the crystals were of a binary language conversion pertaining to the senses of all mortals, that is, a holographic universe.

    Nicola Tesla believed that crystals were living entities ….writing: “In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

    If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration" -Nikola Tesla.

    Scientists decided that to prove that reality was not, in fact, simply an illusion, they had to discover the “point particle”, and this would be accomplished with innovations like the Large Hadron Collider.

    By discovering the "Point Particle" scientist were able to prove that reality was, in fact, an illusion. Through the data, they received from The Hadron Collider (LHC) which was built to smash particles together then monitor the outcome. By doing this, scientists were able to make some incredible discoveries. According to research conducted through the particle accelerator, they could see that the physical world is not as physical as we think it to be. Reality is, in fact, an illusion. We are only surrounded by energy.

    Natalie Porter 16 April 2018 In Life, Metaphysics


    What Heaven looks like, which I witnessed in the sky above the banks of the Swan River, Perth, at dawn on 31 July, 1998.

    In the garden, flowers and grass were clearly visible, they pulsed in the surrounding low light, infused by an inner light. Their colours were magnificent but totally new to me with a spectrum much broader than that on Earth.

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