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Carnival Games – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Carnival Games – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Step right up and let the season of fun begin with Carnival Games! With up to four-players…everyone is a winner. And with Nintendo Switch, any place is a perfect spot for a carnival. Packed with 20 thrilling mini-games, this is your ticket to non-stop excitement. Carnival Games for Nintendo Switch. Available Now.

29 thoughts on “Carnival Games – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer”

  1. I already spend way to much on borderlands 2 ports but I still want a switch port of it. Or just borderlands 3 so you can make me broke 👍

  2. Very happy to see this beloved favorite from the Wii now on the Nintendo Switch. Gives me hope that we'll see Boom Blox (preferably 2nd game; Bash Party) get ported over.

  3. why is the orchard music company going after streamers for copyright i guess we just need to tell everyone not to play your games

  4. Please update WWE 2K in Android make perfect like 2K19 and please put hell in cell match, Royal rumble match, tables match, ladder match, money in bank, Wrestling Mania , survivor series,TLC Match and all new WWE superstars men and women like 2K19 and please make career story like video that only please !!!

  5. i made my video a parody lmao cant take my money your games suck btw copyright people over game music smh i told yall gave you a chance

  6. Would you kindly Bioshock we will be reborn Bioshock 2 bring us the girl and wipe a way the dent Bioshock infinity

  7. 2K you need to stop removing intergender matches from all of the wwe games because i hear that quit a few people are upset about it including me and i thought you wanted people to like your games. removing intergender matches makes it a little less likely for people to like your games so i would suggest adding intergender matches back to all of your wwe games just to make things easier.

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