ARGENTINIAN FOOD TOUR in Mar del Plata, Argentina

well hello hello guys hello back at
Feria Masticar here in Mar Del Plata that he is the last day of
the festival can you believe it that’s sad
the food’s so good here we were here yesterday and we just got to sample a
small portion of everything on offer so we are back again today for all the
savories sweets the wine and we want to have it all yeah and join us on another
shoot adventure one little thing to mention is that the weather is
completely different today yesterday was sunny hot we were kind of seeking shade
today is raining this morning it has soft meat on Terra listo great reason to
be out here eating we’re gonna try to eat as much as we can before we get
rained on all right guys so it is time for our
first dish of the day we wasted no time lining up to come a bit closer I will
show you this green curry it’s a green seafood curry that has calamari and also
the catch of the day still a lot of ingredients
it looks wonderful also it’s very garlicky and it has some chunks of
pumpkin which I do love don’t wait to try and we go it’s nice and creamy so
but these flavors right here and takes me back to Southeast Asia I feel like
I’m having a Thai curry like the Thai green curry but with seafood it’s so
good and how much was that bad boy this right here was a hundred and twenty
pesos so four dollars and again guys in case you didn’t know this Food Festival
is a coupon festival so you purchase your food coupons turn it was a struggle to leave you some
sorry this lesson half that’s when I know it’s good is when Ozzy gobbles most
of it the struggles of being they at the first cameraman huh
I’m a talented gobbler but I’m sure you mean oh yeah wrong right it feels like
we’ve been transported back to Southeast Asia I like how that the sauce makes a
bit of a soupy soupy dish yeah how salty its flavorful it’s not overly spicy
though but it pungent flavor love it okay I don’t even know the English name for
this but it’s called its gavage MIT squeals in Spanish lots
of seafood going on here and honestly it’s a bit like a seafood salad if you
can see we have some onions carrots we have red and green peppers some celery
let’s just try it surprising we’re raped by the sea so I mean perfect to be
trying a lot of different seafoods here in Argentina were in this location really interesting I can’t wait to try
it such a colorful looking at seafood salad
really is oh man I love this this is so good I
could eat just has a Mane like if they brought me a huge solid of this we’re so
tasty lots of protein lots of different vegetables it’s really juicy salty
goodness from the seat you know what’s funny when I saw people eating this at
first I thought it’s like a stew or like a soup like with a light broth but it
turned out to be completely different it’s really good this is our third snack of the day it’s
beef in the chorizo beautiful cut of meat cooked over a wood-burning fire we
have a bun it’s served with red and yellow peppers we have some tomatoes and
onions there some spices and we only paid 150 pesos for this yeah and it’s a
massive hunk of meat I honestly just don’t even know how I’m gonna get us in
my mouth so so messy but so delicious now that’s
something I can’t wait to try I love BP that Lomo man hey fam in you so excited
for the beef a de jure though it’s just typically what we order we’ll may go to
an Argentine Parisian or asado restaurant so we’re having typical
Argentine grill this is the cut of meat that we like it’s one of the best cuts
you can get oh my gosh
I’ve even better than I thought it might be it’s like having a piece of
high-quality steak yeah like either way we don’t even need
the bread he’d be happy with just the hunk of beef the bread just allows you
to eat it with your hands yeah all right guys so I’m pretty excited for
this next one when I was asking for suggestions of things to do in places to
eat here in Marvin Plata someone in the comments on Instagram suggested that I
had to try the cannoli from Malolos Italia and then we got here to the food
festival and I noticed that that same place has a stand and they’re selling
ice creams and cannolis so it was like this is perfect I have to try it Sam had
ice cream here yesterday today we are featuring this cannoli with Samba dawn
ice cream I didn’t even know what that was but they’ve explained it to me
it’s made with port wine it’s very creamy and it also has egg yolks
decadence very decadent covered in chocolate with almonds so yeah here we
go not as very very tasty I still haven’t
quite been into the almond it’s covered in almonds like these cannolis when the
