Carnival Breeze Balcony Cabin Tour Stateroom 7447

This is the Carnival Breeze cabin 7447 that’s our signature cabin identifier if you see this on a
cruise ship you know where we are and this is a balcony room so on the Breeze
you have to put your card into the card slot for the lights to work so if you
remove the card no they stay on okay we’ll probably go off in a few minutes
so anyway that’s a unique thing for the Breeze I don’t
believe there’s another ship that has that so this is a balcony cabin one way
you can tell the difference between a balcony and a cove balcony is that this
is wide open if this was a cove balcony these corners would be
blocked off and you’d only have sort of a circular rectangle to look out so
we’re currently in Galveston and we just got on board the ship this
is a configuration with two beds also has the pull-out couch this is just
Sam’s luggage here so this is just Sam and I we won’t need this to be
turned into a bed at all you got your TV remote standard things drawers and this
is the fridge but it’s not a minibar you don’t have to worry about what’s in
there you just put your own stuff in there now this is one of the unique
things about the Breeze you get two electrical outlets most Carnival ships
you only get one so that’s a nice touch this is a pretty standard bathroom here
you get your shower stall toilet the usual sort of things a nice temperature
control thermostat there of course the luggage mat

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