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Andrew Zimmern’s Top 5 Minnesota State Fair Foods

Andrew Zimmern’s Top 5 Minnesota State Fair Foods

Top five favorite fair foods of mine is
always a really difficult thing to drill down on, but everybody asked me that question. I’m gonna have to go with the Fresh Lemonade and Cheese on a Stick
booth, because they go hand in hand. It’s the best grilled cheese that you could
imagine paired with freshly squeezed lemonade. I’m gonna have to go with the
footlong, but not from any booth. The one on the corner of Carnes and Nelson. Ask
for Nancys, she’s always there. They get their hot dogs from a real butcher shop
in New Ulm. They snap with the fresh skin. When you look at the hotdog you can
actually see the seasonings in there and it’s slightly coarse ground. I get mine
with lemonade and sauerkraut. I’m gonna have to say cheese curds classic
Minnesota State Fair staple. Can’t go without the gizmo. 60 year old item,
originated at the Iowa State Fair, came up here about 10-15 years ago,
and Carla Wood, she makes this thing by scratch in her booth. Stirring the ground
beef and sausage, loads it into a bun. Homemade tomato sauce, real mozzarella
cheese, ball broiled so the cheese melts over the bread, holding it together. It’s
a meat torpedo of delight. And then number five and these are not in any
order. These are just my top five. Number five would have to be a
tie between Sweet Martha’s Chocolate-Chip Cookies and Cinnie Smith’s
Mini Cinnamon Rolls. Both are baked goods, both are made to
order in their booths. The Minnesota grandma style recipes. They’re just
absolutely awesome. Those would be the five must, but then the back five is just
as important. Kiwanis malts. Sweet corn. Sausages by Cynthia. Always want to check
out a couple new items. The turkey leg at the great Texas steak out up near
Machinery Hill actually roasts and smokes their turkey legs in their booth.
So many great foods hard to whittle it down.

26 thoughts on “Andrew Zimmern’s Top 5 Minnesota State Fair Foods”

  1. ~You ever come to Cleveland County Fair in Norman,Oklahoma or Oklahoma State Fair Oklahoma City I wouldn't believe my eyes.~😂🤣

  2. ~You can't go wrong with Cleveland County Fair's Indian taco even their huge turkey leg a bunch of other foods too.~

  3. I LOVE the Gizmo sandwich! Also good is the London Broil steak sandwich by the Grandstand, Mancini's steak sandwich, and crab cakes from Caribe Grill. You're exactly right on the location for the footlong dog, too. I won't get one anywhere else……..HOWEVER, you mention Kiwanis Malts in the video but the video shows a DIFFERENT vendor, not the Kiwanis location. I'll be at the fair this weekend AND next weekend. TIME TO EAT!

  4. I work at Smokey's Charbroiler, Barb's other trailer after Cinnie's. Seeing you at the fair has been great!

  5. Every year I have to get Hawaiian shaved ice , pronto pup (way better than a corn dog) chocolate covered key lime pie, And this year I’m excited to try the rainbow cloud roll

  6. I live in Pennsylvania. My 99lbs little brother every year goes to the potato stand and gets the 2lb Bucket O Fries. He saves the plastic buckets as trophies.

  7. Sweet Martha's cookies has to be the most popular stand at the fair.
    Who wants some of those cookies ✋✋✋

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