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All 106 Carnival Cruise Ships Might Get Banned From US Ports Judge Says

All 106 Carnival Cruise Ships Might Get Banned From US Ports Judge Says

everybody Bruce here died traveling with
Bruce just us our report here from the Miami Herald today today being April the
11th 2019 there’s a bit of a breaking story here there’s a federal judge
considering a ban on all of carnival ships from docking at US ports as a
possible punishment for breaking a probation order that was issued in April
of 2017 this is a five-year probation order basically the situation here is
that Carnival is being accused of illegal dumping of waste in US waters
essentially plastic and gray water and other offenses other stories coming out
of that the cruise line is falsifying records that people on board these ships
are illegally doing the dumping and reporting that they’re not the course
the company is disputing these reports and prosecutors are on the other side of
the argument the company has nine different cruise lines that they own
hundred and two ships in total so Princess Cruises Cunard hall in America
of course the Carnival brand and and others this would be a pretty serious
financial blow to the company if they were prohibited from using US ports even
temporarily it’s got to be half the business if not more of Carnival for us
customers will stay on top of this story see what happens join me Monday to
Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 we talk cruise ships six days a
week we love cruising and I’ll talk to you later everybody have a great day bye
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52 thoughts on “All 106 Carnival Cruise Ships Might Get Banned From US Ports Judge Says”

  1. Hey Bruce, a co worker told me about this earlier this morning. I told her if its true Bruce will be on the story!! Lo and behold, here you are telling us of this news. Hope Carnival can get there act together. Thanks for the update. Sylvia

  2. Time for them to literally clean up their act! Thanks for sharing Bruce. I read the article and I have to agree. We need to stop messing up Mother Earth!

  3. Shame on Carnival Corp. I hope the judge follows through – teach them a lesson! If they want to put their ships in the ocean – they need to learn to protect the ocean (and then being dishonest & falsifying records – just incomprehensible to me)!
    That being said – I’m boarding the Island Princess on May 1st in Vancouver to Alaska (last I checked – we’ll be stopping in American ports)! I know this won’t start until June – and think of the financial ramifications to Carnival Corp (not to mention thousands of cruise ship passengers)!!

  4. I can’t see them banning them from all ports. There would be thousands of jobs that would be affected. Not including the blow to the city/states of the ports. I can see them being fined heavily.

  5. This won’t happen. Carnival and its subsidiaries are all US based and it would destroy the companies. No more Alaska cruises. . If they’re doing this then they deserve a hefty fine that will hit them in The pocketbook

  6. The irrepretible harm to millions of us citizens would be crazy. The judge needs to really think before doing something like a ban of this sort. There are many more ways to punish the company. Even jail time fir employees would be better

  7. The punishment should be a HUGE fine plus they should have to pay money to help clean up oceans for like 5 years. Like help pay to clean up the Atlantic or Pacific Gyre in the middle of the ocean where all the junk and plastic collects.

  8. Now I’m booked for 3 cruises…don’t start messing with people’s money…we won’t take kindly to that! Better to just fine the company instead of trying to punish everyone else!

  9. I hope he sticks with it. Carnival needs to be held accountable. About time. HUGS and blessings for ALL

  10. Well, this is not good. Even if the judge lets them stay on probation, the fact that they were on probation and are being called in again is like a bad soap opera. I have a group cruise booked with Carnival in Jan 2020 and now, I don't know what to do!! I certainly don't want to wait around until June for them to have court, take a month to write the decision, and if it goes bad for Carnival, have them go through with appealing the decision, etc. This is a nightmare. And if Carnival doesn't get through this, how does that affect future passengers? I don't think their "travel protection package" even mentions anything like this so how what the heck should a passenger do? I just convinced a bunch of first time cruisers to even go on a dam cruise. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL

  11. Hurry and clean up your act Carnival. We have four cruises booked, Aug 31 Southern Caribbean Galveston, Jan 2020 Panama, Galveston, Sep / Oct 2020, Galveston, back to back Eastern / Western Caribbean.

  12. Pollution is a major issue. What happens when we can’t visit ports because of pollution? This is a corporation thumbing it’s nose at laws. What else haven’t they been caught at. The Glacier Bay dumping shocked me. I hope that if this is true that they get a ban. They will find islands in the Bahamas to pollute and to run their operations.

  13. She is a idiot for even thinking of banning them from us ports and wrong timing have a cruise in October and now it in limbo thank you carnival and thank you idiot judge I put the blame on both if I can't ho back hone in October!

  14. The "Motel 6 of the Ocean" deserves to be kicked out since their executives must believe that they are above the law!

  15. I’ve been on 23 cruises. Couple of these cruises have been on Carnival ships (Breeze and Magic) had horrible customer service when it comes to if stuff happens on this ship. Aka Hurricane. Carnival does very sketchy environmental things. I will never step foot on a Carnival ship. I hope they do go out of business.

  16. What about the new kids on the block cruise they have done for the last 11 years you gonna refund the band and the people going you fool

  17. Scare tactics. Do you think one judge will be allowed to shut down something that provides so many jobs and so much income? Fine them and jail anyone responsible for the violations is what I say.

  18. Carnival has been doing this for YEARS… over 15 years ago I went on a carnival cruise and every night at 3am a door would open below my window and I watched them toss everything in the ocean… and I mean EVERYTHING, bottles, can's you name it. They would do it for around 3 hours every night…. fellow passengers even took videos of it and sent it to the EPA people. You couldn't pay me to take another Carnival cruise… both my husband and I got food poisoning on our cruise and NO it was not norovirus… it was FOOD POISONING. When I complained to the cruise director he thought it was FUNNY and grabbed my ass and whispered into my ear… "now that your hubby is out of the picture do you want to have some fun". Judge throw the book at them!

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