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ASMR KFC FEAST | Kentucky Fried Chicken+Shrimp Burger+Fries | Collab with SongByrd ASMR

ASMR KFC FEAST | Kentucky Fried Chicken+Shrimp Burger+Fries | Collab with SongByrd ASMR

Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT! Zach: i gonna be dipping this drumstick on CrEamy sAuce :3 First bite is all yours hOney bbq sauce burger from Kim The chicken drumstick is crunchy, delicious and a little spicy The shrimp burger is so yummy My friend SongByrd is one of the asmrtists who has supported us in the early day She is so kind, gracious and we love how SongByrd is helping smaller channel grow 😀 We’re really appreciated to have this opportunity w/ her Btw, we want to thank all you guys for everything Kim: What is your favourite dipping sauce? Zach: Honey Mustard Sauce 😀 Kim: Let’s me try lol Well… I think it tastes like a mixture of honey and mustard 😌 Uhmm… a taste that is a blend of bitter and sweet Kim: I always crave burger when dipping it in ketchup 😲😲 When do you crave KFC the most? Kim: While editing ,I have a gift for you So stay tuned for that wonderful surprise 😘 Let’s try some fries I want more Your fries,my tantanies Zach: Cant wait for this burger 🍔🍔😋 Zach: Sometimes it took me five minutes to consume a meal that took 5 hours to cook lmao OOps the shrimp is hiding in the lettuce Zach: So sorry my fan 😀 Topping with the honey mustard Kim: Look at creamy sauce. Take this delicious bite 🍗🍗🍗 Zach: It’s so good! Crunchhh dancing 🙂 OMG what is this A small child is trying to put on mother`s shoes lmao Kim: 🤦🤦🤦 Bye bye see yah next time

87 thoughts on “ASMR KFC FEAST | Kentucky Fried Chicken+Shrimp Burger+Fries | Collab with SongByrd ASMR”

  1. Thank you guys SOO much for taking the time to collab with me. I know it was a last minute thing, but we worked it all out and it turned out great. Your meal looks so delicious and I wish I could reach through the screen to grab a bite XD Love you guys, and wishing you continued success on Youtube. You deserve it!

  2. ITS BEEN A LONGGG TIME SINCE IVE WATCH YOUR VIDEO KIM AND ZACH. I’m sorry I’ve had school going on but I’ll always support you two and YAY, congrats ok 13+ Tanties!!! 💕💕💕

  3. Yummy. I love chicken🍗🍗🍟🍟
    I liked the video a lot,
    thank you twins for the great video-
    I'm really a chicken lover💕💕

  4. Timestamp!
    2:41 That's songbyrd, she's so sweet
    2:53 First bite and i'm drooling 😑
    4:50 the shrimp 'fall in love' w/ ketchup 🤣
    8:12 OMFGGGG great edit,remind me of 'Chicken Little' 😆
    11:57 Thanks for give me a drink ,Pepsi taste like the screen💦😜

  5. My grandma would be very proud that he didn't leave any meat on the bone
    Edited: You guys should be awarded by the chicken community in 8:12 ,so creative

  6. You guys are making us hungry! Lol and I agree that a meal can take hours to prepare and cook but just a few minutes to finish 😅

  7. aw I’m so happy that you guys collaborated I love songbyrd! Best collab Xd the meal looked so delicious wow ! 😍 and yay 13k subscribers I’m so glad the channel is growing !

  8. Darn I was late.. But wonderful collab you did

    I wonder if you will do more collabs with others in the near future 😊

  9. Hi guys! I am a new friend! I came to support you! Already subscribed and like! We will be in touch! Come to visit me!

  10. You GUYS are Best at ASMR..
    I HAVE A REQUEST FOR YOU GUYS.. Can you Eat Burritos And Also Provide Recipe If Possible?

  11. OMG
    songbyrd asmr and you are my favorite asmr chanelles no word can describe how happy i am love you both and keep going and improving 💙💚💜💛❤…

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