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Behind The Scenes – 30 Homeless Pets and 1 Holiday Feast | Freshpet.

Behind The Scenes – 30 Homeless Pets and 1 Holiday Feast | Freshpet.

(cheerful holiday music) – So we’re at the Humane Society, setting up for our Freshpet soup kitchen that’s gonna be really exciting
for all the pets involved. We have a ton of rescues needing homes, as well as recently rescued dogs who we’re going to treat
to an amazing feast. Can’t wait to get started! – So I’m Karina with Freshpet. We’re here today, we
had a really crazy idea. We wanted to do a soup kitchen for pets and give them the best day possible before they go off to their homes. We’re hoping to just get a
bunch of dogs really amped up. We wanna get everybody out of the kennels and just give ’em tons of love. Like, that is the main goal for today, give them some good food, good belly rubs, lots of
hugs, lots of playtime, like, whatever they want,
that’s what we’re trying to do. – My name is Troy Wilson, I’m
a culinary arts instructor at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Freshpet approached me about working on their soup kitchen project, and I was intrigued by the
idea of working with dogs. My love of dogs is definitely what drove me to be here today. I actually have two rescue dogs myself, so anything I can do to
help promote the cause of getting these wonderful dogs homes, I’m really on board with that. – We are about to bring in
the dogs and the guests, and I am really nervous because I don’t know what this is gonna be like. But it should be good. – They’re gonna enjoy it. I’m not nervous, they’re gonna enjoy it. We really just wanted to pamper pets. I mean, during the holidays,
all the other pets at home get love that they deserve,
and we just wanted to make sure that even the dogs at the Humane Society are getting as much
love as the family dog. And cat. So I think it was a success. My favorite part was the napping station. There was a lot going on today, and they were able to just
take a really good nap after having a lot of really good food, and just enjoy themselves and kick back. I think every single
dog had an awesome time. We pumped them up a little
bit, got them groomed up. They loved it, I loved it, but I think they had a
really good time today. – So I really can’t thank everyone enough who participated in
making this event happen. It was such a huge success, and I can’t wait to show
you guys our final product.

10 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes – 30 Homeless Pets and 1 Holiday Feast | Freshpet.”

  1. I wish that we never had homeless pets , I think when people get a pet hey really need to be responsible and raise them,love them and take care of them just like they'd do for themselves! Great job of those shelters for taking care and loving those babies! Thank you

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you WONDERFUL people, and Merry Christmas to all of you sweet puppies and kitty's. I hope that all of you find perfect homes. God Bless you all

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