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Boodle Fight: The Filipino Feast Feeding Hundreds

Boodle Fight: The Filipino Feast Feeding Hundreds

– [Narrator] There’s lots of
amazing food in the Philippines, but there’s one amazing culinary tradition that’s big enough to feed an army. – Hi, I’m Japh, and I
own Boodle Fight Manila. – [Narrator] Boodle, Boodle what? What’s a Boodle Fight? (playful music) – [Japh] A Boodle Fight is a
feast set up on banana leaves. Just a food pile in the middle with everyone standing
shoulder to shoulder and the best part is everyone
eats with their bare hands. – [Narrator] It originated
with the Philippine Military. Soldiers took the practice
home and it went mainstream, so mainstream that chefs like
Japh now have full-time jobs bringing Boodle Fights to the masses. The Boodle Fight is a
quintessential example of how Filipinos value sharing. – Especially when it comes to food. A lot of food is needed for Boodle Fight to be enjoyed the way it’s meant to be. We love Balintawak Market. This is where Boodle Fight comes together. We’ll be needing the essentials. Pork, chicken, seafood, veggies, dessert, the sides
and of course, the fruits and do not forget the start of the show, the banana leaves. – [Narrator] I am full already. – We start with the
messy part, the grilling. First the pork, chicken, the seafood and
then you slice the fruits, steam the veggies together with the shrimp and the crab and then slice all the sides and prepare the table. After setting up the banana leaves it is important to look
for the center of the table and start from there. You can place the dessert and fruits. Then on both sides start with the rice, pork, chicken and seafood. To make it extra delicious add the sides literally
on the side of the table. – [Narrator] The Philippines
has a lot of choices when it comes to food, but none compare to the community that develops when sharing
a pile of food barehanded with the people you love. (lively music)

100 thoughts on “Boodle Fight: The Filipino Feast Feeding Hundreds”

  1. The only reason why Americans love this is because it's different from conventional modes of dining they're used to. I'm not pessimistic towards my culture back home but believe me, this is extremely unsanitary. Imagine rice spewing out of other people's mouths.

  2. Im filipino and im a girlscout
    When we had a daycamp the teacher said we will have a boodle fight
    Then when we were eating i turned around for like 5sec and my food is gone then i said who took my food no one answerd then i saw my classmate eating so fast that it was so obvious it was my food

  3. You literally fighting for the best part of the chicken, the belly part of the bangus, the belly part of a lechon baboy or being side to side with a hit chick 😂

  4. Im filipino from pangasinan masarap kumain sa dahon ng saging in englis its delicious to eat in a banana leaf

  5. Boodle Fight!!! I've only known it as kamayan. We did this on a camping trip with family. There was about 20-25 of us! Best time I've ever had.

  6. why do they eat on leaves?
    if im not mistaken it isn't hygienic, and some are folded and that is harder to make. 🤔

  7. this sounds like an amazing and wonderful tradition for family and friends alike! but i do have to admit it seems rather unsanitary….

  8. In my family we have Boodle fight every year pass to generation to generation, but in my family it's boys VS girls! MATALO MANLILIBRI!

  9. I'm a filipina we do this twice or thrice a year you can do it any time u want parties,special gatherings , and sometimes in restaurants here in Philippines.

  10. It's fun when you know the essence of boodle fighting: "fighting" for the food so that you and the persons beside you can eat. You basically help feeding each other, reaching for food, sharing rice, etc. I MISS EATING LIKE THIS WITH MY MISSIONARY FRIENDS

  11. So story here, When I was in grade 5 in Ateneo We had a boodle fight and I ate a cup rice like a hamburger so my classmates joked and said “How does that burger taste?” and I just laughed btw we ate adobo we also had banana.So hopefully you liked my short story 😀 bye bye peeps

  12. Ye went to these and almost choked cuz my grandma insisted more pork, no problem tho i swallowed it instead of spitting it, the soy sauce was too good to spit out

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