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Artists and Technology | Marshmallow Laser Feast on Virtual Reality

Artists and Technology | Marshmallow Laser Feast on Virtual Reality

I’m Robin from Marshmallow Laser Feast,
we’re a experiential entity based in London. We’re a creative studio exploring
the line between the virtual and the real we take technologies like virtual
reality and bring them to unexpected locations. We like to make projects on
the new digital frontier that are exploring emerging technologies and
embedding them into live interactive immersive environments. A Colossal Wave
is about human impact. We were commissioned by the British Council and
Quartier des Spectacles to work with the city of Montreal to celebrate 375th birthday. 375 years ago was
when Montreal was founded. It was also the birthday of Isaac Newton and we took
his third law for every action there is opposed an equal reaction. We started to
talk about the contemporary issues facing all of us on this planet and conversations about the great Garbage Vortex cropped up, climate change,…
received burning forests we see polluted seas but that goes over people’s heads
and so we wanted to communicate the ideas in different ways we wanted to put creation in the hands
of the visitors and what happens is there’s an indoor experience and an
outdoor experience both connected and the public are invited to engage in a
mixed reality world this world celebrates use generated artwork indoor
people sing and create voice fruit sculptures and these affect the outdoor
experience and outside what happens is a very
different physical artwork is created a physical act of dropping a bowling ball
from a great height and the bowling ball crashes against a brass disc a gong and
sculpts over a thousand drops the final gift that was given to the city of
Montreal what’s exciting about the new advances in technology such as virtual
reality is that there’s new superpowers emerging there’s new ways to move people
and to engage people and we’ve only just really begun to understand the grammar
and the way that we can put these experiences together in ways that have a
lasting impact on people what we’ve tried to do with this piece is provide a
shared VR experience as well in this case people are connected they can see
each other in VR and they get a sense of other activity in the indoor space and
outdoor space as well in different ways and we’re only just beginning to learn
how best to fine-tune this but one thing’s for sure the sense of excitement
that things like virtual reality presented to audiences is just
extraordinary we just can’t wait to see what’s around
the corner it’s moving so rapidly and hopefully it will develop in a way that
liberates us and allows for more creative freedom you

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