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Bastiaan gebruikt truffels op een psychedelisch festival | Drugslab

Bastiaan gebruikt truffels op een psychedelisch festival | Drugslab

Okay, there we go. The first one. I can really feel it in my body. Hi, I am Bastiaan.
– And I am Nellie and welcome to Drugslab! Twice a month at drugslab we try different kinds of drugs to see what kind of effects they have on our body and to break the taboo around drugs. So if you’re interested in a drug or do you have a setting in mind let us know in the comments because maybe we will go there or try the drug for you. Trab and Balint
– And Jamila said ‘Guys, you should go to Psy-Fi’ one of the biggest psychedelic festivals in Europe. People from all over the world come here to go wild on psychedelic trance. So where are we? PSY-FI! In our previous episode you could see how Bastiaan interviewed the visitors of Psy-Fi all about psychedelics. If you haven’t seen that episode, click here. Psychedelic drugs are really popular and that’s also because of the open drugs policy at this festival. Primarily truffles are a fan favorite here. I already took truffles on a boat in Amsterdam, but never at a festival like this. So I am really curious. Now I also have to buy the truffles of course and what better place than at the festival itself. They actually have their own smartshop in the back. Bizzare!
– Pretty amazing! Hello!
– Hi! Everything alright?
– Yes, absolutely. With you guys? Yes, good
– Nice festival? [Nellie and Bastiaan] Absolutely! Good to hear! A smartshop at a festival, why? Ideal, right? Sure, yes. Psy-Fi is the best place to try truffles and a lot of people are interested in the truffles and that’s why we sell truffles here. What do you sell? We mostly sell truffles. We also sell cannabis cakes with cannabis flavorings. Several herbal highs and smartshop drugs like kratom, salvia but also herbal energizers. You have a wide product range. Yes, indeed. The last time I took truffles, I had Atlantis. I took eleven grams. What did you think of Atlantis?
– I liked it because visually I saw a lot of things and that’s what I especially liked about it. Do you want to look for the visuals again at Psy-Fi? Yes, preferably. We’ve got the Valhalla truffles, it’s the stronger brother of the Atlantis. There’s 15 grams in this package. And if you take 7,5 grams you will have the same effect as 11 grams Atlantis. What is the opposite of the visuals, if you don’t want that? That really is the inner trip, you get all these thoughts that make sense all of a sudden and you will see some things in life from another perspective. That could be about relationships, work or personal stuff. It can have a therapeutic function, the inner trip and that’s nice when you’re sitting at a campfire with calm music and people who are having a nice calm chat that’s when it could be a lot of fun. But if you’re at a festival with loud music, a lot of lights, lasershows as Psy-Fi then you would rather go for the visuals. Yeah, I think I will go for the Valhalla. Shall we get the Valhalla then? This one is for you.
– Thank you! Have fun with it!
– Thanks, I will! And have a good day!
– Thank you! Bye! Truffles fall into the group of consciousness changing drugs and the truffels that you buy at a smart shop are actually some sort of thickened fungal treats that at the bottom of a mushroom grow in the ground. Truffels contain chemicals that make the brain work differently than it normally would. The active substances are, among other things, psilocin and psilocybin and those substances will change your perception. So, for example, time, space and feelings all change. And the effects can change depending on a person’s sensitivity, the kind of truffles, the dose, their mood, and their surroundings. Set and setting are also really important, of course, so make sure you feel chill and that you’re in a chill setting. Last time you were on a boat and that is a completely different setting than here at a huge festival where everything is decorated and there’s a lot to see so you’ll probably have a very different trip than on that boat. Magic truffles are, in general, not dangerous to your health, because the substances in magic truffles aren’t harmful to your body. With frequent use the effects go away, even if you take more of it. Yes indeed, with magic truffles the effects go away. So if you’re going to a multiple-day festival you should wait 3 or 4 days before using more. But that kind of trip is so mentally intense that some people wait multiple months or even years before taking it again. Magic truffles aren’t physically addicting, but negative effects can occur: thirst, dry mouth, stomach aches, headaches but it’s also possible to get negative thoughts and that you start having thought loops and that you start feeling unwell. But it can also trigger psychosis if you are sensitive to them. If you want to see more about that then watch this video. And most importantly today, your tripsitter! Someone that’s with you who hasn’t taken any drugs. And in your case, that’s me! But there are also tripsitters present at the festival in case you need some love and help. 7,5 grams; half of the package.. Alright, here we go. The first one. Yummy! If you take truffles it’s important that you chew properly because, among other places, it gets absorbed through the oral mucosa. Not very tasty but its good for the trip. Well So gross…
