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Ask a Priest – How is a saint’s feast day chosen?

Ask a Priest  – How is a saint’s feast day chosen?

Saints’ feast days are chosen usually they’re
based on when the saint died. So, when did that person, who’s a holy person,
enter into eternal life or begin the journey from this world to the next world? It’s the beautiful way that our God is a God
of the living, not of the dead. And so, in death we don’t leave the Church. We don’t leave God’s people. We enter into
heaven. So saints’ feast days are usually chosen based
on the day that they enter into eternal life. Not always, John the Baptist has his birth
as a feast day, um, there’s a few others. But generally they’re chosen on the day that
the person died and entered into eternal life. To get a different day, that’s a good question,
John the Baptist gets one because his birth was in Scripture and some will get one, sometimes
if it falls on somebody else’s. So we’ll just move it to another significant
day in the life of that saint. So that they can each have their own feast
day and some of them have just been that day for forever and a day and so we keep it that
way because it has worked well for us.

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