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Bradley Cooper Secretly Played Glastonbury Festival to Film A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper Secretly Played Glastonbury Festival to Film A Star Is Born

-We got a lot of history here.
-[ Laughs ] -We have a lot
of history here, man. -Hey, look at this.
[ Cheers and applause ] -We got a lot —
-Lot of history. -We’ve got a lot
of history here. -A lot of history.
-A lot of fun times, dude. Oh, my God.
-How are you? -That one interview,
I can’t even talk about. -More people stop me in
the street for that interview. They’re like, “Man, that
Elephant Man interview!” -[ Laughs ]
-Dude, that was — -Do you guys
remember that at all? [ Cheers ] -I won’t do it this time.
-No, no, no. We’re fine. We’re over that.
[ Both laugh ] -Oh, my gosh!
Don’t start again. -We don’t have the hats,
so we’re fine. -I know, I know. All right.
But that was like — -That was crazy.
-A 25-minute interview. -That was crazy.
-That was absolutely crazy. -And my favorite thing
is that you aired it. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, we did! The full 25 minutes. We didn’t take
anything out of it at all. No, I love it. I got to —
The last time you were here, though, was a while ago, man.
I miss you. -It was — yeah, yeah. I’ve been doing nothing
but this movie. -Yeah.
-Yeah, I think the last promotional thing
I ever did was here with you. I think it was three years ago. -You did —
You did a thing where — ‘Cause you said the only
music talent you really have is that you can play air guitar,
and then… -That’s right.
-…you went off, and we put these crazy wigs on. You wanted me to play…
-“Down By the River.” -“Down By the River,”
Neil Young. Actually, I have a photo of you.
This is January 2015. -That was a do —
that was a do-or-die moment. That was — -That was a do-or-die moment,
and you nailed it. -Thank you.
-You were fantastic. And then, I see this movie. Last night I saw it. You’re playing guitar,
you’re singing — I mean, you’re playing piano. -You know, I got to tell you,
quite honestly, remember when we were coming on, we always trying
to find something to do. -Yeah.
-It was kind of like a test run, I swear to God, to see if, like, if I didn’t look ridiculous
even though it’s air-guitaring to see if it —
-Playing the guitar? -I swear to God.
-Really? -Yeah, just thought,
“Let me just see…” ’cause that looked so ridiculous
that I wouldn’t — you know,
I won’t even try to do it. And it was kind of like
a little test. -Oh, ’cause it worked here?
-Yeah, it kind of worked. -“Oh, I can direct a movie”?
-Not direct a movie, but like — [ Laughter ] Not direct a movie, but, like, do you even believe that it
could even be in the world? -How did you get so good? -I mean, I just —
I haven’t seen you. That’s all I’ve been doing.
-Really? -Yeah, yeah.
-You learned to play guitar? -But I say — that’s — So there’s no trickery
with the camera, but I dubbed over
Lukas Nelson’s sound. So what you’re hearing
is Lukas Nelson’s guitar, who’s the sickest —
“Promise of the Real.” You know,
he’s Willie Nelson’s son. -Yeah.
-He’s incredible. But that’s all me.
Yeah, I learned all the — -You’re raging out, and — And you’re playing
in front of real crowds. -Yeah, we jumped on Stagecoach. Jamey Johnson let us come on
right before Willie Nelson, and then, we went
to Glastonbury. Yeah, that was insane.
It was insane. -Could people hear
what you were doing? -No. God no.
[ Laughter ] -“Hell no.
We didn’t plug anything in.” The first five rows — We couldn’t play it
through the P.A. system because of the music.
All the music’s original. So the music
couldn’t get out there. But it was playing
through the monitors. So, about five rows out,
they could hear us. But then like, you know,
20 rows out, they couldn’t. So it was —
-Did they know it was you? -I think it happened
so fast, Jimmy. Like, we had five minutes. You know, we had eight minutes
at Stagecoach, and we had four minutes
at Glastonbury. -What if
people started booing you? -That would be a problem.
[ Laughter ] You know,
I thought about that, though. ‘Cause, you know, you’re like —
you got to think about it. -What if they
throw something at you? -Well, the guy’s career
really takes a tumble fast. -Yeah.
-But I didn’t know. You know, you’re in England. I don’t know if they’re
gonna throw bottles. I have no idea
what’s gonna happen. -Let’s set up the movie,
for anyone who doesn’t know “A Star is Born.”
-Yeah, I mean it’s — I mean, it’s a property
that’s been around. But, really,
the movie that we tried to make is a movie about love. What happens if two people
actually really love each other and how hard it is to endure
even with that love. And it’s about
finding your voice, about finding something to say
in this world that’s — You know, it’s hard. People are gonna tell
who you you are, what you’re supposed to say. I mean, I think
we’ve all been through that. And how you can have
more courage to do that if you have the support
of people around you and love. So it’s really, you know — I mean, it sounds cheesy,
but it’s just a call for, you know, how important love is.

