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‘ALTERNATIVE’ – Dragon Dreaming Festival 2013 (Bush Doof)

‘ALTERNATIVE’ – Dragon Dreaming Festival 2013 (Bush Doof)

I feel like our culture’s getting more and
more controlled and more and more risk adverse and I don’t think that’s actually healthy
for people and I think it’s really healthy out here where people are not being controlled
and they generally behave really really well. – Rejuvenated
Music, – Party,
– Very friendly, – Hugs from guys,
– Fully be themselves – Hugs from girls,
– I like it here for its open heart How do the more commercial or urban environments compare to something a little bit like this?
-No where near as much fun. People come here and they drop off a lot of the veneer that
they have in town, in the cities. I’m originally from Sydney and now I live in the country.
In making a lifestyle change, I’ve made an occupation change and I only sell what I like
so I’m look for people who are ready to have fun, that are willing to smile. And at these
festivals everyone’s so much more open to new experiences. They’re open, they’re friendly,
they adopt a persona of peace, love and mung beans, you know what I mean? I like the community. I like to be able to be outside in the earth and go to sleep with the stars… and love the spontaneous events that happen. Like, today I was dancing in a tent and two people came running in like aeroplanes and then they did acrobatics. They
were dressed in old suits with the big goggles – the big old fashion goggles. They did beautiful acrobatics. And then I kept dancing and someone else came in on stilts. There’s so much creativity and art around. My son – it’s been a really important part
of his growing up. – It’s such an open community, um, almost
everyone is really really happy, um, the music’s great, I love the music.
– The rest of our culture really excludes people between the ages of about 13 and 18.
And um, these sorts of festivals are really inclusive of people in that age group. Um,
and so they’re part of a community. They’re not off doing their own thing or, you know,
getting into trouble by themselves. They’re in an atmosphere where they can sort of push
their limits, um, they can take some risks, they can experiment a bit, but there’s a lot
of care going on. The people that put this festival together,
they’ve worked really hard and they’ve got a real vision and they’ve obviously done,
like, a lot of community engagement here cause this is the new area. Uh, so, we’ve got the
cops out here, we’ve got signs everywhere saying ‘Wee Jasper – Welcome to Dragon Dreaming’.
– ‘This is the essence of embodied experience.’ It’s just that little bit of extra thought
that goes such a long way here that just isn’t there in the clubs. I find – this is my first doof – and I have found that it’s a place where so many beautiful
weird people – because everyone’s weird in the world. Some decide to hide it. I think
everyone who comes here just fully bes themselves and it just makes the atmosphere so beautiful.

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  1. So awesome that the guitar lady has the wisdom to see that if her young lad or anyone else's child experiments with something in their lives then these festivals are the place to do it. As she says, there truly is a lot of care going around.

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