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Barry Manilow Talks Bringing His Concert Back to Broadway and Returning Home to New York

Barry Manilow Talks Bringing His Concert Back to Broadway and Returning Home to New York

–He writes the songs, and you’re gonna
want to hear him sing them live. That’s right, Barry Manilow is back on Broadway
at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre through August 17th.
We’re heading to Sardis to get the scoop from the music icon. Barry, welcome back to Broadway.
–Here we go again. Here we go again. –Well, if the fans demand it… It’s nice to
see your name and Broadway. They just they go together nicely. Don’t they?
–I like it, yeah. –Yeah, you like it?
— I do. Well, you know, it’s a dream come true for a guy like me, New York guy like me. –Yeah.
–Barry Manilow, Broadway? Honestly, you know who ever thought I would be able to do this? And this is my, I think it’s the fourth
time. –Yeah
— I’ve done this. And every time I start off, I say, Well, you know, I
wonder if anybody’s gonna show up? You know New Yorkers, they’re so
sophisticated, you know, will they be able to handle all this pop music? And
every single run has been just a great, great experience from the first one to
the St. James, which was a few years ago. And I looked at an old video of the St.
James. I was saying, You are the greatest audience I’ve ever had! And I meant it. So, I hope that happens again. –[sings] At the Copa, Copacabana the hottest spot north of Havana. –Well, you are good at putting together a
–Yeah. –So, when you know that you’re doing a Broadway run, how do you put a
show together? I mean, obviously there’s a lot of material people need to hear or
they be rioting. –Right.
–And a lot of people does their sing-alongs.
I’ve been in the audience at these shows. People lose their minds, and it feels
like a love fest and it feels like everyone is sort of… there’s like this
beautiful, shared memory and experience –Gee, I hope you’re right.
–You feel all that don’t you? –I do. I do, yes. And like I say you know because a New Yorker talking to New Yorkers, there’s something it’s extra special to
these Broadway runs and how do I put a show together for these folks.
I think, What would my family want to hear? [laughs] –What would my family want to hear.
–Really. What would my family want to hear? [sings] –I write the songs that make the whole world sing. I write the songs of love and special things. I write the songs that make the young girls cry… –So you’re like the king of the
Broadway party, and you never saw yourself as that kind of personality growing up,
right? That you could be the guy that everyone’s looking at?
–Absolutely. I was so happy in the background. I was. I loved working behind Bette, behind Dion,
behind all the great singers that I arranged and played piano for. It was,
that was where I was gonna wind up. This was the big surprise of my entire life. –What keeps you going? What keeps what gives you the energy and the drive to
keep doing these amazing, one show after the next? –Gee, you know, I’m just an energetic guy. The well hasn’t run dry yet. It wakes me up
at night. It is just ideas, ideas, ideas. And it’s I’m just a lucky guy. I
just uh I still got the energy. –We’re lucky, too, because you’re on
Broadway, Lunt Fontanne Theatre through August 17th. You got to spend the night with Barry Manilow. –Yeah, that’s a nice thing to say. –Yeah, spend a night with Barry Manilow.
–It like it. –It’s unlike any other.
— I like it. Absolutely. –Thank you so much Barry.
–You too. –Great to see you. [music]

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  1. Icon and legend, entertainer extraordinaire !!! Soundtrack to my life, and being annoyed ‘oh it’s just Barry..AND SINGING TO IT LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!!! We ALL adore him and his music, we just didn’t wanna slow down, so when his music came on we’d make fun and exaggerate and dance around. Truthfully everyone’s guilty pleasure but two of his songs everyone would stop and sing ‘Mandy’ and ‘Brandy!’

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