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Billie Eilish Is Insane *ACL FESTIVAL VLOG*

Billie Eilish Is Insane *ACL FESTIVAL VLOG*

What are you up to boy to see Billy a minute since I picked up a camera Weird it is a October fit. Yeah. We’re at HDL in Austin Texas to music festival This is what she’s talking about. Oh My goodness gracious, I’m pretty sure we’ve been walking for like three days now It’s not even in the same day so there is the next day I hear party people for you We made it Look at all those chickens I called you cussing it’s like there’s nobody here Sooner Alcoholic alcoholic waters just kidding. It’s purified water. You only got here. There was nobody here. No Gee whiz one more hour check it out right here People are crazy people keep on trying to cuss I’m Real ready I Have to go to the bathroom no, no No, every time I look at the cat watch like five minutes has gone by and it feels like an hour hours Also people getting carried out like If people can read those clocks out in 48 12 minutes. I was just seeing if it was clean. I have no idea what it says I made you feel Hi This is about to be stupid So good All right, let’s go I guess no There you go Legendary legendary worth it. Yeah forget surgery. Okay yesterday we don’t care Some point it got dark outside. I don’t know We got chicken. Oh my god. What’s our tech? I don’t even know if you can hear anything I’m saying Two nights ago. I had four hours of sleep last night probably got Yeah, because they kept waking up Got up at like 4 a.m tarah baths because shoes We didn’t say much so last few days I’ve got maybe an eight hours of sleep I’m tired Already got here a CL Throughout things About Seebeck now I’m way cooler than tars. So she copied my room with colored lights But that’s okay. Anyways we just showered got cleaned up and we’re done so really hope you enjoyed the video Teddy Matt he’s Dead look at my luggage eyes Are glowing Nobody’s on my bed. That’s your monkey, huh? Thanks for watching I just really hope you enjoyed the video and See music saying watching your videos coming

94 thoughts on “Billie Eilish Is Insane *ACL FESTIVAL VLOG*”

  1. Loved the video!!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    What did you have surgery on!? Don't mean to pry if it's too personal

  2. I took my daughter to Billie' s concert right after her EP came out there were about 100 plus people there. She got to hug her and sing for her. It's amazing how now Billie and Finneas are now performing for thousands.

  3. Wow! You guys are amazing, I just subscribed to your channel and you guys are so much fun to watch… Wish you two so much joy forever😍.

  4. That’s so cool I love Billie. Glad you guys had fun! I love your videos also I can tell you guys really love each other and your not a fake couple.❤️💙💚💜💛🧡🖤

  5. Absolutely enjoyed this video & I especially love the way you guys are always there for each other so thanks for keeping the love alive & well.

  6. Hunter and Tara, looks like y’all had energetically fun time…Tara loved your hair and makeup…On point!…Now I heard back surgery..If you don’t mind sharing, when and why…just sincere concern from a distance❣️

  7. 👌Belle vidéo👏 Tara tu es très belle, beaucoup de style👍😍💑💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😗Mylène

  8. Wow wow wow…sooooooo many people was at this concert. Tare your hair and makeup look really nice. Well as the glass and hunter to. Im glad yall had a wonderful time there.. ✌👍😊✌🎶🎊🎵🎤

  9. You both are going to have so many wonderful memories to share with your future children. ❤️ So cute! 💕 I can feel the love you both have for each other it radiates. Not to mention the way Hunter looks at Tara. 😍❤️🥰

  10. I ordered two pairs of those kaleidoscope glasses for my grand nieces a couple of days ago.
    Now I know they will like them thanks to Tara for giving me a visual of what to expect.

  11. Is Juanpa I your video , support for both Channels, Zuricatas for Live , Love you Guys , From Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  12. I have no idea who are this singer, but I can relate my pearl jam concert back in 90's. So much energy and good time. This is important. Enjoy everything the times fly and don't come back.

  13. I was there a few feet in front of the flags. We wanted to be able to see over everyone’s heads but that didn’t work out with how many people showed up. It was kind of a bummer that so many people had flags in the way or were holding random conversations to where we couldn’t hear that great. Oh well. I saw her again the following Thursday in Houston so it’s all good ☺️

  14. Always a pleasure to see fresh content from one of my favorite couples! Love the hair clips, Tara…. you’re so supportive, Hunter❤️..Feel better… Tara and take time to heal! (That’s the Momma In me!🙄) …Be blessed and stay safe!

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