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Cantonese Mid-Autumn Festival Words with Olivia!

Cantonese Mid-Autumn Festival Words with Olivia!

Hi guys, welcome to Cantonese holiday words.
I am Olivia and today we are going to talk about a Chinese festival and how it is celebrated
in Hong Kong. Let’s go! 中秋節(zung1 cau1 zit3) Mid-Autumn festival.
It is celebrated on the 15th Day of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar. So this year
in 2015, it’s on September 27th and next year 2016, it’s going to be on 15th of September.
So it’s different every year. And 中秋節(zung1 cau1 zit3) in a sentence, 中秋節之後嗰日係公眾假期。(zung1 cau1 zit3 zi1 hau6 go2 jat6 hai6 gung1 zung3 gaa3 kei4.) “The day after mid-autumn festival is a public holiday.” So in Hong Kong, we
get a day off after Mid-Autumn festival, not on the day, because what we do on Mid-Autumn
is to gather around with our loved ones, our family and friends and we have a big meal
together and then we admire the full moon and we look at the full moon and stay out
late. That’s why we need a holiday on the next day. 月餅(jyut6 beng2) Moon cakes.
Moon cakes are the things we eat on the mid-autumn festival. They have both savory and sweets
and there are a lot of varieties. I think they have all the flavors that you can think
of, chocolate, durian, and salty egg, lotus seed paste is the most common one and
some even have like abalone or bird’s nest in it, all kind of stuffings. 今年我想試下整月餅。
(gam1 nin4 ngo5 soeng2 si3 haa5 zing2 jyut6 beng2.)
“This year, I want to try making Mooncakes.” 月圓(jyut6 jyun4) Full moon.
On Mid-Autumn’s festival, it’s usually the time when the moon is the fullest and
that’s why we get around and admire the moon and it’s the perfect weather, it’s the good timing. 人狼喺月圓之夜變身。
(jan4 long4 hai2 jyut6 jyun4 zi1 je6 bin3 san1.)
“The Werewolves transform on the nights of full moon.” 燈籠(dang1 lung4) Lantern.
On Mid-Autumn festivals, kids usually play with lanterns. We go out at night, so we hold
our lanterns. Usually now-a-days, there are plastic and made in the shape of different
cartoon characters or whatever dolls you like. The most traditional one is a paper one and
it is usually shape like a Rabbit. In a sentence, 呢個燈籠好靚。
(ni1 go3 dang1 lung4 hou2 leng3.)
“This lantern is very pretty.” 碌柚(luk1 jau2) Pomelo, it’s a kind of fruit. I think it’s more common in Asia. So if
you have never tried it, try to look for it. I like it, it’s kind of like a variety of
grapefruit but it’s not as sour. Usually it’s if you know how to pick it, it’s
kind of sweet and juicy. In a sentence, 呢個碌柚又甜又多汁。(ni1
go3 luk1 jau2 jau6 tim4 jau6 do1 zap1.) “This Pomelo is sweet and juicy.” That’s how I like it. The end, that’s it for today. Today we talked about the Mid-Autumn festival 中秋節(zung1 cau1 zit3) in HK. And if you like the video, please subscribe and check out and I will see you next time. I am Olivia, bye!

5 thoughts on “Cantonese Mid-Autumn Festival Words with Olivia!”

  1. Thanks for the videos.  In Thailand, we celebrate the festival too.  And the most popular moon cakes are made of durian,egg yolks, lotus seeds, sliced almonds.

  2. Not a big fan of moon cakes. People buy too much (in HK) then have too many left over and they go to waste. More needs to be done to prevent this imo. They get thrown out cause moon cakes flavours are all pretty ordinary.

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