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Affordable Taytay Try On Clothing Haul

Affordable Taytay Try On Clothing Haul

Hey It’s Rei For to this video, I’m going to show you what I bought when I went to Taytay Rizal in the Philippines last last month which is November. I know I’m kinda late to film this video, but I’m here now, let’s do this, let’s get started. First things first I got this top with checkered floral details on the fabric it has garters here on the shoulders up to back so you can wear it a off shoulder or not You can Tie up this ribbon here at the center part, and I love this top. It’s cute and unique and I bought this for 75 pesos. Next I got this blue checkered Curtain off shoulder top because it looks like a curtain And it has, wait It looks like a curtain right? So it has garters both at the top and at the bottom it has buttons here at the center But it’s only for a design And it’s not usable,I bought this for 100 pesos. Next one of my favorite I got this wrapped top it has this navy blue lines and this cute ice creams. I love ice creams. I love how they look good and fancy on the side of my arms and the fabric of this is very very soft guys I love soft things like clothes, any fabrics blankets, actually I have my own blankets and I call it Siring Siring Wait I’m gonna get them This is my Siring Siring This was given to me by Ate Maki. Thank you so much Ate Maki, and I have Also have this in red color was given to me by Ate Nana So if you guys are watching thank you so much When I’m about to sleep I rub it like this, which makes me feel relaxed and sleepy Going back to this top, I bought this for only 100 pesos Next I got this V-neck blouse. It has this black lines patterns, and it has this garter on the bottom it’s a little big to me But it’s okay since it makes me more chubby than look slim But I’m fat But my body doesn’t look fat at all But my face is fat But Omg Comment down below if I’m fat or thin If you tell me I’m fat nothing I’ll still eat anyways It’s delicious to eat right? Thumbs down (LOL JOKE) It’s a joke Anyways I got this for 100 pesos Next this of shoulder top It’s a normal of shoulder, but it is long sleeves, I bought this for only 65 pesos and by the way guys you can buy it a lot cheaper if you will buy more like wholesale. I was with my Auntie that’s why about it cheaper. I got another wrapped top And look at this guys It’s very long Oh It’s even longer than my hair wow You can be married. Use this as a veil but overall I love this top This costs 130 pesos not bad Next this top It’s a normal off shoulder top With this tie up here at the bottom My Auntie (My Tita) gave me this since she bought a lot of this with a different color She bought this for only 65 pesos Wow Next here this yellow skirt with this floral details And I bought a lot of summer clothes even though it’s winter in Japan Well I’m gonna use it here when it turns summer And this costs 95 pesos For the last I item I got this blue checkered dress Actually, I was confused on how to wear this, but it’s like this Inside you’ll see this small tie up at the right side and this at the left side And tie it up Outside you’ll see this big tie up both at the sides and tie it up here at the left side and that’s pretty much it. It’s kinda like experimenting this dress, but overall I love this dress and this costs 170 pesos And that concludes my Taytay Haul. If you guys are wondering be shopped in Bagbi Taytay Rizal And if you want to go, please check their Facebook page to guide you and for more information about their opening if they are close are not and the best day and time to go there and guys bring plastic bag or paper bag because it will be helpful for you help It will be helpful for you Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed it See you soon My favorite I want ice cream mommy Mcdonald’s sponsor me So good Go and buy at Mcdonald’s

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