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Bravo Gustavo! Celebrating 10 Years with the LA Phil

Bravo Gustavo! Celebrating 10 Years with the LA Phil

I’m blessed to be here. And after 10 years to have this
beautiful connection. The LA Philharmonic is an
institution that everybody in the world sees as an example. And, I think we are
building something unique. After 10 years, of course,
I’m a very, very good Venezuelan Angeleno. I’ve received one of the
best orchestras in the world and, if we go back, we are talking about a list of the best musicians and artists in the history of classical music. – If you listen to the LA Phil of today, you can have no doubt that this is one of the greatest
orchestras in the world. And there’s a reason for that. This is the orchestra that Gustavo’s built over the last 10 years. The first notes that he conducted were with our very first
class of YOLA students And they played the
great tune from the end of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony
from the “Ode to Joy.” But then, the LA Phil came
on stage and Gustavo led one of the most remarkable
performances of Beethoven’s 9th I’ve ever heard. There was so much joy on the stage. There was so much joy in the audience. That night was special. – One of the things I
love about Gustavo is that he always brings the
same passion and dedication to everything he’s doing. And he wants to do
it to the very, very best. He never compromises. – He has an electrifying presence that’s so spontaneous and so powerful. He is no ordinary conductor
that waves with just a baton in his arms. – Through Gustavo’s time at the LA Phil, Mahler has been a recurring theme. He definitely has a very,
very special rapport with Mahler’s music. – The idea of doing the Mahler “Cycle,” an orchestra playing the
nine symphonies of Mahler, is a herculean task. But for a conductor to
lead those nine symphonies, and then to do it twice,
because then we took it on tour to Caracas, this was just crazy. – And I will never forget
walking into that first rehearsal where he was warming up the chorus. And it was almost deafening,
the sound of that many voices. It gave you goosebumps, and by the time we were performing it, we
just blew the roof off. – We do a lot of collaborations with dance, with visual arts. I think it’s really fantastic
to reach a new public and, for us to collaborate with
pop icons like, Katy Perry. What a blast! – Gustavo has changed
many of the paradigms that exist in classical music nowadays. And he has introduced, as well,
music that is more palpable. I mean, it’s impossible to
capture in a single sentence all the admiration I have. – We try to create. We are sometimes crazy,
but beautiful crazy. If you see the program on paper,
sometimes it can look like, “How this can happen?” But them when you are there,
you are playing and people is listening, you get in a journey that you’ve never experienced before. This is not only to play
our regular classical music. We premiere pieces when we do
some concerts with pop artists and that is great, because that
creates a beautiful balance for the audience and also for
us to discover a new world. – For Gustavo, the idea
that music crosses barriers, crosses social barriers,
and that it should be there for everyone is a great passion. And he lives and breathes that. – He’s one of the great humanitarians. He came out of El
Sistema, this program, which is really about giving voice to kids where they might not have the opportunity to have that voice otherwise. – In Venezuela I was blessed to be born
in a country where we have Maestro José Antonio Abreu in a program called El Sistema. Given the opportunity
of building an orchestra inspired by El Sistema,
that is to be visionary. And that is something that, in
LA, we have been working for. So, I’m very proud of that. YOLA is a program for access. This dream of music as a
fundamental human right. This is the future of YOLA, creating the most beautiful citizens for the world. – Its the most exciting
development I’ve seen in music education in my lifetime. – YOLA is not just
an education program. It’s part of who we are. It’s part of how we define
ourselves as an organization. And that’s why we’re now building this new Judith and Thomas L. Beckmen
YOLA Center in Inglewood because truly want to
give to that community the gift of inspiration,
coming together around music, that we hope will make a
difference in people’s lives. – Maestro Abreu always said,
“Start small, and from that, you get bigger and bigger.” Imagine a young boy from
Venezuela arriving here and becoming the best
friend of Frank Gehry. Having this beautiful
and unique connection with John Williams, John
Adams, Herbie Hancock, all of these great people. It’s a dream, still, you know. Every time that I’m doing a concert with the orchestra, it’s an event. It’s something very special. – When he puts out his
movements, that’s so powerful and electrifying, we play
like there’s no tomorrow. We actually give out 150 percent. The 50 percent we never thought we had. – What we have developed is
the soul of the orchestra, is the spirit of this
wonderful group of musicians, and the commitment to bring more people close to classical music.

17 thoughts on “Bravo Gustavo! Celebrating 10 Years with the LA Phil”

  1. Gustavo is truly a tresure and a rare jewel in our times, I'm so glad someone this young is able to so completely understand the spirit and the soul of music written centuries ago by geniuses. I wish him a long life and that he contiunues to bring classical music to the world, and young people, it is a very exciting future indeed.

  2. Congratulations on all of the wonderful music, vibration, divine energy, and Art that you interpret beautifully, exquisitely, with passion and dynamic energy. Pure fuego sagrado y divino!

  3. Congratulations on your first 10 years as a conductor. I am very proud that you came this far, specially been a latino! Bravo Gustavo!!!!!

  4. Saludos desde VENEZUELA. Integrante del SISTEMA NACIONAL DE COROS Y ORQUESTAS INFANTILES-JUVENILES de Venezuela… Un fuerte abrazo fraterno para nuestro legendario Gustavo Dudamel. Soy Barquisimetano igual que El! Y diganle que así como la música UNE! La fe y la esperanza en Venezuela va en aumento gracias a la música en cada núcleo del sistema de orquestas en ver algún día nuevamente a GUSTAVO DUDAMEL en su TIERRA!! Amén! Amén! Y…. Amén!!

  5. ¡Maestro! Grande Gustavo tu trabajo es espectacular. Felicidades por esos 10 años ☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄

  6. Me gustaría que estuviera subtitulado en español para saber que dicen, sería excelente. Entiendo alguito con el inglés machucao que tengo, pero me gustaría muchísimo entender todo lo q dicen en este video. Si sacan una versión subtitulada seria buenísimo.

  7. When is the Natalia Lafourcade x Gustavo Dudamel live concert full video coming out? I can't wait to listen to it again!

  8. Gustavo is one of my musical heroes – looking forward very much to Sunday night's concert at the Edinburgh Festival with Yuja Wang. We're very privileged to have the LA Phil doing a short residency at the Festival this year.

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