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Hey Youtube fam! It’s you gir Lia back
again with another video and today’s video it’s a little bit different of a
video for me. It is my top five crochet hair that I feel like would
be perfect for a wedding day. Now for you guys out there I’m not getting married
no time soon. I gotta get the boyfriend first. I got a few stuff before I get
to that level but I was inspired by an instagramer or a hair stylist on
instagram named nianaturalhair. She does phenomenal crochet styles on her
Instagram. It makes me want to live in the DMV so that I would be able to get
my hair done from her but she got married recently and she had in crochet
hair. And I was like wait doesn’t doesn’t even look like crochet hair. I
hope she does not mind I’m stealing her photos right now and gonna insert them.
It does not look like nobody’s crochet hair. And it got me thinking. Oh ok I have never thought about this. I think traditionally for wedding days we think
of you know a sew-in. We think of a wig. We think of an updo type situation. We
never give the crochet hair any love but I was checking her page out and I was like oh she does this a lot. Not just for her wedding day but she’s
done crochet for other people’s wedding day. And a lot of you guys out there. When
I felt like guys it’s only been three people in the last three years that I’ve
had this channel but have reached out to me and said hey I did Outre Bohemian curl for my wedding. Hey I did Mane Concept Sassy curl for my wedding. Now I think both of these were kind of your destination weddings but still you
did crochet hair. And I was like wouldn’t it be on brand for me on my big
day whenever that day comes to do crochet hair. I mean just think about it. It
looks if anything the same way a sew-in does and if you go to the right stylist
it can be as bomb as any sew-in out there. Now the hair that I have gone with
today the five hair that I have gone with today the criteria that I chose for
the picking of them was one I wanted something natural-looking. I don’t want
something that looks you know out of place. Doesn’t look natural. Looks very
wiggy. Looks very shiny. I’m not gonna choose a shiny synthetic looking
hair. I’m looking for something that’s very natural. Looks like
it’s growing out of your scalp type of a vibe. Number two I’m looking for
something versatile. I want something where I could you know pull it up if I
wanted to. I could do a lot. Even though on my big day I always have planned to do my hair down. I feel like I want something that if I wanted to have the option. If I
want to pull it back into ponytail. I got stuff that I got going on or I want to pull
it up I want a versatile hair. Number three I’m not gonna be as stringent as I
am in the maintenance field. You guys know for my normal life I like a low
maintenance hair but I’m willing to sacrifice for a cute style to have a low to
high maintenance hair. So the hairs on this list you may be likely you don’t
like those on a traditional basis no I don’t but for a wedding basis I think I
can kind of you know loosen up my restrictions for hair and say okay I can
give it a little bit of love on my wedding day. And number four going back to what I just said I don’t care about the maintenance of the hair if it’s cute.
And that’s what I’m looking for. These hairs that I’m gonna list today are cute
they’re beautiful they’re hairs that I think just overall look good. So if
you’re interested in the hairs that have made my list today just keep watching. So
number one the hair I have in right now. Gotta address the elephant in the
room this is the pure beauty supply co Malaysian curl hair. This is the
look that it is giving you and ironically enough Nia Natural Hair wore
a pure Beauty Supply Co hair on her wedding day. It was the dawn curl. Again
mine is the Malaysian curl. They have a lot of curls on their essence curls. They
have a lot of curls that are unique to the site. So you can’t find this curl
anywhere else but they do also sell hairs like Freetress, Mane Concept,
they have Outre. They have the kind of brands that you see traditionally. But
I would say if you’re going to them make sure you check out the curls that you
can’t find anywhere else. That’s what makes them unique. You can’t get a Topaz curl, Malaysian curl, dawn curl anywhere else. The hair that I have in right now
definitely a medium to high maintenance hair but very romantic looking. And I
feel like it’s very it’s unique it’s nothing that I really tried before and
that’s what really is drawing me to it. I think it goes with the ensemble that I have on right now. I’m trying to bring in an essence of a romantic wedding feel and I
think this hair does a good job at that. Dawn curl looks amazing on Nia Natural hair. It was just a fun very romantic-looking curl and I’ve seen her
do other curls from pure beauty supply co on
there. Again this video isn’t sponsored by them but just happen to be the hair
that is in my head right now. So I had to show them love. It also it kind of
