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Bella Hadid Slammed For Smoking At Met Gala 2017

Bella Hadid Slammed For Smoking At Met Gala 2017

40 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Slammed For Smoking At Met Gala 2017”

  1. totally classless​ and gross. you can't follow simple rules for one night? do they really feel they are that above everything that they are willing to ruin people's priceless paintings and lively hood? funny though because a "normal" person would of been asked to leave or get sued over it. sick. seriously.

  2. All off you guys need to calm down lol it's just smoking😂😂 there were ligit 10000 people in that bathroom smoking so why is she gettin shit🤔

  3. Paris Jackson is a major hypocrite. She puts down 13 reasons why as triggering to her fans yet she is being a bad influence to them by glamorizing smoking.

  4. guys the cigarette companies are probably paying the celebrities to smoke so that it looks cool.. because people are smoking less and less and cigarette companies are greedy… keep that in mind

  5. nice try to bring bella down again..they were fucking smoking in the bathroom an selfies were not taken with the art pieces so chill the fuck out

  6. Wait wait wait. So you're gonna wear the most expensive, elegant, beautiful designer clothes to go sit on a dirty bathroom floor? And smoke cigarettes??

  7. I feel like y'all are out to get Bella. Why title the video Bella Hadid slammed for smoking there were many other celebrities that smoked.. #unsub

  8. The image of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the Centro Cultural Nestor Kirchner in Buenos Aires… why did u confuse so bad!!!???

  9. Toilets and Lavatories should be private. Smoking at Toilets to prevent themself from smoking in the middle of an event like met is NOT a problem. Celebs and models had their own lives. Let them alone.

  10. And those dirty old Whores actually think smoking is cool. Disgusting and disrespectful. They think just cause their Rich and famous they can break the rule n shit fucking disgraceful. Nasty whores

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