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hi and welcome back to our YouTube channel
today we are going to be doing boyfriend hates my fashion nova outfit !
Wow I thought I’m supposed to be raised because that’s another night then
are you gonna make that Hey yeah this video I’ll be showing you my fashion oh
that outfit and I’m wearing the first question of our outfits and see hello
this is pretty cool actually that I don’t really think it’s really cool is
quite common actually for also quite fitted so it actually
brings up cars but nobody meaning it’s pretty cool hi what I’m the Pinstripe
nature of it okay cool I like we show underneath it no I’m an editor so rate
this outfit from 1 to 10 10 being the best three three out of ten guys three out of
the ten three yep why three because it’s not probably rate
this a and a half okay Ted I like you too it’s like easily undone my dad still
quite still quite a dress okay so you know I hate it I love this
especially this before well so babe what do you think guys look kind of cleavage
cut it back up what do you think about it well it’s not bad but it’s about
cleavage even in some tummy so my ABS love it so out of the ten what would you
rate this baby let me see mm I will probably break this turn
around slowly I will probably rate this a nine and a
half Hey thank you
Magne are very close very close and no way they don’t loose one anything what
do you think about it or shoulders of jumpsuit I love
jumpsuits and this will be ideal for like a date tonight first time meeting a
potential yeah what potential why not future potential joking okay
yeah this straight eight out of the ten I just ate I know my belly will be safer
and so out ten I will wait this family so you don’t like it it’s not I don’t think I’m gonna take this thing what do you think of this I was thinking
about thinking this to a wedding but I changed my life because I would need a
cloud – I think it looks quite nice sit down so we can see the detail on each
one I think it looks quite nice yeah I think
it was very elegant because it’s got like that choker II kinda you know
clothes neck and again look and then like this is our thing is the
interesting touch and then would be off shoulder as well at this
but I’m not too sure if I like this the rest of it but I mean I can’t understand
what else it would have done with the rest of the material yay I do you know
what I didn’t like this but I had to actually do you know what this is
actually going to be 9 cause they’ve actually got a smell the back as well
okay actually I guess I’m a fish you can’t do that again no way yeah that’s very summery yes that’s
perfect – like went to the park I’ll give that a
10 you know I think we like a lot of it but I don’t really like a lot of it but
it’s looking good maybe like a lot of it but it looks good
when it’s on and then there’s just you Oh yep I like you too
so what is your rate so I’m gonna give this an eight out of ten they culture ashore inside yes pretty cool right
great tips I’ll rate these number summer we’re already already say 10 and 10 at
10 really yeah wow this is this is actually
gonna be quite nice on the beach I’m gonna make these some winner weight is it’s like it’s really nice material as
well they must feel nice on all right yeah us miss Lipp cheese lips yeah this is the last it it’s not easy to be
natural so don’t speak yourself and shout together do not truly you have to
plug it in and try to hide it for car when you a little bit of food yeah yeah shit’s right the best for these days
you’ve got my nails done I’m sorry okay so what you’re gonna rake this I am
going to rain I’m gonna make this a 10 I have to do
it’s just so colorful it’s very summery it’s got stripes it’s
like almost like see Tori is see through reasoning it’s really nice very
breathable great for someone within some guys yep
this is boyfriend rates much eights my outfit you know I hate it then when I
saw them but actually looking at them with you on and I finished just you
let’s make and then look wearable so before you go and get any of these
clothes please think of your finger because these pictures when I looked at
them these nice the pictures look good but when they came to pieces they look
great until you put them on to me so if you liked this video hit the thumbs up
button don’t forget to Like subscribe and share bye guys when you look at know what
you’re pushing me away you have I know


  1. I absolutely love this video, you wear most the clothes very well love, but I didn’t like the jump suit was a bit too loose at the crouch part, it kind of looked out of shape, but over all you modelled the items well. Please let us know when you’ve worn them and how the condition of the items after washing or dry cleaning.

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