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BTS holds historic concert at Wembley Stadium

BTS holds historic concert at Wembley Stadium

kpop sensation BTS has taken the stage
at England’s Wembley Stadium becoming the first Korean artist to headline the
iconic British venue tens of thousands of so-called army fans have flocked to
the London stadium over the weekend our culture correspondents evenings on
reports ETS has once again made history by becoming the first ever South Korean
artist to headline London’s iconic Wembley Stadium some 60,000 fans filled
a stadium to witness the group’s second ever set of London concert the kpop
sensations performed their tracks during their two sold-out concerts over the
weekend and fans sang along with the Korean lyrics the concert featured
innovative elements such as augmented reality and an era balloon robot the
concerts are also a memorable milestone for the seven-member group as they grew
up watching performances held at Wembley and dreamed of performing at the stadium
fans from all around the world were not just excited by the group’s successful
sold-out stadium debuted but were inspired by their ability to bring Asian
culture to the Western Hemisphere and spread their message through their
lyrics in Korean it’s amazing how they’re not from the West and they’re
doing so well here and they’re like doing really like great things and like
Asian representation myself hesitation I’m like really happy that they’re
bringing like their like culture to the West and their message and their songs
are like amazing also write about a lot more things than just love which I know
is like a super hot topic in music but they also write about like social
injustice and like power generation has to work so hard to just like achieve
something like how the older generations kind of don’t see that is hard work and
I think that’s really inspiring the boy band London shows are a part of their
love yourself speak yourself world tour the tour will continue in Paris France
on the seventh and eighth amines and Arirang news

30 thoughts on “BTS holds historic concert at Wembley Stadium”

  1. great.They showed that music crosses the border. People all over the world empathize with differences. That is wonderful.

  2. CNN reported BTS Wembley concert is "Bigger Achievement than the Beatles ".

    because BTS are the first none-English spoken Asian artists to performed at the WS.

  3. "미국 무너뜨린 BTS, 비틀스보다 더 대단한 성취~CNN
    6만 명 떼창' BTS, 영국 뒤흔들다. "비틀스보다 큰 성취"~CNN

    BTS가 비틀스보다 위대한 이유. 비틀즈는 영어권에서 영어로 된 노래로 히트를 쳤다.
    그러나 BTS는 비영어 노래로 영어권 및 그외 국가들에서 무너뜨린 Artists 이기 때문이다


    OR … …


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  5. In other concerts GA is on the standing in d middle of d stadium. But BTS concert it's different d middle are not standing but dey are seated VIP d most expensive tickets.. I hope someday I could get one near d stage. 🤔

  6. Super proud BTS and Army strong idol and strong fandom💪💪💪💪💜💜 i stand right idol

  7. If BTS enlist in the military next year..the Korean economy is going down…Korean government given exemption to the BTS

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