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Behind the Tradition of the Church Hat

Behind the Tradition of the Church Hat

– [Wanda] When you put on
a hat, it gives you height, and it gives you power. – [Evetta] For us, church
hats are not just hats. They are crowns, and
when a woman puts one on, she becomes a queen. (upbeat music) (funky music) – My name is Evetta Petty. – I’m Kathy Anderson. – And I am Wanda Chambers. We’ve been making hats
for more than 20 years. – A church hat is a very special hat. Especially in the African
American community. As a child growing up in
the south, in the 60s, we always wore hats. Sunday is the one day,
historically, that we had a chance, and we step out in our Sunday best. (upbeat music) – I don’t believe that church
hats are a thing of the past. I have noticed that the
younger generation is taking on the tradition of wearing hats. It makes me happy to see
a younger woman with a hat on her head because I know
that she’s still carrying on the tradition. (upbeat music) – I come from a long line
of church hat wearing women. Everyone wore a hat. It was a parade, it was
colors, it was magic. – When you go to church and
you step in, and you see all of your sisters wear hats on,
we all be eyeing each other and under our breaths
saying, boy, that’s a really gorgeous hat. So it’s wonderful to be in
a room filled with women with hats on. And each one of us look absolutely amazing in our own right. (upbeat music)

84 thoughts on “Behind the Tradition of the Church Hat”

  1. How Come Guys Are Not Allowed To Wear Hats In Church, But Yet Its Okay For Women To Show Up With The Eiffel Tower or The Leaning Tower Of Pisa On Their Heads?

  2. What do you people continue liking this video ?????? There just hats first of all and there is nothi g special are church fashion. Non-church fashion is way better like gothic for example.

  3. The people who continue to like this video are insane people. The purpose of this video is to bring more people into church which is a very horrible thing, because of the fact they want to destroy a field that's very essestial to humans. That if church people are even human.

  4. I've always wondered if this African-American tradition is somehow connected to the Royal Ascot Raceday in Britain/UK (as well as the stateside Kentucky Derby inspired by it) where upper-class women and even the Queen wear very similar style hats.

  5. I am just expressing my thoughts that all I am doing and also because of the facts that may people don't believe that facts that I am not a Christian anymore this is my chance to prove to people.

  6. I see a lot of people in the comments trying to figure out were the tradition came from what I was told it most likely stems from the early Christian or more likely colonial practice of having women cover their hair in public. Most of the earlier sects of Christianity such as Syriac, orothodox and catholic encouraged women to wear chapel veils in the presence of god. Hats and Other head large headdresses became apart of the everyday dress of Christian women like those in the Middle Ages. In colonial America many southern states also prohibited Africans from displaying their natural hair public. These hats probably are mixture of the two ideologies.

  7. im wondering where it first started and how. but i love their traditions. it is full of life and art. and every hat has a different story to tell.

  8. Congratulations on this lovely video. I've posted it on the Facebook page of the New York Women's Chamber of Commerce and on our website as a Member Success Story.

  9. come on people! relax. This video was about their awesome fancy hats, not your opinions on religion and the church. Just enjoy the entertainment. That top hat was BOSS!

  10. I love hats. we really have no place or chance to wear them. I am a white woman and I rarely , rarely see another white woman in a hat. Hmmmmm maybe we should start a thing and all wear hats. Would the sisters of color support us pale sisters?

  11. From head veil to hat,,i dont understand how it turn like that,, traditionally,women go to the church wearing head veil,even in the bible mentioned,women who didnt cover her head,her scalp should hv been be combed with iron comb,,,

  12. Bummer! I typically love Great Big Story's videos, but this one lacked substance. It didn't speak anything about the tradition — just that some people wear them and that these ladies make them. There was zero explained about the tradition, the history… nothing. I hope that there will be a follow-up to this video with more details, or for future stories keep in mind that the title sets the expectations of the story. This one didn't hit the mark, despite the lovely ladies and their beautiful hats.

  13. I love hats so pretty when they compliment outfits, I got my first hat at age 10 it was a pretty pink one with pearls and I felt so sophisticated in it.I know in the UK some women wear hats to weddings and other special events. I think here in the USA it’s not as common🤔

  14. Alright Mothers! I used to love seeing the older women in church in their big, flashy church hats. I used to think they made them by hand just to have for church. Because I never saw anyone wear one outside of the sanctuary. Hahahahaha.

  15. I never knew why older women would wear hats on Sundays. I thought it was just a trend. I didn’t understand the significance or the true meaning of them. Now that I have been educated about it . All I know is that I’m about to buy me a lot of Crowns. This video was so enlightening. Thanks so much!

  16. So true so true ladies I grew up watching grandma, big mom, my mother and other ladies in the community on Sunday morning ALWAYS wearing hat 2 church . Oh don't forget gloves😊. Lordy Lordy we got so much 2 teach this younger generation about our traditions. Hat! Gloves! Handbag! Lace socks or tigh for girls!

  17. Any tips on how to style hair? I can’t really decide if the hair should be up and if so how? Like are you supposed to wear a Bon really Highup so it’s underneath the heart or have like a more low bond that you can see on the back I honestly don’t know

  18. Hi. I am from Namibia. I would really like to know where can I find out how to make a Derby hat. And aĺso what do you need for making it

  19. I love wearing my hats to church, I stand out in a crowd as I am near enough the only one 😜. I have lots of beautiful hats and wondered if anyone had ideas for displays. Mine are mostly in hat boxes for protection but sometimes it is frustrating finding the one I want. I love that my hat is my crown, I am a daughter of The King after all xxx

  20. I'm 5 feet 7 tall. I don't need a hat for height plus going to mass is not a fashion show. Some types of people are so obsessed with showing off. They are usually the ones with nothing too!!!

  21. I wore head covering or scarf when I'm at the church to honor myself when I pray to God, because that's what in the bible and also woman should have long hair it is a glory to her.

  22. I still wear hats to church today and would love to get some information on how I can purchase some of these beautiful pieces. Wow!!

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