inspired the video that I’m doing today because I was like oh this is very
romantic. And again the hair I’m listing right
now aren’t just for a wedding day. I would say you could wear these for any
formal occasion. A prom or anything like that. so no thing I’m just saying for one
unique occasion. This is special occasion all around. So number two Outre
bohemian curl. Going back to what I said at the top of this video I believe one
of you guys out there reached out to me and said that you went with Outre
bohemian curl for with your wedding day. It was a destination wedding and it held
up beautifully. I think that would be a perfect destination wedding hair because
one the curls ain’t going nowhere. It’s very low maintenance and the curls are
not going anywhere. If it rains on your big day. If you get your hair wet after.
If it’s a wedding honeymoon type situation and you want the hair to
coincide bohemian curl is where it is at. I love the bohemian curl. It’s one of my
first hairs that made me realize oh crochet hair you can wear it for a while.
You ain’t gotta take this out. Oh it will look good for a while. That hair very
much so a very fun curl. Very much so romance. Very much so long. Love Outre bohemian curl hair. Now the next hair. Hair number three is actually two hairs. It’s Freetress Ringlet Wand as well as the jamaican bounce hair. Now both of the hairs not my traditionally favorite hair for like an everyday type of vibe.
It really doesn’t fit my face the way I like it too. But it’s very much so a fun
look. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit fun I say definitely
go with that hair. I think either of the hair. You can’t go wrong. I put them both
on on the same level. I may elevate Jamaican bounce up a little bit more but
both equally had that same rigidity. Had that same fun texture. Had that same
mirroring your natural hair if you were to do like a flexi rod set type of a
vibe. I liked those hairs. Now it’s gonna be kind of a low to medium maintenance
maybe more so gearing on that medium maintenance feel but again like I said
hair that if you want a fun cute sassy kind of curl I definitely would go with
that. And that leads me it’s a number 4. Mane Concept. Again I lumped a whole bunch of hairs together but overall the hair that I’ve
tried from Mane Concept: the waterfall curl, the beach curl, the sassy curl all
curls that I think would do a phenomenal job at again going back to what I said
from the bohemian curl being something that can last a while. Being something
that is very low-maintenance. Being something that one they come in so many
different colors. So if you want something outside the traditional like
1B 2 type of a style you can go T1B30 T1B27, You can
mix them together. There’s so many fun things you can do with the color that
Mane Concept kind of provides you with that I just love. Now one of you guys
also reached out to me because you got married in the sassy curl and so that’s
what kind of made sassy come jump out at me and make me want to put it on this
looks but I think I would have put it on this list regardless if I didn’t have
validation that somebody said you know what I got married in main concept acts
girl and I loved it so again main concept I was gonna have a
special place in my heart because the hairs are phenomenal no number five my
last favorite here you guys know it’s not one of my favorite hairs but again
going back to the romantic feel it’s the free tres cozy deep hair that hair is
very romantic it’s very long I think if I were to do something that was very
versatile if I wanted to do updo I could do it with that hair you guys know it’s
Mulva tastiness favorite crochet hairs or one of her favorite crochets and
whatever mother says typically you know she on point with her thoughts now again
for me it was just a little bit too high-maintenance for me for a day-to-day
look so that’s why I didn’t love it for a regular life but I think it’s
something cute if you’re gonna wear it for maybe a week two weeks I wouldn’t
push it pass it in but I don’t think you’re gonna wear your wedding here
probably for a week for the wedding for the honeymoon and you’re probably gonna
take it out or wear it a little bit longer I think three tres cozy deepest
it’s good to be on that wedding and list now you guys be the judge down below
what hair do you feel like should have made this list again these do not have
to be here for a wedding specifics of girls who are bald you go into an
occasion a formal event I think these hairs would be phenomenal and rock of
doing event like that now you guys also give this video a big
thumbs up if you enjoyed it please give it a big thumbs up even if you didn’t
enjoy it again I’m not getting me time soon but if I work this is what I
would do make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on any of
my content make sure you’re following me on instagram at leo LaVon 89 I will see
you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye


  1. Before the comments come … the review video for the hair I have in next week! Y’all gotta give me time to actually wear the hair first. Y’all know how my reviews work 😩😂

  2. I really think Freetress Super Italian curl is a great alternative to the Malaysian curl and the cozy deep. It is soft enough to separate easily but it doesn't tangle easily. It is a none-to-low maintenance hair that lasted for a minimum of 5 weeks. I just pineapple and bonnet at night, then shake and rake my fingers through in the morning. I put hair oil on it maybe twice in 5 weeks. I wish I could show pics its such a beautiful hair and it's not a pain to wear it long like some others. I only took it out because my hair grew so fast. Oh and its water friendly, I washed weekly due to scalp issues.

  3. Love the hair your wearing. Me leaving in the UK the shipping is gonna cost too much. It's definitely special occasion hair. I also say sassy curl Mane Concept. Did it for my birthday I got so many compliments.

  4. This long full wave looks lovely on you. What is the longest amount of time that you have kept in a curly/wavy crochet look?

  5. Hey Lia, another great vid… Looking good and can’t wait for the next review on the hair that you have in right now.

  6. I love this hair but I’m hesitant to purchase. Am I reading the site correctly? $12/pack and they recommend 3-4 pack ? That’s an expensive crochet 😬

  7. You look gorgeous, like my Mattel Diana Ross Barbie! You, Taste Pink and TheBrilliantBeauty are the Crochet Braid Queens!

  8. Hey Lia,
    You look so cute. Your poses always make me smile.
    I asked you year before last what would be a good destination wedding. We were suppose to get married last fall in Hawaii,but with the bad weather, hotel worker's strike and an ocean full of jelly fish we opted to move the date.😂😂😂
    You suggested some crochet, and our wedding is coming soon. I was getting ready to search through all of your videos.😄
    I love to wear my crochet around 10 inches. My mom use to wear her hair like the lady you posted.😄
    Thanks for the multiple styles!

  9. I’m loving this freetress bohemian hair. I think I would wear this hair for every day and special occasions ❤️

  10. Loving the look Lia 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    I would use freetress French deep if I could get hold of it………..
    Ps patiently waiting for the review on the hair you currently have installed 😍

  11. Hey Lia your channel rocks. I ordered some hair off of pure beauty under your channel an have not received it. They didn't even send me a confirmation. I'm so upset about my 70 something money. Thank for always sharing.

  12. Hey Lia, love the hair reviews, I 1st started wearing crochet hair after seeing your reviews. I have a wedding to go to in the Bahamas in May and I wanted to see how I should wear my hair for that weekend. Leaning towards the Malaysian or the Mane Concept waterfall hair. Let me know what you think🤨

  13. You look cute in the short hair. It looks fun and sassy. Thanks for sharing😊👍❤.

  14. I totally agree with you regarding the Mane Concept Waterfall. I wear it on a daily basis and always receive compliments.

  15. This came right on time I literally was thinking how am I going to do my hair for my wedding in September and then go to Jamaica for honeymoon the next day… Crochet!

  16. So this was my thought because I wanted something easy to transition from wedding to honeymoon. I'm non traditional because I'm doing shaved sides but definitely want crochet. Thank you for this video because I live in the DMV area and definitely plan to check out Nia Natural! I'm looking at the authentic synthetic ocean wave. Will test this it to see how it does in water

  17. please try the Dalva Ultima crochet hair next, they say it's like human hair and you can apparently flat iron it etc

  18. You are just beyond stunning! Such a joy to watch. I didnt do crochet for my wedding but it's so awesome to see that I would have done well if i went that route. Crochet Braids have certainly come a long way. Great video!

  19. I wore outre bohemian curl for my courthouse wedding it’s beautiful. Ive ordered this hair so many times!!! Now i have in rastafri maui curl and its gorgeous

  20. I've watched about a dozen of ur vids this week tryna figure out what hair to get for MY FIRST CROCHET INSTALL😁🙌🏾 I'm still a bit u decided cuz I love the Bahamas curl but u said it's high maintenance so I may just go with Bohemian. Thanks for all ur reviews! God bless you hun! XOXOXO 💖💖

  21. Its my first time trying Freetress natural deep crochet hair, and I Absolutely luv it… I've only seem it come in 10inch, thats fine with me because thats my preferred length.

  22. Hey Lia can u try the Lexi curl or the topaz curl to see what it is like I bought this Malaysian as soon as I saw you with this still waiting for delivery but it is a beauty on you

  23. Lia first I Love you sis you give us the TRUTH !!!!!!!! and I appreciate that onward I really like the Freetress  Go Go Curl it's my fav I actually have the Outre Bohem. in now this curl is rather soft so it is taking me a little more time to get use to it but I do like it I will be trying the Malaysian curl next keep the videos coming Thanks again Lia

  24. I'm so inspired I'm a wig wearer I'm just tired of them and the crochet would. Be a great protective style for me. Just trying to find the right stylist to do it. I'm in Virginia. Your videos are amazing I love a curl look

  25. If you ever did crochet hair/celeb lookalike vids hahahaha please include Aaliyah because you are giving me Aaliyah vibes right now!

  26. Hi i am so happy to find your channel I'm getting married on Sat November 16, 2019 and really wanted to do crochet hair

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