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Autumn Moon Festival 2017

Autumn Moon Festival 2017

Of course we need to film how we drink coffee out of Afri Coke cups early in the morning! I will film my ugly morning face as well. In your beauty – put on those shoes! For the camera! The camera loves you. The camera likes you! Yes, I love the camera too. Such a beautiful camera. Look…look at that shape! It´s so beautiful! The love story between a mop and a camera. Yes, said the speaking poodle. But you really look like you just grapped into a socket! I am bully everybody at the moment. 😀 You are now the official bullying agent?! Yes, I am now bullying agent. Ihhh…thats nasty! Are you always putting things into your mouth? When they are big enough… See you have halo! Ahh…yes I am a bloody saint!

24 thoughts on “Autumn Moon Festival 2017”

  1. Oooo…love the person on stilts with the butterfly wings! You looked amazing as always Ciwana! Bagpipes! That festival must have been an experience, thank you for posting an insight to it. YOU ROCK! Much loves from Hawaii!

  2. Hallo Ciwana…so bekommt man immer wieder neue Einblicke in die diversen Festivals…Autumn Moon kannte ich zum Beispiel noch nicht….Danke für ein weiteres tolles Video… 🙂
    LG aus dem Rheinland

  3. Hi Ciwana, I congratulate you for your videos, I do not miss one; Please extend my gratitude to the System Noire Project I see that you are a very close to them, very good music; Greetings from Mexico City.

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