dried fruit we can get the walnut so many different the gift that keeps on
giving because the more you eat the more ingredients you come across like what
did I miss come on oh my gosh a Miss dulce de leche
it’s gonna be my first bite so oh my gosh it’s not amazing much it is the
tastiest dessert we’ve tried here at this festival yeah it’s something that
like if it was readily available I would eat very frequently yeah just love the
crunch of the nuts the dark chocolate and then you have the dulce de leche as
well Wow I have to say their ice creams are good but their cannoli
are even better North level cannoli on steroids yeah after having some dessert we have
returned to savories and this one was Sam’s pick of course the pasta lover
went for lasagna I’ve got my eye on the calzone the caldonia as well Sam to
return to the Italian stand where it’s all like five novena guys it’s got a lot
going on I mean it has a nice tomato sauce there’s some pesto on top some
Parmesan cheese here with garlic breads ooh that’s not garlic bread it’s
sensible CACCI on okay and I came to 150 150 pesos hundred fifty pesos and you
know what we’re running low on cash I need to have
a really good look through my purse to see if I’ve misplaced any coupons but I
think we may be out if you’ve been loading up because I think we’ve got
beer calzones maybe they deserve who knows I feel like we gotta keep on
eating a bit longer oh we can we definitely yeah let’s do it
up there the night is young time to try that lasagna there’s a lot of cheese there the question is cheetah passes when I
was a teenager there was about five my foods that I like and that was sort of
ammonia pizza spaghetti lasagna familiar favorite food from my teenage years
still love it spill still go and they sure know how to
make their pastas here in Argentina yeah next up we’ve got the famous
Patagonia amber beer and yesterday we had mall BEC Argentine wine so today
we’re going for beer Sauvignon Blanc oh you’re right you had
something oh boy that’s right this beer was 70 pesos it’s more if you want a
fancy glass oh my gosh that taste so good we’ve been having so much food
we’ve barely drank anything I mean we brought her a bit of water but we’ve
only had just a little bit of it had really thirsty so this beer is going
down so nice and smooth they have a pretty cool spin Patagonia has like all
these throw pillows and they have like a sand pit
it’s a popular sand here in the market it’s a lot busier today than it was
yesterday yeah which surprises me a little bit
because I thought be busier on a Saturday than a Sunday but then I think
about it more yesterday it would be a much better day to go to the beach today
is the very last day of the festival so I think there’s that sense of urgency oh
I’ve got to go to it today besides it was a bad day to go to the beach time for calzones alone these are what
120 mini calzone for 120 these are many these are pretty big there was a long
line for these my friend Watertown lotta cheese
fresh fantastic I think it’s gonna be our last day every item so and you know
what it was fresh out of the oven I actually had to wait a few minutes until
it was done Wow you oughta respect not really good I did not think we were going to be
having a second cannoli yet here we are I almost feel like my stomach could blow
up but like these are just life-changing good so we’re back again I mean there
are other desserts but when something’s is good you go back for seconds yes we
have so this one here is the cannoli that features I think it’s like white
chocolate you can see all the nuts covering the outside it’s white
chocolate chunk Oh could be it’s you are wasting cannoli right now that’s illegal
okay 104 cannoli you’re losing cannoli this is over guys white chocolate then
you got wafer and then we got dulce de leche ice cream in the middle Oh ice
cream you had yesterday I know it’s amazing
okay you got try a bite yeah and so unique that honestly I don’t know what
I’ll be having this again another time which is another reason why we got a
second one alright guys so that is a wrap from
video my god we hope you enjoyed the foodie adventure
we sure love to come straight awesome like the amount of food we ate I mean I
feel like I’m gonna blow up but it was well worth it now we’ve been watching
some awesome music and that’s how we’re gonna have things off tonight
watching a performance and hopefully we get to attend again next year I have no
idea where it will be hosted but hey we’ll be there it’s an Argentina

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