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Carnival Cruises Changes Online Check In – Vacation Impossible Podcast

Carnival Cruises Changes Online Check In – Vacation Impossible Podcast

Carnival has recently changed their
online check-in process which is a shame because we made a tutorial video not too
long ago earlier this year and unfortunately it looks like that
tutorial video is now somewhat dated their website’s been updated it looks
like it’s a little bit more mobile-friendly I think because the text
is larger the entry fields and everything and it’s a whole bunch of
like single screens that you go through where you just enter a little bit of data where
before you could do a whole lot on a single page so the experience isn’t
drastically different but cosmetically it is different you won’t see the exact
screens that you would currently see in our tutorial video so I am actually
working on a new tutorial video that will show you the updated online
check-in process and because it looked like it was more mobile focused the
previous check-in I did was on a desktop I’m doing this one on a tablet so you
can kind of see how it’s different and I think it’s a little bit more designed
for that kind of interface so it’ll hopefully give you something a little
bit different if that’s useful to you or something you want to share with someone
that you plan on cruising with who doesn’t have a lot of experience doing
the online check-in if that makes them more comfortable going and have fewer
questions going through it so much the better we’re really happy to help people
out with that sort of thing

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