100 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper Secretly Played Glastonbury Festival to Film A Star Is Born”

  1. Sequel of Bollywood movie "Aashiqui 2". although this movie is already 3rd sequel of original Hollywood movie released back in 1937. Same storyline with new generation's actors.

  2. I’m a Japanese and I wanna learn English with your incredible channel
    So please add English subtitles

  3. I swear if he doesn't win an oscar and gaga does like in silver linings playbook jennifer lawrence won. I'll be so damn upset c'mon he has been nominated three times and never won. He deserved to win every single time.

  4. I'm NOT fucking interested still YouTube is showing me these bullshits time and again. What the actual fuck? #FuckYouTube

  5. so hes saying the same thing kanye is saying but hes talking about singing songs and kanye is talking about helping people. wow singing is so praiseworthy and helping people is so blasphemous!

  6. I'm only thinking botox because his forehead is completely smooth and the tiniest of crows feet he had in the last hangover I saw are GONE! He was aging very nicely. I hope he didn't think he needed it.

  7. mulled boy you forgiven — if you are a revenue streem … say hello to "morfuius"

  8. Just saw the movie and it is so great! Emotional and beautiful movie. Bradley Cooper is amazing and Lady Gaga is glorious. You’ve gotta see this movie

  9. What do you call it when every White neighborhood, every White school, and every White workplace are chased down and made non-White?
    Would you call that diversity? And why is diversity only forced upon White neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces?
    No one ever says that a Black anything is too Black and needs diversity.
    Diversity means chasing down White flight. It is a codeword meaning White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  10. Maybe if Jimmy LISTENED to what his guests were saying he wouldn’t have to interrupt with dumb questions 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. Glad we have trailers because Bradley’s description of the movie was so generic and boring that no one would see it.

  12. Lady Gaga is my everything. A Star is Born is such and incredible movie. AHHHH!!!💜 I am also super proud of Bradley!!

  13. I loved how he said there r many ppl who r going to tell you what u r & what u should be doing but only having the faith of ur loved 1s on u can take u a long way… That's so true.. I hv seen soo many ppl with immense talent not making it big only bcoz their family & friends didn't support them as required ( even though they needed very little motivation to make it big, rather they were constantly demotivated by ppl they looked up to) & soo many ppl i know with much less talent than those mentioned above made it huge in their life just becoz of constant family support.

    Love & faith can make a huge difference in a person no doubt.

  14. Just left the theatre from A Star Is Born, left me mesmerized & in tears! They have such great chemistry and are both so talented

  15. just saw the movie and was in awe. Saw it in the dobly movie theater and felt every strum in the guitar. Bradley did an OUTSTANDING JOB ! his singing was on point as well as how he portrayed Jack. This 100% is my fav new movie

  16. This is Lady Gaga’s first major role in a film and the movie is critically acclaimed (a metacritic must see & certified fresh on rotten tomatoes), on track to being one of the highest grossing musical films of ALL TIME, AND she’s predicted to win best actress at the Oscars IN HER FIRST MAJOR ROLE. FIRST. Ten years into her career and she’s reached ANOTHER peak, So so proud of her. She deserves this so much.♥️♥️♥️

  17. Lady Gaga, although incredible, seems to be getting all the praise for her part in this movie. But Bradley was amazing in this film, not only his role but his direction. Just incredible and thoroughly deserving of the Oscar

  18. Please give this man an award e.g. an Oscar and a Golden Globe as he was brilliant in A Star Is Born. You think he was good playing a Bipolar guy well you ain't seen him as a Alcholic/drug addict who is an international aging rocker. I have the soundtrack in my IPod and by god it's up there with The Greatest Showman and Beauty and the beast soundtrack

  19. He's very lucky not to get the bottles of piss thrown at him at Glastonbury. British festivals are the great, filthiest you'll see and Glastonbury is the epitome of that. He's a very lucky man indeed.

  20. Bradley Cooper was so fucking amazing in this movie…Lady Gaga was good, especially since its her first major leading role. But shes a natural perfomer playing a version of herself so its not surprising. BUT Bradldy Cooper BLOWS her off the screen in more than one scene….such a powerful performance as an actor…not to mention its his first time directing

  21. I'm so incredibly happy for Bradley Cooper. And Lady Gaga too. They've gifted such a beautiful and genuine piece of art to the world. Nothing but love and gratitude for them.

  22. 2 total cheese dicks… they love that baby giggle I’m so cute shit. Absolutely loved star is born. Unbelievable beginning to end

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