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Cardiologist Dr. Kim Williams Knows Plant-Based Foods Can Save Lives

Cardiologist Dr. Kim Williams Knows Plant-Based Foods Can Save Lives

The next time you’re
watching television, look at the food that’s on
the screen during a commercial and then compare it to
the 2017 publication of “Healthful Versus
Unhealthful Plant-Based Diet.” It gives you a little scoring system. Animal products is a minus one; sugar-sweetened beverage, minus one; vegetables, a plus one. You score them and you’ll realize that some of those
commercials are minus five, some of those commercials are minus 15, and that’s what’s being
marketed to our population. My name is Dr. Kim Allen Williams. I am the chief of cardiology here at Rush University in Chicago, and I’m from the South Side of Chicago, spent most of my career at
the University of Chicago, and was really inspired
to look into cardiology prevention and particularly
nutrition within prevention to try to improve cardiac risk factors in both myself and my patients. If someone asks me about heart disease, leading cause of death
in the United States, there are a couple of
really important points. Number one is that it’s
not just the United States. It has changed globally.
And the more fatty foods that we eat and the more animal products that we consume with high
cholesterol, high sodium, processed meats—this is
what’s leading to the increase in heart disease that we’re seeing. We’ve had opportunities
to try and fix this. We have a robust amount of
therapy that’s been developed, and it’s medications and the realization that all these things are
sort of chipping away at people dying from heart attack, stroke, but not doing so much to prevent it. At some point, we have
to turn off the faucet instead of just mopping up the floor. The mission of the American
College of Cardiology is to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health. And we do that with cardiologists
and nurse practitioners and physician assistants and pharmacists and administrators, all of whom believe in team-based care. We do guidelines, and
with those guidelines, we are able to affect payment policy and management of patients. What are we really trying to do now? Along with the American
Medical Association, we’re trying to change the hospital food, putting forward a resolution
that plant-based meals should be available. Hearing the testimonies saying: “I put three stents in that
left anterior descending, and I come do a round on
the patient the next morning, and they’re feeding them bacon and eggs. They are absolutely undermining
what I’m trying to do for my patient.” We also try to get rid of
sugar-sweetened beverages in schools, and we try
to make sure that people are not forced to have
meat and dairy in schools. I’ve professed many times
to not leave cardiology until heart disease is no
longer the number one killer. So my career goal is to
convince every American who cares about this country
to change their lifestyle. Look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself: Are you
at the optimum weight? Are your risk factors controlled? Are you smoking? Are you eating a
healthy, plant-based diet? And are you exercising? And if the answer to any
of those comes up short, you have to question your patriotism and your commitment to
making sure that this country leaves something for the next generation.

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  1. Much respect to this man! He doesn’t nearly get the credit he deserves especially in the vegan/ health/ plant-based community ✊🌱💚

  2. You guys need to colaborate w the channel " LIVEKINDLY " They do very similar videos. Have them Promote this channel. I am SURE they will be SO happy to get the chance to work w you. Their videos get major views. 😀

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