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Carnival Cruise Line Training | How To Transfer Cash From Group Level

Carnival Cruise Line Training | How To Transfer Cash From Group Level

Carnival Cruise Line Training I heard everybody what’s up what’s up
everybody so in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to transfer payments from
group level to individual state rooms or if you want to distribute your cash
across all your cabins in your group booking I’m going to show you where to
go inside your carnival back-office to do so so you do not want to miss this
we’ll be right back all right everybody welcome back welcome
back welcome back so first thing you want to do is go up to booking go to
brookie go down to your group bookings and enter your booking number and click
search well I already got my booking number up so I’m I’ll just go to another
screen here so once you inside your group booking display there is a blend
at the bottom that you can click on that where you can distribute your fonts okay
so if you notice here if you go down to make payments if you click on it click
on it you have these options here okay so let’s say you got money on your group
level your group cash level and you want to transfer payments to maybe an
individual booking stateroom or you want distribute cash throughout your
staterooms – as an onboard credit or whatever the case may be
here are these options so if you notice here you have to transfer a payment
option if you click on transfer payments it’ll allow you to select which rooms
you want to transfer group cash to so if you read here it says transfer payments
from the group cash credit and kind of a gift cards to group individual
staterooms you can move payments from one stateroom to another or from the
group funds to state rooms so this is the option where you can do that so if
you go down here to distribute cash you can click on that and you can distribute
cash from group cash payments to group individual staterooms to secure a cabin
full of a booking okay so I just want to go over these couple options because a
lot of people were asking and I really always have to do this I didn’t know
where to go inside the group looking displayed so this is where you go you go
go down to make payments click it went to the options pop-up then you click
from there you click which one you want either transfer payments or distribute
cash payments whatever option that suits best for you and once you click on and
just follow the directions on the next screen another helpful tip is you can
always call Carnival – walking through this
process but I also want to show you how to do it on your own so if you just want
to know where to go to learn more about it in this and apply it you can okay so
make sure you also call Carnival just to get more in depth detail to make sure
you got get all your questions answered okay so i’m larry porter signing off
with majestic travel if you want to learn more about how to locate group
cruise you can also feel free to watch this video in the suggested video up top
of this video here and if you or anybody noticed you’re looking to become a
travel agent feel free to click that link below in the description to watch a
free presentation as well as you can always text us for more inquiries on how
to get into the travel industry as well i’m signing off and i’ll see you on the
next video be blessed happy travels Carnival Cruise Line Training

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  2. This might sound crazy I'm new to the travel thing, but is there a website that your clients pay their monies too or they pay you and you pay carnival. I'm still going through my trainings.

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