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Amazing Foods & Attractions of Otaru (Hokkaido, Japan)

Amazing Foods & Attractions of Otaru (Hokkaido, Japan)

89 thoughts on “Amazing Foods & Attractions of Otaru (Hokkaido, Japan)”

  1. I enjoy your content so much! It always gives me more ideas about where to go when I visit Japan next year! 🙂

  2. What nice and serene places you guys visited. So calm and peaceful. I would really like to try the thing you guys had for lunch! I've never heard of anything like that before.

  3. I always have to turn down the volume but yeah so much yummy food. all I know about Hokkaido is they're known for milk and it's cold there. looks like a fun place to visit though.

  4. number 1 croquette! yaaaay! Who can say if it really is… LOOK AT ALL THOSE CAKES! I hope you make those, or have made them before. I would love to try to make them for sure.
    Really are some ornate music boxes, and SO MANY! It is such a pretty city.

  5. Man I can't believe I missed soo much good food while I was there. Have you tried the snow royal ice cream? or jingis khan at yozora jingis khan? If you have the chance then come to sendai! I'll be happy to show you some good places to eat.

  6. Your favourite croquette has to be your mother's, right…? 😉  But that zangi looked so good!

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Im so jealous everything looks so good!! Once again thanks for another great video.

  8. I was so excited for you to experience Otaru! I wish I could go back in time to experience it for the first time again~
    I wonder if the mysterious custard flavor was something like Cointreau? My mother uses orange liqueur for her choux cream recipe : )

  9. I was so jealous about the custard cream puff pastries😩 desserts are my weakness. I loved the beautiful music boxes too. Did you guys buy a music box?😍🎼💕 Otaru seems like a lovely place.

  10. Exploring Otaru. I've been waiting long for this vid. Great content. Thanks for showing us arnd Otaru. & the zinga looks tasty!! Oishi.

  11. Otaru looks very laidback and chill. Did you guys take the new shinkansen to hokkaido?

  12. I am afraid of coming to Japan because of all those delicious meals…. I will have to pay overweight fee on the way back….. What should I do??

  13. love the music boxes! what a unique place to visit! loved this trip! enjoyed every moment along with you

  14. Otaru is such a quaint little town. I ate a ton of good food there but those cream puffs were absolutely my fave! I went to the same store as u did but also tried the shop next to it (which wasn't that good). So what is your favorite town in Hokkaido? Hakodate?

  15. My next trip to Japan I want to spend most of my time in Northern Japan. Mainly Hokkaido and Iwate prefecture, my grandpa was from Morioka and I got to take a short trip there last summer. Hokkaido looks amazing! 👍🏻😊❤️

  16. What a great video! Otaru looks like a wonderful place to visit. The food looks fantastic! It seems like the only disappointment was the croquette, and it seems like it wasn't bad – just not as outstanding as you hoped it might be. All of the rest of the food looked really great! I guess, as you said, the only sad thing is that you couldn't try all the foods you wanted. That just means you have to go back again one day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  17. Guys, thanks for another fun-filled, food-filled day! Oh, how I wish I could have a cream puff!!! Thanks for taking us along with you!

  18. I've never heard of "Mountain Wasabi" before, so cool! Also, when I was in Japan I pretty much lived for cream puffs, so whenever I see them I get nostalgic and slightly nauseous (I ate far too many :P).

  19. you should have posted this video in the beginning of autumn/ winter, I don't know why but while watching the video, the snow, the music box shop and the other shops and the cream buff dessert coupled with the great music/ soundtrack in the background I suddenly felt winter shivers I could almost smell cinnamon and apple in the air and I was confused! is it winter or is it summer. anyway great video as usual

  20. Next time I fry a chicken will marinade it in ginger and garlic. The sound of the crunch made me hungry. This is going to be one of my favorite episodes. Thank you for letting us come along!

  21. Hello, I´m from Brasil, São Paulo City. I love your´s videos. Beautifuls places and delicious foods. Congratulations.

  22. that shot of the seagull by the canal was great camera work. Shinichi your description of the taste of all the food you try really enhances the experience of the video. These videos keep getting better and better. great job shooting and editing guys. This was extremely enjoyable to watch.

  23. GREAT video!!! You have to know that a lot of Greek fans love your videos!
    Winter for ever! Otaru for ever! Hokkaido for ever! Japan for ever!
    We love you guys! Myron

  24. What deliciousness! Lovely video! Cream puff place has got me itching to book a flight ticket. So great to hear about historical places like this!