– Yes. Okay, I’ve taken them. Half hour to an hour and that’s when I’ll start feeling the first effects. Yes! I’m excited! Do you feel anything already? Yes, I’m definitely feeling something. But I find it really intense because the music is very intense and the people here that all are dancing like this. And then this but its really awesome. It really is. Can you see I’ve taken truffles? No, but you do have this constant smile. I keep seeing that thing… and it’s breathing. The green color keeps… (see hand gesture) And the colors? Really intense. The colors are very noticeable the moment you look at it. Cool.
– F*cking sick. Are you cold? Yes. It’s chill. Now I’m more ‘trippy’. Yes, exactly! We’re matching! I keep noticing people looking at my shirt like: ”Woah!” At first I was wondering why people kept looking at me but it’s obviously because of the shirt. You’re very cheerful, huh? Yes, I’m having a really good time.
– Yes. You’re in a good mood.
– Yes. I can tell. It’s just that I can’t look at this very well… it’s too much. Is it spacey? Very spacey. You can’t get any spacier than this. Wherever I look, up, down, left, right… all I see is… ‘this’. Do they move? Yes, that’s really it. The colors are really intense and it moves, it breathes. Visuals are strong.
– Yes, definitely. We’ve seen art.
– As well. Let’s see what kind of effect music has on you. I’m also curious about that and my shirt keeps getting more intense. Especially now that it’s getting more dark I keep noticing the intensity, also when looking at you, of it more often. But my face isn’t changing?
– No, not at all. Ah, funny. Alright, DANCING TIME! TANZEN! (German for dancing) How are you experiencing the music? I can really feel it in my body, definitely. And I’m also enjoying the music because I rarely listen to it. But now… I’ll definitely listen to this type of music more on my phone. I think it’s really because of the bass. And how are you feeling emotionally wise? I’m feeling chill. People who are on psychedelics are so kind and sweet and random people just start hugging you. The.. the… vibe here is just so much more chill. No one’s judging. It’s just really pleasant.
– It’s not about how you look. Yes, exactly! Look how we’re dressed walking around. People will trip looking at our shirts us but no one’s judging our appearance. And if you look around how does it seem? Like an enchanted forest. But you know what?
– Well? Let’s go to a real enchanted forest!
– Yes! Excited! Woah! Look at those mushrooms, that’s crazy! Everything’s happening around us.
– I know right? I could just sit here and lay and chill for the night. How chill is this? How are you feeling? Chill, but I’m noticing I’ve… reached my peak already. Well, well… How are you feeling? I’m done spacing. Feeling really tired. Out of gas.
– Yep. No more visuals, done.
– Nothing at all. How did you find it? I found it fucking nice. So nice, really. I had a really good time.
– Good. What about you? I also really enjoyed it. However, one day could seem amazing… Five days as well… but I hope people will be cautious those five days. Because the whole experience is really intense. In any case, no combining of drugs or going all the way. Because it really is a fairy tale. But it has to stay a fun fairy tale. A great ending. This was Drugslab for this week. Let’s see how you’ll feel tomorrow.
– Yes! And like and subscribe and we’ll see you next week! Bye! That was an intense day but I really enjoyed it. It was so amazing. I remember being very excited at the beginning, I was a bit scared. I had never taken psychedelic drugs at a festival before and didn’t know what it would be like. When it first started kicking in… I wasn’t really feeling it. A lot of things came up at once but afterwards it was really amazing. It was like one big amusent park I walked into. I was also glad Nellie was with me as a tripsitter. Someone who is very chill and sober who can guide you. So make sure you always have someone like that with you. But right now I’m so tired so today will be a day where I won’t be doing anything. A full day in on the couch. This was Drugslab for this week. Are you interested in any other drug or do you want to know something about the world surrounding drugs let me know in the comments down below. And of course don’t forget to like and subscribe and I’ll be seeing you next week. Bye.

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  1. English subtitles are now added by our community. Thanks guys and to all our non-Dutch speakers thanks for your patience and enjoy watching.

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  10. Hello! If you want to buy something, but do not know where, then follow the link stlthbaycm3ip4xg(.)onion. Good luck;) (need TorBrowser)

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  13. Hello! If you want to buy something, but do not know where, then follow the link stlthbaycm3ip4xg(.)onion. Good luck;) (need TorBrowser)

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