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Bad Movie Review: Flesh Feast (Veronica Lake’s last film)

Bad Movie Review: Flesh Feast (Veronica Lake’s last film)

‘Don’t you like my little maggots?’ Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World ‘This should give you the willies’ What’s the worst thing you can say before kissing a woman? ‘I’ll be glad when this ugly business is over’ Flesh Feast is a 1970 schlock horror, and was the last film of Veronica Lake. ‘How much do they know about me? ‘Lake became a star in the 1940s, teaming up with Alan Ladd to form a sort of second tier Bogart and Bacall in films like The Blue Dahlia and This Gun for Hire ‘Yes that’s right, yes’ Films that make you ask; why aren’t stars that cool today. ‘You wouldn’t be trying to lead me astray would you?’ Unlike Flesh Feast… ‘Get me the rubber gloves please Christine.’ which makes you ask; how long can you watch a person putting on a pair of gloves. Take your time. ‘So warm today, my hands are so sticky.’ Compelling cinema. ‘I’ve got a tremendous story and very little time’ I don’t want to jump the gun on the conclusion but… you don’t. ‘It’s terrible.’ Lake plays Dr Elaine Fredericks ‘Do you remember a female doctor?’ Of course, you don’t forget a thing like that. ‘I know it seems crazy but so does this whole case’ She’s doing secret experiments on dead bodies ‘It looks like a clean cut’ As you’d expect using a precision instrument like that one. ‘I don’t like this’ The test subjects are procured by a nurse who just stick a pair of shades on a corpse. ‘Oh her glasses are falling offf.’ ‘Never mind’ The nurse is actually an undercover reporter poking around Fredericks’ mysterious operation. ‘Things are starting to get interesting around here’ Here she is sneaking into the secret lab. No, wait, I’m wrong, that’s one of the other nurses, in a scene in which I can almost hear the voice of the director. Okay you don’t notice the decomposing body parts swinging in the middle of the room just yet. Not yet. Did I mention your character has no peripheral vision? Doesn’t come up much in the story. Not yet… Okay now. ‘ARRRRGH!’ Back to the reporter, who’s now pumping a guard for information. ‘I don’t even know what I’m talking about but I wish I did’ ‘Alright, I’ll tell you then’ That was easy. ‘Not too far from here. there’s a ship loaded with guns and ammunition waiting for us’ ‘That’s enough, I just wanted to see if you trusted me’ Wait, I’m wrong again, that’s just another nurse. ‘Damn, damn, damn’ Of the three nurses involved, the undercover reporter discovers least about the operation. ‘Do you know what this is leading to?’ Dr Fredericks has perfected a rejuvenation process in which maggots basically eat the old age off your face. ‘I’m putting myself in your hand Carl.’ Although in that case I’d say they’d eaten the make up. ‘It looks like the operation is a sort of a fountain of youth, a face lift, but why all the secrecy?’ Good question, I mean it’s gross but still, why anyone would keep this extraordinary medical advancement to themselves? ‘This whole thing is bizarre’ It’s been developed for a very specific purpose, at which the film has been hinting throughout. ‘My commander is on his way here’ Yes, a group of south American neo-nazis are trying to rejuvenate Hitler so he can lead their revolution. ‘I know I’m seeing it, but it’s impossible to believe’ But they have reckoned without Dr Fredericks, whose mother has a history with the 3rd Reich. ‘As a guinea pig for this treatment’ The problem with reviewing this film is; it actually adds up. ‘It all ties in’ Elaine Fredericks wants to take revenge on Hitler but how do you get close to him? ‘I haven’t got time to explain it to you all now.’ You exploit his fear of death by perfecting the age defeating technique that killed your mother. ‘Now you’re going to get what you gave’ Elaine probably killed many people in her own researches – ignoring their deaths in her single-minded pursuit of a fitting vengeance. ‘Remember this is all in the interest of medical science.’ None of which is in the film. The film is about a standard mad scientist whose backstory becomes interesting five minutes before the end. ‘I don’t have complete details on the plot’ An end which also makes a nonsense of an earlier plot point, when they test the process. ‘Oh Carl, it’s hopeless’ and things go wrong with Hitler only hours away. ‘It’s too soon yet to tell if his face will hold or not’ Oh no, the rejuvenation might not work long-term, that would be such a big deal if you weren’t planning to kill him. ‘Well that’s disappointing’ Thanks for watching this film was recommended to us by patreon shadow Chris Hewson, so thanks Chris Can you think of any other B movies in which all the interesting stuff happened before the film? Let us know in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “Bad Movie Review: Flesh Feast (Veronica Lake’s last film)”

  1. This movie has such a cool origin what with Lake funding it herself that I wish it was great, and lived up to the mostly offscreen high concept plot. Not hiring Brad 'Radioactive blood-sucking turkey-man who finds religion' Grinter would've been a good start! Haha. At least dialogue like "It's all part of a big revolution in South America. It's very big." is worth a laugh!

    Glad you 'enjoyed' it, guys! 😉

  2. This film reminds me of: They Saved Hitler's Brain, Boys From Brazil, I Eat Your Skin, Astrozombies, and Jesse James vrs Frankenstein's Daughter

  3. Well at least the ending was…weird. Any way how about the hideous sun demon, worst fist fight to ever be put on film.

  4. Why was it every other cheap movie that did know what to do had to throw Hitler/ Nazis into the plot? I mean didn't the writer, the director, producers, actors, Hell even the Best Boy come up with something better or original.

    Well, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD did have the story Ben told about what happened at Beakman's Dinner.

  5. The very beautiful Veronica Lake. The first movie I ever saw her in when I was a kid was the funny classic: "I Married A Witch." Loved her with her trademark peek a boo hairstyle, hair combed over one side of her face. During the War, she was asked to change her hairstyle because too many Women working in the factories wore their hair over their eye like she did and it was too dangerous.

  6. This film has always been on my back burner, and I am most grateful that Dark Corners would take this silver bullet on my behalf. Many Thanks for all your work!

    I guess there's an element of sadness to seeing a famous name in such a demeaning film, but as has been said, it was HER project. And not to be disrespectful but for the most part as an actress, Veronica Lake was a very pretty girl.

    Isn't it strange how there was a period where the most notorious murderer in world history was a frequent go-to plot trope?

  7. Yes A New Hope Star Wars that's where they have to come over Rogue one cuz the story was more interesting how they got the plans then they having the plans

  8. I wanted to forget this because I had good memories of Veronica Lake.She died in 1973 at the age of 50 from decades of alcohol abuse, hepatitis and acute renal failure. A very odd film, and a terrible one. Thanks for the review.

  9. …wow….. – one thing about Veronica Lake ….. she was a Bitch ! …… I avoid working with those
    type ….. -but her and Adolph made another Bogie and Bacall ……………….
    …happy ending……

  10. I'm going to injure myself one of these days eating while watching these. Cucumber about came out my nose when I saw the "precision instrument" saw.

  11. The director could have easily made sure to get extra large gloves instead of letting the film come to a dead stop while the star struggles to put them on.

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