  25. seeing you guys travel it's a delight. wow 😆😆 many beautiful things. for me Otaru looks like an old European town. the view at the canal was amazing at day and night. those big cream puff looked delicious 😋😋😋 I've never seen cream puffs so big like those.😱😱😱 the music box museum was amazing, those owls were so cute. 😍😍😍and lastly the crunchy chicken, delicious 😋😋😋😋 you seen have had a wonderful time in this trip. greetings from Nicaragua 😊😊😊

  26. 北海道名物!山わさびですね~(^^)我が家では毎日食卓に並びます♪すり下ろす時は、むせ返るのですブホッ!ヴォホッ!って(笑)水分が足りないのが特徴ですよね!でも最高に美味しいです!小樽も、まだこの時期、浜風が寒かったでしょう~(><)是非、私の得意のザンギも食べて欲しかったなぁ~Wザンギと唐揚げの違いは、ザンギはニンニクとショウガが何て言ったって強いのがザンギよ♪

  27. The musical box shop and museum were so beautiful, almost a little magical. Thank you for making us visit this beautiful town =)

  28. Such a great video! I really like your reports, and always feel very inspired by them. I learn something new everytime. This is what i love to do, while going to different places, check out the local food. I have a list, thanks to your channel!, what we'll be checking out on our next adventure. Next trip we'll be going to Tokyo, after seeing you Hokkaido reports we'll plan a trip there next time!
    We'll be checking out the Yanaka area after seeing your video on it.

    Thanks for your videos, looking forward to the next one!

  29. Thank you for posting this. I'm taking a trip next year in February to see the winter festivals in Hokkaido, and one of our places that we visit, is Otaru. This makes me even more excited. Otaru looks like a nice, quiet, and peaceful city.

  30. omg The cream puffs look amazing! waaaah, I don't care for cream puffs but I'd totally eat those. xD Ahhhhh, and the crunch of that karaage… T_T It makes me hungry! haha Thanks for sharing this video! 🙂

  31. Jesus! The dolls montage gave me the creeps with that music lol I felt they were staring right through my soul.

  32. Beef tartare is very good, I think that beef flake dish would be so delicious!
    LOL, I was eating sugar wafers while you were crunching the chicken. Your chicken was crispier than my cookies!

  33. Oh no… It's all in hiragana/kanji/katakana …. I am so gonna be confused when ordering food 😂 we have shirokuma in indonesia but it's NOTHING like this restaurant! It's all dessert…

  34. Hi Satoshi and Shinichi, is there a nice gyutoro flakes rice restaurant in Tokyo? We are going to Tokyo but no plan for Hokkaido as it's quite short journey. thanks ^ ^

  35. I shouldnt be watching this at midnight. stomach growling… but it's making me more excited to try all the nice food there!

  36. I watch your videos because you're both very kind, and soothing.

    Thank you for always being authentic. As well as very helpful. My son wants to visit Japan in the near future.

  37. My japanese teacher is from Hokkaido! Man i can't stop watching your videos, you two are so cute together and nice. I really like how you treat eachother and aaaall the awesome things you show us!!! Love youuuuu and greetings from germany ❤️

  38. Aaagh, I think I should NEVER watch your videos until it's possible for you to share whatever you guys are munching! You guys are torturing me!!!

  39. Hi Guys! After seeing your video, my partner and I went based on your recommendations and we were SOOOO pleased!! I enjoyed the meal so much and would like to say a big thank you! One of the best places I have ever eaten at. We are from New Zealand and it was definitely a big highlight of our trip. Again, arigatou gozaimasu!

  40. I've been watching so many of your videos recently and I just wanted to say your videos make me so happy! I don't make much Japanese food but you inspire me to try many different things, thank you! Sending love from England UK


  42. I just came back from hokkaido on March. I had also visited otaru too,if I got a chance to go there again, I won't go on March. It's not so beautiful with dirty snow around there.

  43. I liked this video but I felt like Hokkaido was very bleak I'm going to watch the best miso soup video

  44. omg i want to cry T_T I want that fried chicken so badly!!!
    Btw Otaru looks so romantic at night <3

  45. Some things we can get here, but not restaurant food, and when we do buy it, it's probably ten times what it is in Japan.

  46. Wasabi is good for cleaning out the sinuses and unlike Hot Chili Peppers it doesn't stay very long. You eat it and it's like a Flash Bang and then it's gone.

  47. +TabiEats
    Thanks for sharing this lovely video 😀
    OMG! I really love the music that starts around 1:30 minute mark
    Can you please tell us which amazing song is that?

  48. I wish i had seen your video before i travelled to hakkaido last year. I didn't eat any of these food you have featured. Especially the cream puff…..i almost can taste it from the way you eat it…..🤣🤣😋😋. Keep posting more travel videos. You two are great.

  49. I am from Home of Zangi (Kushiro/釧路) !! It is said that the name "Zangi" is taken from a Chinese word "炸鶏" (meaning fried chicken). However, we actually use the word Zangi for anything deep fried, such as TAKO-ZANGI (deep fried octopus). I would say that Karaage and Zangi are pretty much the same, but Zangi is usually flavoured w/ a lot of ginger and soy sauce.

  50. I don't think the first restaurant Shirokuma Shokudo is going to be a good choice for foreigners who can't read Japanese.

  51. My mouth was watering at those cream puffs when we visited Otaru. I wanted to try one soooo bad! But we don't eat gluten. We did find some delicious gluten-free cream puffs in Sapporo.

  52. 10:00–10:03 did I just hear the woman in the background speak Mandarin? ;)..and WOW the antique music box was huge! must be for mansions, the collection was pretty thanks for showing them to us guys. oh wow, nighttime was pretty too. wow the 17:11 sakutto…stoppppppppppppp!

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